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Top lead tracking tools for movers

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When you’re running a small business – you need to have the right tools that enable you to stay as organized and productive as possible. Besides that, you also need to use all of the software at your disposal if you’re going to manage to attract new clients. With that in mind, we’re going to explore some of the finest lead tracking tools for movers. If you use these applications, you’re guaranteed to have a more streamlined workflow; allowing you to be as productive as humanly possible!


If you’re looking for moving company leads and software that helps you find and retain them; Zoho is certainly one of the finest CRM solutions that you’ll come across. In fact, we’d say that it’s a good fit for any kind of small business; moving companies not excluded.

We should note that Zoho’s CRM represents only one tool in their extensive software suite; further ensuring that we’re talking about a reputable software developer. When it comes to the features of the CRM itself, these vary according to the package you choose.

A man talking on a phone in an office.
Zoho is great for lead management needs!

There’s even a free package for those who want to try the tool out before buying. While you can use this for as long as you’d like, it’s not really enough for even the smallest enterprises. The free package is limited to ten users, and it has standard options for reporting, customer support, team collaboration, and basic sales automation options.

Still, any professional use of Zoho is almost guaranteed to go beyond this; so we’d recommend the Enterprise, Professional, or Standard packages instead. With the Standard – lowest-paid package – option, you get options for customized dashboards and even sales forecasting.


Those who want to reap all of the benefits of CRM software as lead tracking tools for movers need to select their platform carefully. In this regard, brand recognition is definitely important. And that’s why Salesforce makes it onto our list. We’re talking about one of the premier lead tracking apps on the market today.

One of its greatest benefits is the fact that you can customize it to your heart’s content using a wide range of features. As an example – you can use the software to manage every account and contact related to your company in great detail. From your contact history to task scheduling, you can do it all for each individual lead.

Also, perhaps most importantly – this is a SaaS cloud-based software. That means your team doesn’t have to be in the same room, or even in the same building to make use of this software. As a result, many remote companies and teams use Salesforce for their lead tracking purposes.


QuickBase is a product by Intuit, one of the leading manufacturers of financial apps. Many of them were utilized by small business owners across the world, making this a well-renowned brand. In the previous five years, QuickBase’s ownership went to another firm; but it still remains one of the best moving company software solutions. If you want a tool that will improve the productivity of your team, there aren’t a lot of better options on the market.

In practice, QuickBase allows you to customize a series of notifications, reminders, and alerts that are crucial for streamlining your business. Perhaps most importantly, and unlike many of the other lead tracking tools for movers, QuickBase has a mobile app you can use as well. It even has payment processing features – and of course, it works flawlessly on desktop devices as well.

Multiple employees working at their desks in one office
QuickBase offers plenty of options for employee management!

The fact that it’s a cloud-based solution means that it’s another tool that people can access using tablets and smartphones with ease. You won’t find your sales reps having trouble contacting customers even when they’re not at their desks; incredibly useful in case of emergency.


When it comes to CRM platforms that contain lead tracking tools for movers, there are a couple of niche solutions that will definitely get the job done. Among them, we’d have to single out MoversTech; there’s no better-suited tool for lead tracking and management that you’ll find in the moving industry.

The fact of the matter is, you don’t want generic software solutions for your moving company; at least not when there are alternatives with a design that’s specifically for the moving industry. And that’s the single greatest strength of MoversTech CRM; veterans of the moving industry created it, with a firm grasp on how complex this business can be.

MoversTech’s purpose is to help moving companies create a better organization of their business and their daily workflow. Even a seemingly flawless operation could bear some improvement; this CRM has a variety of features needed to make that happen. It’s also less expensive than some of the other general-purpose CRM solutions that we’ve seen here; its monthly subscription starts at 90 bucks and you get all of the basic features you need for that price.

People working in customer support.
Finding software made specifically for the moving industry is always a good idea!

The software contains options for managing your entire sales pipeline, as well as the day-to-day tasks of employee management. Apart from the usual features that you’d find in a CRM solution, like field customization and reporting; this software has financial processing features, as well as a price calculator. The latter is particularly useful for moving companies, and price estimates are a big part of the client onboarding process.


As you can see, there are plenty of different options when it comes to lead tracking tools for movers. You can choose from both specific movers software, and CRM that’s suitable for various niches; it all depends on your specific preferences.