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The pros and cons of vlogs for movers

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Video blogging, often known as ‘vlogging,’ presents numerous benefits over standard text blog posts. So, it’s no wonder that many more businesses are experimenting with it. Video blogs capture visitors’ attention – something you can really use to your advantage when it comes to SEO for movers. Users are more inclined to become enthusiastic about the fresh content of a vlog than a written post full of long sentences and no visuals. And the more excited users are about a vlog on a page and show it through social sharing and other means, the more visitors the site will receive. But it’s not all positive; there are some drawbacks to video content as well! Check out the pros and cons of vlogs for movers before deciding whether to incorporate it on your website.

The upsides of vlogs for movers

Every industry is getting more and more digitalized and content-oriented, and moving trends are following along. To decide if vlogs are the right choice for your moving company, take a look at the advantages of using this as a marketing strategy.

Increased conversion rates

Growth chart.
Vlogs for movers can be very profitable for your company.

If you run a moving website, you’re probably searching for strategies to enhance conversions. The majority of consumers have welcomed the direct-response functionality afforded by platforms. Videos have accomplished the marketing trinity of traffic, engagement, and conversion. As a result, video is increasingly being used by businesses to improve every level of the marketing funnel.

Video advertising attracts twenty percent more clicks than photos, thereby generating more traffic with a greater clickthrough rate. When those viewers come to a page, visitors watch videos for 5x longer than they do pictures or blog posts. Lastly, adding videos to landing pages boosts conversion, completing the trinity.

More engagement with visitors on a personal level

Vlogging on the job demonstrates the transparency of your company to the public. As a result, your day-to-day activities will be shown to your audience, sparking their interest. They will be aware of your moving business’s behind-the-scenes operations, ensuring their faith in your company.

You may provide them with an insider’s perspective on how your staff handles moving day operations. Show them how the moving process works, and they will be more likely to trust you with their relocation.

Making vlogs for movers is inexpensive

Smartphone recording two women having a discussion.
All you need for a vlog is a camera and some time.

Vlogging is a low-cost way to help your moving business develop. When it comes to launching a vlog, there are relatively few upfront expenditures. You can also optimize the ROI of media content by reusing material from blogs, social media, email campaigns, and other marketing channels.

The overall expenses of making a vlog generally involve the time of the person in the video and the cost of the equipment. Sometimes vlogs also require post-production and editing, which can raise the cost, but small businesses can create vlogs without spending a lot of money.

Downsides of vlogs for movers

While there are many pros of vlogs for movers, there are some disadvantages, too:

With self-hosted websites, server space might be an issue

Self-hosting entails uploading the video to the same server that hosts your WordPress blog, using the built-in file importer in WordPress – much as you would attach a photo to your page. With that context in mind, there are several reasons why you shouldn’t upload video content to your web server – especially if the website is housed on a shared server:

  • Videos need a large amount of server bandwidth.
  • Most web hosting companies restrict the size limit of uploaded files to 50 MB or less. You may soon outgrow the amount of storage space given by your hosting service, especially if you back up your site regularly.
  • There is no standardized file format for web videos. As a result, the major web browsers have split, with each allowing for a unique format.
  • You will need to remember to convert your video files for mobile use.
  • You will require video player software.
  • There is an issue of inconsistent quality across web browsers.

So, what’s the ideal approach to include a video on your website?

Video editing.
After you edit your vlog, you can upload it to a video platform and then embed it to WP.

You can publish your vlog to a video hosting site first, then insert it into your WordPress page. The video hosting service could be a well-known site like Vimeo, YouTube, or DailyMotion. You can copy the URL of your clip after it has been published. Then you can return to your blog and enter the URL wherever you want the video to be displayed. The vlog will play immediately in the spot where you pasted the URL. The embedded player will recognize the user’s device, search engine, and Internet connection speed and offer the appropriate version of the vlog.

It might be time demanding to create the vlogs for movers

In addition to the technical challenges you might face, there is also the issue of lack of time in your busy movers’ schedule. Even though a moving estimate app cuts time off some parts of the job, there is still a lot of tasks that go into a relocation. Creating video content also takes time and effort, which is something that would also add to the busy schedule.

Final thoughts

There are plenty of advantages to this type of moving advertising as there are disadvantages. Ultimately, it is dependent on the nature of the business and the target demographic. Whether you choose vlogs for movers or not is also determined by the amount of time you have available to spend on video blogging. Evaluate whether there is a better method to convey your moving business idea without creating a vlog. Preparation is essential, so make sure you have notes in case you make a mistake and that you practice! You want to come across as natural and straightforward so that your audience can relate and connect to you. Vlogs are a great tool when done well – good luck with using it in your future marketing strategies.