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Top countries for American expats

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Most of the moving companies offer different kinds of relocations. Hence, the most of you help people move anywhere. Regardless of their relocation distance. If so, wouldn’t it be good to know where Americans are moving when leaving the country? Wouldn’t it be easier to specialize the best for those top countries for American expats, and have everything prepared in advance once a customer with such a requirement approaches your company? Surely it would. This is why we did another research for our ‘movers news‘ section, and here we are to provide you with the most recent moving trends – the top countries for American expats. Let’s find out what are the destinations American citizens like the most when leaving the country!

Why are Americans leaving the country?

Sure, America is probably the best place on Earth (or at least among the best places) for making a fortune. On the other hand, the expenses are far from affordable. Hence, the earnings/expenses ratio is something that makes citizens from the USA wonder if there is someplace better for the quality of life. Given that many are leaving the country, there obviously are quite a few destinations Americans consider better places for life. What are those places? Here are some of them:

  • Mexico – Not only that Mexicans are moving to the USA, but the Americans move to Mexico too. In fact, it’s among top countries for American expats recently.
  • Germany – It’s nothing new that Germany is considered one of the best countries to live in worldwide. Americans tend to think so too.
  • Costa Rica – One of the best countries for expats, not only from the USA but from around the world. Nothing weird, given that they are among the top 10 countries for family life.

Mexico: One of the top countries for American expats due to low costs of living

Many Americans are moving to Mexico
Mexico, a piece of heaven for many Americans

Money doesn’t make people happy. The quality of life does. Now, yes, you do need money to make a good living. But the amount of money to achieve that differs depending on the costs of living. For example, in Mexico, the country with low costs, you can live comfortably with a lot less money than back in the USA. So if you have some savings, do the calculation and you’ll see if the life after moving to Mexico would be better or worse for you and for your family. Having in mind that many Americans are moving to Mexico to permanently stay there, the conclusion could be they found their happiness there. How about becoming a moving company offering full-service moving to the destinations Americans are considering the best places on Earth?

Germany: Among the most desirable places for many nations for earnings

Germany- One of the top countries for American expats

Yes, the expenses are higher in Germany than in Mexico. But the earnings are also higher, and more significantly than the expenses. Hence, the overall quality of life is bigger in Germany for the earnings/costs ratio. However, the quality of life depends on what a person seeks for. For example, if someone likes to enjoy summers in the beaches, then Germany probably isn’t the best choice. In any case, this isn’t something that should bother you. What you should be interested in is where are Americans moving to. And to prepare your logistics to help them do that efficiently, quickly and at an affordable cost. Becoming someone Americans can rely on when moving internationally is something that will help you improve your moving business in the future. The trends are that the number of Americans moving abroad will rise in the years to come.

Costa Rica: Among the best countries for families worldwide

Whatever an American might want, Costa Rica has it
Costa Rica offers everything an American might want

The family life is quite important for Americans. Hence, they constantly search for places where they could improve it. Costa Rica is among top 10 countries to live with a family. But it’s not the only thing Costa Rica is among top 10 countries worldwide for. There are two other parameters: the quality of life, and the ease of adjustment for expats. Therefore, not only that it’s great for families, but also for the quality of life overall.

For Americans who love making friends, there is no country in the world better to make friends. Costa Rica tops the list for this! And as many as 70% of all the people living in Costa Rica are satisfied with the quality of life. This percentage is even more significant when talking about the people who can cover their monthly expenses. More than 80% of people! Can you name some countries where you could find this satisfied inhabitants? So prepare your moving company for moving Americans to Costa Rica. Having in mind all this, there will probably be more and more Americans moving to this Central American country.

How can you use this list of top countries for American expats?

  • Get to know what Americans need to get permanent citizenship in these three countries
  • Have a full-guide for moving to top countries for American expats on your website
  • Make the best offer for these international relocations
  • You could perhaps offer to help them search for jobs in these countries
  • Start a cooperation with some real estate agency and have recommendations for the housing
  • Do the research what are the best schools and let the family people know that once they come to you

There are plenty of other things you can do. The most important thing is that you know now what are the top countries for American expats. Besides the aforementioned, we suggest some other things you can do. Hire a company for web development and make sure your website perfectly communicates everything important for moving to these pieces of heaven for Americans. Start using the SEO strategies for moving companies. This will help you position for the most important terms people type when they want to move abroad. And, above all, let people know what will be the price of their move. Everybody wants to know what will be the moving costs, and the instant moving quote calculator will make you able to provide your customers with the moving quote on your website.