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2022 UX statistics for movers to consider

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UX statistics encompass important data collected by businesses and online services. They are meant to reflect, without any bias, the wants and needs of users while interacting with a particular piece of software, product or service. This data is then of crucial help to improve the businesses one step further. Here are the 2022 UX statistics for movers to consider.

UX and CX

Now, before we get down to 2022 UX statistics for movers to consider, it is important to note that ‘UX’, or user experience, is not the same thing as ‘CX’, or customer experience. The former can become the latter. But only if you satisfy all the demands of the potential customers. If you fail to properly leverage user experience, then it is nearly impossible to get the person to actually hire you to assist them with their move.

In other words, the better someone’s user experience is, the more likely they are to choose you over your competitors. Even if your business is ‘younger’ and ‘less experienced’. You can still make it onto the market and take it by storm! All because you are utilizing user experience as the venue of approach.

2022 UX statistics for different devices and browsers

Your site’s actual usability is essential.

One of the most interesting 2022 UX statistics is that a majority of people expect mobile versions of your site to perform as well, if not better than the PC version. This means that it is more important than ever to do website optimization well. In fact, responsive web design and SEO are now a crucial part of doing business and should be approached with all the care you afford them. Being unable to ensure your website works well on all possible platforms will both incur the dissatisfaction of the people who do end up coming across your site, as well as lower your chances of getting recommended to people looking up the keywords relevant to your business.

Response to site design

Site design meeting
Take the time to perfect your site’s design.

People have thoroughly shown, in every piece of user experience data collected in 2022, that they definitely rely on a site’s appearance heavily when selecting someone to work with. It is possible for you to lose customers to what is essentially just a slightly more thought-out color scheme. You want to bump up upgrading your moving company web design on your to-do list. The faster you get it done, the fewer the chances of losing revenue and customer base to something as seemingly silly.

Another thing to consider, however, is that your design must be functional and not just pretty. If you completely focus on its appearance at the expense of your coding’s quality, then you can expect that to completely tank your SEO efforts. At the end of the day, SEO reflects itself through every facet of your website and not just keywords.

Growth of video popularity

Adding pictures to your blog and website, be it as an accompaniment to all the content you are posting or just for promotional services, used to be the mainstream strategy. Admittedly, it still works. However, people have now switched to prioritizing a different form of media: video. Be it video guides, an ad, or just as interested and informative video on YouTube about the moving-related subject you had picked. People have spoken, and they prefer these to the traditional, written version of blog posts. It seems to be because of how much videos are engaging to older audiences. Besides, it is admittedly true that you can fit a lot more content into a video than text.

Insistence on consistently good service

Post it notes
Make sure your employees know exactly what they need to do for the best results.

It is important to know that any sort of dissatisfaction can cause even a previously loyal customer to turn away from you. In fact, according to 2022 UX statistics, it is not uncommon for a person who had stuck with a brand or a company for over five years to switch to a different one over a single disagreement with customer service. Ensuring excellent customer service is, therefore, imperative if you want to build up a truly loyal and long-lasting customer base that you can always rely on. Similarly, never shy away from the mistakes of your employees! It is better to acknowledge them and work to fix them than it is to pretend they do not exist.

Good ad use vs ad clutter

While it’s perfectly natural that you want to invest in digital marketing for moving companies, there is a fine line that needs to be drawn. Deciding just where that line lies is somewhat troublesome. Still, if there’s one thing that 2022 UX statistics corroborate it is that potential customers absolutely hate seeing ad clutter. Ad clutter is what you get when you place too many ads on a single page. The viewer becomes overwhelmed by them as a result, and instead of buying anything just signs off your site. Ideally, you really want to keep the number of your ads on any single page to one or maybe two. Not counting something like an exit ad that doesn’t apply to the particular page but your website as a whole.

Tendency to leave, not complain

When discussing unsatisfied customers, people tend to imagine extreme reactors like someone getting into your employees’ faces and screaming at them. However, what the 2022 UX statistics have shown us is that this scenario is very unlikely. If you do end up doing something to upset your customer, they are far more likely to just walk away and never cooperate with your company again. Note, too, that people are much more likely to write negative reviews than those which help a business. Meaning that you are dealing with both the loss of a customer and some unflattering reviews. For more useful tips and 2022 UX statistics for movers to consider, make sure to subscribe to our blog.