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PPC strategies that help movers thrive

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There is no doubt that PPC strategies can be effective. In fact, their usefulness can often eclipse most other advertising tactics when comparing costs to results. However, is there a way to improve on what you are doing? Is your current PPC strategy yielding the expected results that had justified the expenses to put it into practice in the first place? Well, if it is not, then there is a good chance that the issue lies in not using the latest methods. There are new and improved PPC strategies that help movers thrive, and only by using them would you ensure your own ads’ competitiveness!

Employ new ad extensions

If you have not done it for some time, then one of the most useful PPC strategies that help movers thrive is updating your ads with new extensions! You can look up what new and interesting extension you can build into your ads by simply visiting Google Ads and checking through their selection. You can make it possible for people to get in touch with your sales team through a lead form ad extension. The extension will bring more value to the ads and allow for them to take up more room on SERPs.

Of course, given the limitations that come with lead form ad extensions, it’s always a good idea to offer customers the ability to use an online moving calculator on your website. This would draw them in and motivate them to visit your website and learn more. Particularly if you only offer a simplified version through the ad. Which will likely be the case so you can have it work properly anyway.

Make your website mobile-friendly

You should not just focus on different ways to advertise a business. You should make sure all of those various advertising methods you are using online are effective across all platforms, as well! Do not discount the importance of this. Since more and more people prefer to browse for important decisions such as selecting their moving company over their phones.

If your ads are not compatible with a phone’s browser, then all of your advertising efforts and the resources you put into acquiring and keeping the ad up would be for nothing. A very large portion of your potential customer base would be rendered entirely inaccessible to you. It only stands to reason, then, that making all your ads functional across all the platforms would instead boost the effectiveness of your investments by a significant margin.

Use your ads for more than raising brand awareness

PPC statistics
Having accurate effectiveness data is priceless!

The most important role of ads is raising brand awareness and nobody can dispute that. It is the reason why most moving companies invest in Google Ads. However, that is not all they can be used for. Another useful role of them can be to assist you in discovering what your intended customers find appealing. While raising your brand awareness is important for attracting more crowds to your website, it’s just as important to convert that traffic into leads and eventually customers.

Basically, by using your ads to invite users to take a certain action other than visiting your website (contact you or get a quote, etc.), you can send a clear signal to Google that your Campaign Goals transcend the fundamental task of getting a click.

Invest in good logo design

It might seem odd that a list of best PPC strategies that help movers thrive would include concerns over logo design. However, remember what we mentioned earlier? Brand recognition is vitally important! And you can’t have high brand recognition without an easily recognizable, interesting and unique logo. This is why if your logo is not already memorable enough, you should invest immediately into getting a new one. It does not need to be extremely ostentatious or garish. But it needs to convey the quality and reliability of your company while still sticking in your ad viewer’s minds. Which, admittedly, can be somewhat hard to pull off. You are best off sticking to calming colors and a modernized design.

Get in on long-tail keywords

For a very long time, most PPC strategies advised sticking to short keywords. Most people would just type in the broad search words for what they needed, after all. And being able to cash in on that simplicity was important. However, longer and more specific keywords are rapidly gaining popularity. Yet, most currently used PPC ads are not optimized to handle such search methods well.

Long keyword search
Being able to handle longer keywords is becoming crucial for the effectiveness of PPC strategies that help movers thrive

This means that your target demographic is drawing away from you not because you aren’t making an effort to reach them. But because there is suddenly a mish-match between what they are looking for and what you have your ads targeting. It can be a bit tricky to include both broader and more specific keywords at first. But it will quickly boost the effectiveness of your ads and justify the reason why this was included among the most effective PPC strategies that help movers thrive.

Try out new keywords

Meeting about PPC strategies that help movers thrive
You can dedicate a part of your marketing team to testing out new keywords.

Finally, do not be afraid to try out new keywords and keyword combinations entirely! This will, of course, make PPC management for moving companies more difficult in the short term. And it might even lower the efficiency of your visitor conversion temporarily. But it will also let you better locate helpful new keywords that you can focus your efforts on. Especially in combination with our previous advice not to use ads to just boost brand recognition and secure leads! With every effective keyword you discover, you have the potential to reach a whole new group of future clients!

Use negative keywords

Negative keywords help exclude irrelevant searches and terms from your Google Ads campaigns so you focus solely on what matters for you and your audience. This way, you will achieve:

  • Better targeting and click-through rate (CTR);
  • Higher conversion rate;
  • Ad group refinement;
  • Site traffic reinforcement;
  • Higher ROI.

By creating and defining negative keywords in your search and shopping campaigns, you will prevent your ads from being shown to people researching terms irrelevant to your business. You can assign the terms to your campaign in general or to a specific ad group, depending on where you want the keywords to be excluded. 

Final contemplation

Now that you know about the new PPC strategies that help movers thrive, you should have an inkling of what ways you can improve your own! Just remember one thing: The success and effectiveness of ads can never truly be guaranteed. You need to continue to innovate and adapt with how swiftly the market’s interests change. An effective strategy today could fail miserably tomorrow, and it is up to you to keep up!