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Reasons against removing negative reviews for your business

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As more and more consumers turn toward online shopping and rely on Google for making buying decisions, businesses need to adapt their advertising strategies accordingly. Now, as a company with years of experience in digital marketing for moving companies, Movers Development understands just how important the opinion of customers is. Customer reviews have become a fundamental step in the conversion process. And a lot of companies make the mistake of looking down on bad reviews and erasing them. The truth is that you removing negative reviews for your business is a bad idea for a number of reasons. In this article, we are looking into those reasons. So, keep reading to learn more.

5 arguments to keep you from removing negative reviews for your business

  • Studies show that 95% of customers get suspicious if they don’t find any negative reviews about a business; while 82% of customers actively seek them out.

Businesses underestimate the hidden potential of negative reviews and see only the bad in them. However, ask any successful brand, and not one will be able to say that they didn’t profit from negative reviews. Reviews, good or bad, help customers form opinions about a product, service, or business in general. And nurturing those reviews carries a lot of juice that, when put in the right hands, can be used to advertise your moving business. So, here are five simple reasons why you should keep negative reviews and how to take advantage of them:

1. Positive reviews stand out more when there are negative reviews

It’s a natural reflex for us to look at all the reviews and compare the positive ones with the negative ones. It helps create a more realistic image of the product or service before we decide to make a purchase. By removing negative reviews for your business, you are also losing out on the ability of customers to develop a higher appreciation of the positive reviews.

Psychologically, we are always attracted to seeing negative reviews since everybody expects good reviews. And once we explore the negative reviews, only then do we start seeing the strength behind the positive review and arguing why a product/service deserves our attention. It is then that we do a side-by-side comparison of the good and bad in our head and make a decision, especially when the review itself has a pros & cons feel to it.

2. Negative reviews lead to informed decisions

People like to have as much information as possible about a product or service. Lack of information leads to mistrust and suspicion just as much as the lack of negative reviews. By being able to compare the advantages and disadvantages of buying products/services, customers are able to make informed decisions before making a purchase. And informed decisions lead to fewer refund requests and complaints.

By removing negative reviews for your business, you leave more room for customers to set higher expectations of products or delivery. However, when others write to share their experiences or images, it provides realistic expectations that positive reviews often can’t.

3. Negative reviews build trust

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Negative reviews can help companies establish long-term relationships with customers.

“Nobody is perfect” – a phrase that we have all heard and words that most people live by. And the same goes for products/services. So, you’re not fooling anybody by hiding the negative reviews. Instead, use them as a way to establish trust with target audiences. By showing your hand, you’re admitting that your business isn’t perfect but that it comes close to it. And establishing trust translated to customer loyalty, which leads to brand development for moving companies.

4. Negative reviews are another way to engage customers

Removing negative reviews for your business removes the chances of interacting with customers. Some businesses choose to ignore bad reviews while others get defensive and put the blame on the customers. And neither of these options is favorable as neither one will help you build strong bonds with audiences.

On the other hand, by taking the time to address the issue at hand and try to make amends for the negative review, you can boost your brand. Mistakes happen and we all know that, but something still needs to be held accountable. When you admit to the mistake and show the will to make it right, you are also sending a message that you care.

So, instead of running away from the negative experience, meet it head-on and start a conversation with the customer in question. See if there is a way for you to make things right. If a product arrived damaged, send a free replacement. If there was a shipping delay, send a small gift or offer a discount for future purchases. These are all simple ways of turning a negative comment into a loyal customer. And by doing it publicly online, you give other customers the chance to develop more affection for your brand and customer support.

5. Negative reviews are a learning experience for businesses

Everybody can make a mistake but it is what we do after making that mistake that defines us. If you simply deny or ignore it, you are leaving the option of repeating the mistake and embracing it as a normal occurrence. And this can affect the quality of your work in the future, leading to loss of business.

On the other hand, when you choose to not only admit to the mistake but also learn from it, you are one step closer to never making the same mistake again. As a result, you can learn new ways to improve your products/services as well as increase customer satisfaction.

For example, site visitors might be finding it difficult to navigate through your website and get a quote from you. A lot of moving company websites tend to neglect the importance of a functional quote form. However, by investing in an instant moving quote calculator, you can avoid negative reviews from customers that were unsatisfied with the initial estimates they received.

Don’t hide the truth from customers if you are confident in your business

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Give your business the chance to grow through learning from mistakes.

Consumerism has spoiled our view of the world. We’ve grown used to expecting to see good reviews and give them little thought compared to the bad ones. And this puts a lot of pressure on businesses, especially those that are just starting off. By removing negative reviews for your business, you are choosing to mislead both your customers and yourself into thinking that your business is worth more than it actually is. Being realistic with customers might earn you less revenue today, but it will definitely earn you more respect from them, which will lead to more revenue tomorrow. So, if you want your business to prosper, keep the negative reviews and turn them into a valuable resource!