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5 tips for your lead nurturing strategy 

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Research shows that no more than 27% of leads are ready for purchase immediately after you acquire them. What does that means is that lead nurturing is an extremely important part of the process. And your lead nurturing strategy will continue to play a major role in the future, as more and more business is done online. 

The four elements of online marketing are social media, content, website traffic, and customers. Review current conversion rates and online traffic – these numbers are quite important to some. But, if you have a lot of visitors on a non-conversion page, you have a marketing funnel that leaks. This is where lead nurturing occurs so you could make the most out of the moving leads you have generated up to this point.

What is a lead nurturing strategy and why is it so important?

Illustration of lead nurturing with pawns and drawn out customer journey path.
To get more business for your moving business, there are modern tactics to employ.

The process of creating connections with customers and potential customers at each phase of the marketing funnel is known as lead nurturing.  A good lead nurturing strategy includes marketing and social media monitoring to discover your crowd’s requirements and works to establish trust, create a strong brand, and build rapport. Many moving companies do moving services market research to see what the current trends are and find a strategy accordingly.

Lead nurturing strategies interact with each potential client on a personal level, so whatever media you produce — newsletters, online ads, email content, etc. — should be tailored to them.

A lead nurturing strategy is seldom about making a quick sale. It’s about generating genuine connections, cultivating brand loyalty, and retaining your business in the thoughts of your target customers. Using these tips with your chosen strategies will ensure your moving company gets the best out of this initiative. 

1. Follow up a new lead promptly

Timely tracking of a new lead when it does the conversion on a website exponentially increases the chance of converting it to a customer. 

You need to educate and qualify the lead in the lead nurturing process for the purchase phase. From the insight into website searches and the data that the lead has shared with you, you have enough information for an initial search. 

Compared to cold-calling, where you address the lead in the awareness phase because the leader does not know you yet, with the time-appropriate buzz in the lead nurturing strategy, the lead addresses in the last phase of the purchase path, the decision phase. 

2. Make use of tailored content

Image of notebook with notes and a tablet.
You should make the best use of the data you gather.

There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all approach to lead nurturing strategy. According to the findings, nurturing your leads carefully with focused content may considerably increase outcomes.

Begin by attempting to comprehend each of your distinct buyer personas. Then, depending on their qualities such as preferences, interests, ambitions, and marketing triggers, construct a variety of personalized content. As you build your strategy, you should also have marketing automation technology in place.

Incorporate conventional and digital media, as well as print mailers, into your content strategy in addition to emails. As with emails, structure your material to match with the stages of your customer lifecycle, from attention to evaluation to commitment.

Online content, such as blogs, website landing pages, and social media, is essential to a proper framework. You also need to employ strategies for SEO for moving companies here to get you as high of a rating as possible.

An effective lead nurturing program actively leads through all phases of the buying path. It is based on a system that educates the lead with relevant information, supports them. It consequently creates a sense of satisfaction to qualify the lead for the next phase of the purchase path. With this, lead nurturing is key to business success as it directly influences the decision of the lead whether to become a customer or not.

 3. Employ multi-channel lead nurturing 

Today, automated marketing platforms allow us to establish new tactics and technologies that go beyond the capabilities of e-mail marketing. Multi-channel lead nurturing includes a combination of marketing automation, e-mail marketing, social networking, digital advertising, dynamic content on the website, and direct contact with the sales team. For the most efficient operation of multi-channel lead nurturing, the marketing and sales team must be coordinated. They should complement each other with the common goal of ensuring a smooth route.

 4. Lead scoring

Lead scoring is a methodology where you screen leads based on the value they bring to a moving company. Based on the number of points of individual leads, we can see which ones are ready to advance to the next phase of the purchase path, and which you need to nurture further. The implementation of lead assessment is enabled by most marketing automation platforms. 

5. High-quality content will entice prospects to return

Create high-quality content that will entice your readers to return for more! Continually producing high-quality pieces on your page suggests that you’re a trustworthy company, according to the experts for digital marketing for movers. Relevant content also encourages people to share your blog post on their social platforms, increasing exposure and establishing confidence with those who have never heard about your moving business before.

CONTENT on laptop screen.
High-quality content will make a great impression on prospective clients.

When generating articles, ensure they are really beneficial to the people to whom they are primarily directed. If the material isn’t entertaining or beneficial to your target audience, don’t post it! Instead, conduct research and write on a topic that will be of interest to your potential customers.

A successful lead nurturing strategy sends the content that educates the audience, such as writing an informative blog. It should answer their questions and doubts and thus lead them to the next phase of the buying path. Our marketing specialists recommend that you are diverse and that you use a mixture of content such as social networks, blog articles, and interactive moving quote calculators.

Final thoughts

Person pressing a GENERATE LEADS button.
Generating leads is only the first step – you still need to bring it in afterward.

The majority of deals do not occur at the initial encounter between a consumer and a company. This is due to the fact that buyers’ decisions are frequently accompanied by a great deal of research. Leads prefer to explore, examine what competition has to offer, and take their time determining precisely what they want. A lead nurturing strategy, when executed properly, breaks down that wall, allowing companies to earn the confidence of visitors.