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Guide to controlling your moving company presence on SERPs

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It can sometimes be a headache to maximize the usefulness of your website and online presence as a moving company. After all, movers have the disadvantage of their services not being something people need often. So, it is even more crucial to maximize your outreach and exposure. To this end, we’ve put together a guide to controlling your moving company presence on SERPs (search engine results pages).

What makes for a good SERP?

Now, the first thing you need to know in order to successfully pull off controlling your moving company presence on SERPs is what makes for good search results. When someone looks up local moving companies, it is not enough for yours to be ranked first. After all, leaving a good first impression plays a key role, and you can’t really achieve that if the search results don’t flatter your moving company.

Your moving company needs to be able to present itself well from the very first moment. If customers look you up and see mediocre or inconsistent reviews, the chances of them opting for your services dwindle. Instead, you need to establish a balanced review layout. Emphasize the positive reviews and the recommendations from customers. Make sure that everything is air-tight and leaves little to no room for confusion.

Know where you rank highly and where you are lagging

Before you go trying to get on the first page of Google, you want to know what your current rankings are. It is possible to look up the keywords that are tied to SERPs presenting your moving company among the first few options. For example, if you are running a moving company in New York and someone looks up ‘best local movers New York’, and you’re among the first few results, then that is obviously good. However, if you end up ‘trending’ for keywords you were not aiming for, or are even undesirable, then you need to try and turn things around.

For example, you were trying to get tagged as a ‘local’ mover, only to somehow end up trending for the ‘long-distance’ movers search results. This is a sure sign that you had failed to build your site’s keywords properly. The problem would likely be your site’s content.

Encourage reviews

Site data
Good customer reviews are provably amazing for generating more website visitors.

When controlling your moving company presence on SERPs, reviews are a common problem. Mostly in the sense that moving companies struggle to get enough of them while at the same time naturally trying to avoid any bad ones. Still, the risk of getting bad reviews doesn’t outweigh the usefulness of widening your review portfolio.

For this reason, wherever there is a chance, your employees should encourage customers to post reviews on the official website or the various Google-supported platforms like Google My Business. Especially if the customer was obviously happy with your services and is, therefore, extremely likely to leave a good review as thanks.

Look for affiliates

Controlling your moving company presence on SERPs through YouTube
YouTube is an amazing platform to have your video guides on.

Affiliate marketing is a great way to boost the quality of your SERPs and take a step further in controlling your moving company presence on SERPs. While it is a bit more complicated than getting Google Ads for moving companies, it will pay off if you are careful. Especially if you can secure the assistance of content creators on major platforms like YouTube. If you can get an affiliate from such a platform to assist you in making a video guide, then your SERPs would be enriched and you can leave a good impression on those looking up your moving company much more easily.

Build up a strong backlinks network

Shaking hands
Controlling your moving company presence on SERPs is a lot easier with assistance.

Backlinks are incredibly useful for controlling your moving company presence on SERPs. Not only do they help manage your SEO better, they also assist with ranking you higher in particular keywords if you can popularize your own backlinks enough. And, if people find your backlinks on popular sites and platforms, you will easily generate top moving leads with minimal investment. Backlinks are even a great basis for initial cooperation with other businesses. Which you can then use to further your bond and maybe even work together more closely down the road. No one dislikes having more beneficial business partners. Especially if you can partner with cleaning, packing and moving supply provider companies.

Keep an eye on your indexing and site optimization

You always want your site to do well when it comes to indexing and optimization. Indexing is the process of Google ‘crawling’ your pages with their software, cataloguing them, and then them as search results. Without indexing, your site cannot make it onto SERPs at all. At least for anyone using Google to do the searching. Having an optimized site, on the other hand, means that your site is running quickly, and can be accessed from any browser or device. This is obviously important, since you do not want to lose access to all visitors who attempt to use a phone to access your site, for example.

Make sure your SEO is done well

SEO for movers is crucial in controlling your moving company presence on SERPs. Obviously, SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is all about allowing you to rank high on the search results. So its usefulness needs not be explained further. In order to have good SEO, you need to sort out your keywords. To enhance the quality of your site. And, even more importantly, to have a rich selection of interesting content which can actually catch the attention of visitors. Moving is not something you do every day. So, as a moving company, to keep the loyalty of your customers you need to provide them with an incentive. Various guides, tips, tricks and general advice related to moving and home ownership are a great way to do this.

Work on your online presence

In order to control your moving company presence on search results, you need to enhance your online presence in general. Make sure your business is added to Google Maps, Google My Business, and maybe even Wikipedia and Wikidata.org. Make social media accounts under your moving company’s name, and hire teams to manage them. In short, it is your goal to get as much exposure for your moving company as you possibly can.

Final Word

We hope you found our guide to controlling your moving company presence on SERPs useful! As you can tell, this is a long-term project that requires constant effort. If you slack off and allow anything to go wrong, your SERPs can easily get ruined.