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Reasons why your business won’t scale

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There are many ways your business can end up with its back against the wall. With such a competitive market that we operate in today, commoditization is a growing threat. On the one hand, you have a selected few businesses that manage to push through the hardships and grow. And on the other hand, you have businesses that struggle and just can’t seem to move up. Movers Development is here to offer several ideas as to why your business won’t scale. We are certain that it will inspire some forward-thinking on your end.

Seven simple reasons why your business won’t scale

No matter at which evolutionary stage your business is currently, you need to constantly look towards the future. This means that you have to avoid certain mistakes in your business principles. And the following seven mistakes are the ones that you should pay the most attention to in that regard (if you wish to make a moving company grow):

1. You’re too busy to grow

Hitting a wall of repeating day-to-day tasks in your everyday approach to business is definitely a crippling trap. After all, your job should be to focus and think of new and innovative ways to grow your business. You need to spend time developing ideas on how to increase revenue, explore new markets etc. And you won’t be able to do this if you’re stuck in routines. This is one of the most common reasons why your business won’t scale.

2. You’re trying to scale too soon

Premature scaling – yes, there is such a thing. There are those too eager to grow, without having solidified their current operational processes and workflow. This is where things tend to get complicated. Business owners come across a scenario where their new pricing structure cannot sustain profitable growth. So, rather than raising the overall price of their services, they buckle under the fear of losing customers.

Boxes on one side and a single box on the other side of a scale.
You have to find the right balance, otherwise, your business won’t scale.

And the worst thing of all is that simply raising your prices won’t always be the best solution. In fact, the only times when clients are prepared to pay more for your services are when:

  • You offer a solution they truly want
  • Your client base has access to funds
  • You can sufficiently lower the risk for them to make it a no-brainer

3. Making it all about you

There are those business owners that make the common mistakes of focusing on themselves, rather than their clients. And if you are looking for reasons why your business won’t scale, this right here is a textbook example.

Rather than focusing your efforts on making your business and website satisfy your needs, you should change your mindset. Focus on what your target audience is actually looking for as a solution to their problems. Make everything about them and you will solve the issue in no time.

4. You’re not solving a big enough problem

You can’t hope to “sink an entire battleship with an airplane”. In other words, the problems you decide to tackle for your clients need to be big enough for them to embrace the changes you want to make. And this leads us to the previous solution. You need to find a large and painful enough problem, which you then have to solve for that particular type of client. And you have to do it all with your customized solution.

5. You’re too people-oriented

This is a common misconception due to which businesses fail. One of the reasons why your business won’t scale is when you decide to focus on finding the best possible staff and not focus on molding your staff into the best possible one. Each industry is different and you need to have a staff that not only understands this but is able to grow within the industry it works for.

Person surrounded by team, looking at growth charts.
Focus on the company mindset rather than the people.

What happened when your business is built around an employee’s skill sets and they leave? You need to start all over again recruiting, training, and developing the next “ideal person for the job”. Rather than doing that, rely on developing a methodology that you can then apply to the people you hire.

6. You’re not consistently marketing and selling every day

One of the worst things you can do in business is to say: “Okay, we’re good where we are, no need to ask for more”. Wrong! You constantly have to push the border, search for new clients rather than rely on current ones. When you achieve a consistent flow of clients, you achieve a certain level of control. You can scale your business in your own tempo and decide who you will and will not work with. So, always make time to market to new leads and boost your organic growth.

Hand drawing a sclaing line in revenue.
Increasing revenue should be your primary focus.

7. You’re being reactive rather than being proactive

Why fight a fire when you can prevent one from ever happening in the first place? One of the essential traits of business owners should be proactivity. Instead one of the more common reasons your business won’t scale is a reactive approach to business. Don’t be like this – force the proactive approach. Stay informed about moving industry trends, and make sure that your staff does the same.

These are the mistakes you want to avoid if you want your business to scale

If you don’t understand the direction you want your business to head towards, you are lacking control. And this means that one of these seven mistakes has hold of you and your business. Instead, you should remain proactive and determined about where your business is headed. By doing so and avoiding these reasons why your business won’t scale, you will get to:

  • Build a team that really supports you
  • Work with more ideal clients
  • Consistently and predictably deliver on your company’s promises
  • Increase revenue and get your life back