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Lead magnets in blog posts

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In the world of marketing, obtaining contact information for individual prospects is incredibly important. And magnets are a big part of that, as one of the most effective tools in the process. However, magnets aren’t simple to produce; you may need plenty of energy and time to do so. From contests to video series, all of that seems captivating and great; but how do you make lead magnets in blog posts in a cost-effective way? We’ll give you a couple of ideas right here!

Lead Magnets 101

Before we get into the best ways to advertise a business via lead magnets in blog posts, we have to answer one simple question; what are lead magnets to begin with?

These are marketing techniques used for lead generation. In essence, they represent a value exchange between a potential lead and a vendor or marketer. As a result, the prospect receives a long-form niche resource, while the vendor gets their contact information.

A graphic of people interacting with online content.
Lead magnets draw people to interact with your content!

There are many forms that lead magnets can come in; from design templates to whitepapers and ebooks. In the world of online marketing, they’re most often downloadable assets. Now that we’ve established that, we’ll take a look at some of the more interesting ideas for lead magnets.

Mini Ebooks

If you want to learn how to increase your customer base through online marketing, you’ve probably already realized that having a blog is quite important; that’s the kind of content you can constantly update, which is always nice for search engine rankings.

After a while, you may realize that you’ve researched and read up on a specific niche topic quite a lot; perhaps you’ve written a series of blog posts on that? For instance, if you’re advertising a moving company – chances are that your blog contains all kinds of posts that pertain to packing equipment and supplies. You can combine all of these into a mini ebook without much effort; all you need to do is to repurpose the research and content that you’ve already completed.

This is one of the best lead magnets in blog posts; linking to that ebook from a related topic is the perfect segway. Plus, it’s one that makes sense for your prospective leads. Instead of spending a lot of time reading different blogs on the same topic; they can simply get in-depth information in one place.

Ultimate Guides

The nature of the lead magnets in blog posts that you’ll come up with depends largely on your industry niche. When you’re working in a professional service industry that’s well-established already; you won’t find it easy to constantly create truly original content.

Indeed, digital marketing companies for movers like Movers Development work round the clock to cover all niche subjects in great detail. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t create a captivating lead magnet that results in conversions. In such a situation, our advice would be to come up with an Ultimate Guide.

Now, we know what you’re thinking – what’s the difference between a mini-ebook covering a particular subject, and an ultimate guide? On the one hand, both of them take one topic and scrutinize it in great detail. However, the difference is that a mini-ebook only uses your own blogs and content. Conversely, an ultimate guide adds additional value by linking to different websites as well.

A person doing research on a laptop.
You can save people a lot of time with an ultimate guide!

Of course, you can’t directly copy content that isn’t yours; but the point here is to use it as reference. This can be an even better lead magnet because it seems more professional and objective compared to a mini-ebook; precisely because of the bigger variety of sources.

Resource Guides

When it comes to niches like online marketing, lead magnets in blog posts don’t have to be wordy content. Instead, they can be useful guides that link to various resources that industry professionals can use.

This resource guide can have different complexity levels. For instance, it could be a couple of apps useful for people who want to find a moving company or organize a relocation on their own. Conversely, you could provide more in-depth knowledge by recommending entire books on the subject.


Finally, we’ll top this list of lead magnets in blog posts with the easiest one to produce – checklists. Any instructional blog that you’ve written can be converted into a checklist without much effort. Just examine the instructional content from your blog and try to simplify it as much as possible. In the end, you’ll have bullet points that you can use in a checklist.

A printed user guide
User guides are always a great idea for lead magnets!

Now, if you want to use this checklist as a lead magnet, don’t simply create a text file or a link; that won’t seem like enough value to prospective leads. At least not enough in return for their contact information. Instead, you should create a simple, but visually attractive graphic for the list. Ideally, include small checkboxes that people can tick off if they print it out. There are many tasks involved with relocation, even if you hire a moving company to do it. This kind of content is always useful for people who need to micromanage the process.


As you can see, there are plenty of ways to attract people via lead magnets in blog posts; you don’t even need that much creative energy to do it right if you already have a blog to draw on. If you use the tips we’ve provided here, you’ll have no trouble designing effective lead magnets for your target audience!