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Top 10 US cities for moving with family

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If you are thinking of moving and you have a family, it is only natural to try to find a perfect city for your kids to grow up in. With that in mind, we have prepared this list of the top 10 US cities for moving with family. Each of these cities could be an excellent choice, depending on your preferences. It will most likely be hard to pick just one, as they all offer substantial advantages when compared to most cities in the USA. And, if you are collecting moving company leads, you will know which cities to direct those customers who are looking to settle down in a family-friendly place. With all that being said, let us begin!

Bowling Green, Ohio

The first on our list of the most appealing US cities for moving with family is the beautiful Bowling Green. This city in the state of Ohio offers everything that a regular family might need. While it may leave you thinking about the big city and its urban appeal, there is no shortage of amenities in this small town. Add many excellent parks, great schools, a low crime rate and a reliable hospital (named the Wood County Hospital), and you’ve got a perfect town for your family. A look at the current moving industry trends shows us that this city satisfies most of the movers’ needs, such as affordable housing opportunities.

Carnel, Indiana

A road in Indiana, a state where one of the best US cities for moving with family is located.
Indiana is a truly beautiful state to live in!

This is a great choice, as everything that a family might need is easily available. Apart from the usual – high-quality education opportunities, great parks – Carnel can also boast of having unusually low crime rates. In fact, in the suburbs of Carnel, it is 72 percent lower than average! Along with the reliable Indiana University Health North Hospital, this means that you and your family will be as safe as you can be. And, there are plenty of family-oriented activities as well in Carnel.

Franklin Park, Pennsylvania

If you live in or near Pittsburgh and you don’t want to relocate to a far-away place, then Franklin Park is the right town for you. 87 percent lower crime rate than the average suggests a very peaceful place. Most of the people living there are very friendly. There are plenty of community events organized that you can participate in. And, if you’re still longing for a big city, the good news is that Pittsburgh is very near. Even if a big city nearby isn’t such a draw for you, its proximity can still be rather practical. Excellent health-care and great schools also contribute to making Franklin Park one of the top US cities for moving with family.

Highland Park, Texas

The Rio Grande River in Texas.
Highland Park, one of the top US cities for moving with a family, is not far from the amazing Rio Grande River.

This town may not be the right choice for less affluent families. However, if you can afford it, you will be able to see why it is featured on this list. For starters, a strong sense of community exists in Highland Park. Everyone knows everyone, and everyone is eager to help those in need. All the amenities you may need, great schools, a low crime rate… There’s really no objective reason why this city isn’t one of the best US cities for moving family. What’s more, Dallas is nearby. This could easily be a significant advantage that will tip the scale in Highland Park’s favor.

Cary, North Carolina

Cary is another great town for those looking to move somewhere down south. Apart from the quality of life benefits, including, of course, low crime rate and excellent education opportunities, Cary is also an extremely livable city because of its great community and the amazing weather. Of course, not everyone prefers the warmer climate. However, those families who are after the sunny weather can hardly go wrong with Cary. This town is also close to larger cities such as Durham and Raleigh, making it more practical to live in than most other cities on this list.

Minnetonka, Minnesota

Beautiful natural attractions are inviting families from all across the USA (and beyond) to this magnificent little town. And do we have to mention its students’ exquisite graduation rates, the safety of its streets, and the affordable housing opportunities? If you prefer the look and feel of Minnesota over other states featured on this list, then Minnetonka is a no-brainer!

Newton, Massachusetts

The beautiful nature of Massachusetts.
There aren’t many things in the world that are more serene than the natural attractions of Massachusetts.

Newton is located very close to Boston. This means that, practically, you will have access to all the amenities you may need. At the same time, you will be able to enjoy a quiet life in this small, but beautiful town. Real estate is affordable in Newton, and the housing market is more than stable. This town is also interesting because it is made of a few “villages” joined together. This makes it different from the rest and it creates an appealing mood.

Rockville, Maryland

A low crime rate, an inviting housing market, high-paying jobs – Rockville will rock you! Of course, the schools there are also great, or it wouldn’t have been among the best US cities for moving with a family. This is especially true if your children are interested in technology and science. Many of the students graduating from one of Rockville’s exquisite schools become excellent scientists that are indebting the entire nation (and the rest of the world, for that matter).

Mount Pleasant, South Carolina

Here is another city with an evocative, accurate name. When it comes to family-life, Mount Pleasant certainly poses a mountain that will be hard for other cities to climb. What makes this city so pleasant for families? Of course, your children will be able to get a great education there. They will be safe from danger, as the crime rate is low. They will be presented with many fun activities to do outside. And there’s, of course, the beautiful southern weather. All-around – a very neat package.

Ann Arbor, Michigan

We’ll conclude our list of the best US cities for moving with family by mentioning the jewel of Michigan – Ann Arbor. This town actually isn’t that small. Yet, it offers all the benefits usually associated with a smaller town. You and your family will be safe and, if need be, taken care of by the University of Michigan Hospitals-Michigan Medicine – the best hospital in all of Michigan. Lots of family-friendly activities round up this amazing place for families.