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Top competitor analysis tools to try out

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Regardless of the industry your company operates in, you are bound to compete for your audience’s attention. And the competition can be a lot to handle given the variety of available marketing channels. You might regularly do competitor research to identify new content opportunities. However, there is always a way to do it more efficiently. In this case, you need a reliable competitor analysis tool to help you out. Whether you are using software for small moving companies or work in any other industry, you will need to check out the competition. In the SEO world, the importance of competitor research is vital. Having a solid analysis plan can help you discover endless content opportunities and ensure that you become even more vital in your niche. It is essential to track and analyze your competitors in order to gain knowledge and inspiration and learn to be one step ahead. These tools will help you research and learn from your competitors’ strategies.

What is a competitor analysis?

A person using competitor analysis tools on a laptop
Use the competitor analysis tools to discover your competitor’s strengths and weaknesses

It is as simple as identifying and evaluating your competitors in the industry. You can use this tool to discover their strengths and weaknesses and how they compare to what you have going on. Competitor analysis tools also help you figure out your competitors’ brand awareness in your market. Just like using a relocation cost calculator when sifting through all the moving companies for your move, you need an analysis tool to help you figure out your competition. You can find out about their pricing, earnings reports, best practices, distribution, and much more. In addition to that, you will also be able to monitor your own performance and find the data on your company that you need to improve.

Why does my company need competitor analysis tools?

If you are running a business, you are well aware of the benefits of CRM software. The same logic can be followed for many other analysis toolkits—including the one that lets you look into your competitors. With the fierce competition out there, you want to be in the know about what you are up against. Doing the work on your own would take you a ton of time and effort, and you might not have enough resources to handle it. With the right tools, your legwork will be significantly reduced and the results will be much more rewarding.

There are many competitor analysis tools on the market to help you quickly and efficiently assess how you stack up against your top competitors. And with just the right tools for your company, you can spend less time learning about your competitors and more time marketing.

The importance of competitor analysis tools?

A paper on a desk with "marketing strategy" written on it
You will need to carefully consider your marketing strategy in order to succeed.

When you find the right tools for conducting a competitive SEO analysis, you will, among other things, be able to do the following:

  • Boost your own marketing strategy
  • Find opportunities in the market that your competitors have missed
  • Find new areas that you have missed—and they are successful for your competitors

Best competitor analysis tools


This analysis tool is actually an add-on. It runs very simply as a Firefox add-on, and unlike some more advanced tools, it only does one thing. However, it performs one super important action—it reveals technologies that are used on different websites. Wappalyzer can identify the types of software running on a specific website that you are currently visiting. You can quickly get a scan of what software they are using. This tool is vital if you want to understand your competitors’ success. There is a possibility that a web service company could hide this information. But, since this is a paid service, it is more likely that they have not bothered. And another awesome thing about Wappalyzer is that it is entirely free.


This is one of the most valued SEO tools on the market. Semrush lets you identify your key competitors, their best keywords, top pages, top paid keywords, etc. It also shows your competitors’ advertising strategies and lets you monitor their social media activities.

There is so much more this competitor analysis toolkit has to offer. You can sign up for a 30-day free trial and find out what the magic is all about.


One of the essential analytical tools for SEO allows you to check any URL’s best organic keywords. In addition to that, you get an estimate of how much traffic a website receives on those keywords. You can also check a site’s highest-performing content based on backlinks. This can help you understand what products or messaging work best for a brand.


Similarweb is a fantastic tool for content as well as SEO. It can help you find out about your competitor’s content. In addition to that, it can tell you where their traffic comes from. For instance, you can define where a site ends up sending its visitors. You can also see what topics visitors search for and what other sites they visit.


This competitor analysis tool is an amazing content marketing tool. BuzzSumo lets you uncover content ideas in your niche; it identifies top influencers and analyzes competitor content.

Maybe you are stuck for ideas and need inspiration for a new post. BuzzSumo will undoubtedly help you in this area. It can help you figure out your competitors’ top-performing posts. The tool also tracks the key metrics and finds out which social networks perform the best.

In addition to the competitor analysis, it offers an array of excellent features. It provides a ton of filters that enable you to adjust your search to specific interests.

And that is not all. BuzzSumo can track your competitors’ backlinks by defining backlinks a specific URL has generated. If that was not enough, the most incredible feature this tool has to offer is the monitoring feature. You can track brand mentions of your competitors and always stay in the know. You can set it up to get email notifications when someone links to a competitor you ate tracking.

Final thoughts

tiles spelling SEO
Finding the right competitor analysis tool for content is essential for SEO

If you are content with paying monthly subscriptions of around $100 for the top competitor analysis tools, definitely go with Semrush or BuzzSumo. But if you are running on a smaller budget, you can go with Wappalyzer and get some excellent results with it too. At the end of the day, it’s important to realize just how important competitor analysis tools are. For more information, make sure to reach out to our team and learn how to get the edge over your competitors.