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5 software upgrades that can improve your moving business

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Software has, since its wide inclusion in business, been absolutely essential for the growth and prosperity of companies and small businesses everywhere. It is, in a very real way, what often makes or breaks a successful venture. It is of no surprise then that our reliance on it has only grown in recent years. Yet, in answer to this popularity, the functionality and usefulness of different software have only ever grown. We are looking at ever-increasing utility and complexity of various types of software. And anyone who fails to take advantage of them will most certainly find themselves lagging behind the competition. The only way to avoid this is to continue striving to stay abreast of new developments. And to properly prioritize the fields in which to utilize the software. To that end, we present to you with five software upgrades that can improve your moving business.

Customer service and outreach

Customer support
Your employees will also have an easier time if they can use chat software instead of having to answer calls constantly!

Your first step should be upgrading the software of your site to make it both responsive and appealing to your potential customers. This will also benefit your SEO since responsive web design and SEO are actually quite closely linked. If they are integrated well, this will not just allow people to access your site from any platform.

It will also allow you to better include customer service chat and similar functions. As well as ensure they work the way they are intended to no matter the customer’s device. Otherwise, you run the risk of implementing more advanced software later, which isn’t directly tied to your site’s basis, which will not work at all when accessed from anything other than a computer. This means you are wasting money and resources, both of the online and real variety. Avoiding this and maximizing the effects of your site will only benefit your business.

Information backup, acquisition, and analysis

Using data analysis software
Data analysis does not need to be difficult and dreary work!

There is plenty of useful software for small moving companies. And most of such software can even be useful for larger businesses. The main benefit of most such software upgrades comes in the increased ability to acquire, backup, and analyze useful information. Using word and excel to perform such tasks is all well and good. However, the results can be very messy, and there is absolutely no automated analysis at all. This means that your employees would have to spend hours entering data and then analyzing it to boot.

With the right software upgrade, entering data becomes much easier. And the software offers both automated analysis and the backup of data to secure servers. One should not discount the importance of data security, either. Such information can make or break a company if used correctly. And losing the information about your best-paying customers can be disastrous.

Automated cost calculator software upgrades that can improve your moving business

Doing cost calculations
Automated cost calculation is not only more convenient for clients, but for employees as well!

Among the software upgrades that can improve your moving business, this is hardly the most important one. However, it does carry significant potential gains for your business. And at two fronts at that.

  • First, you would find that your employees’ workload has actually decreased. A lot of people prefer talking to an actual person when it comes to calculating their moving expenses. But just as many people would be content to use a relocation cost calculator instead.
  • Secondly, this might earn you more customers. A significant number of people does not like contacting moving companies unless they are certain they will absolutely need them. Even when it comes to something as simple as getting a rough estimate. If they can find reassurance that the costs are not too high through the cost calculators, they are much more likely to higher your company.

Better CRM software

Out of the software upgrades that can improve your moving business, this one is the most useful for customer retention and acquisition. It is in the name, after all! CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management software. And the benefits of CRM software are many. It organizes, quantifies, and categorizes data for easy future reference. It provides detailed customer information so every employee can work with any client. Automates form filling, sending of reports, and work minutiae. It even provides quality data analysis without additional programs.

This, in turn, leads to a better understanding of the client through providing their purchase history, past complaints, and similar. In other words, it helps with every single aspect of client interaction. There is absolutely no reason not to upgrade your CRM software since any expenses you might have will pay off in dividends. Much more quickly than you might think it would, too.

Resource management software upgrades that can improve your moving business

Proper management of your available resources, as every business owner knows, is crucial for the betterment of your efforts. So it comes as no surprise that software upgrades related to tracking and managing your resources are of significant benefit to your business. First, consider what employee tracking software can afford you.

At every moment, you know exactly where your moving trucks are. This allows you to at least roughly guess how long it will take your employees to finish their current assignments, and as such, plan for the following ones. The boost to efficiency this offers should be rather obvious. Taking things a step further, it is possible to include software that automates the assignment of work for your employees. Since the data for their status and projection completion times would be available, it would be relatively easy to account for even possible delays and keep everything running smoothly.

Final thoughts

We do not deny that, beyond the software upgrades that can improve your moving business we have listed here, there exist others that can potentially be useful. However, the ones we have included in our list are the ones that can be of use to every last moving company. You should strive to upgrade your software as soon as you can. And then research further on what else you can do in the world of software to stay ahead of your competition. This is the only way to grow and prosper in the age of technology.