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5 ways to improve your lead generation system

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If you want to make sure your moving company remains competitive on the market, you can by no means give up on searching for new ways to improve your lead generation. Lead generation, after all, is the process of identifying potential customers. And then improving the odds of them choosing to do business with you. This means that be it for the sake of finding new customers or keeping your current customer base intact, lead generation is crucial. However, as important as this task is, it can often seem overwhelmingly difficult, especially when it comes to continuing to come up with different ways to engage the attention of your potential clients. To help you overcome this issue and thrive, Movers Development offers five proven ways to improve your lead generation system!

Offer an incentive for users to subscribe

Watching videos
Video guides are interesting and easy to make!

One of the important ways to improve your lead generation system is to improve your email marketing. However, actually getting the email of potential customers is not an easy thing to do. People tend to consider their emails as very important and personal things. And as such, do not easily subscribe to services. This means that you need to offer sufficient incentives to get people to subscribe to your newsletter, and the best way to do that is to offer access to something that would be useful and valuable to your customer.

For example, you can use a custom website quote calculator to provide site visitors with an exact estimate for their move and attach to that the option to subscribe to your newsletter for more interesting apps and helpful tips. Or you may want to offer access to video guides on the subjects relevant to your business.  You can even offer access to a software demo if your business offers anything of the kind. It has to be something appealing.

Offer coupons or discounts

Sale tags
Even if you are making less per deal, the bulk of sales you make with a discount makes up for it!

A useful way to generate leads for movers is to organize various events that provide coupons or discounts. The way you can turn such events into lead generation machines is by making it a requirement to visit your site or other promotional media in order to obtain those discounts or coupons. The discounts lead to the mentality that they should take advantage of the moment, which can make customers more prone to impulse purchases. And with the discounts or coupons being located on your website, it would make it easier to browse your services or goods.

The interesting thing is that you don’t need to only offer discounts for your business! If you can cooperate with other businesses, you can leverage the interest in them to increase your own lead generation. This would be mutually beneficial, too, since it would let them gain access to your customer pool as well.

Optimize your online presence

Another one of the ways to improve your lead generation system is to optimize your online efforts. It is already a well-known fact how important SEO for moving companies actually is. And if you want to stay on top of your game and guarantee as much lead generation as possible, you need to keep up with the demands on keywords, especially since there is a notable shift in the way keywords are approached.

With the growing popularity of Google Voice Search, keywords themselves are changing. Most search quarries are in the form of spontaneous questions, which means that short and concise keywords of the past are quickly becoming replaced by longer and more complex keywords. This, in turn, means that keyword recognition software and keyword input needs to be adjusted as well. So, don’t let your website be left behind by competition unless you want your business to suffer. Instead, invest in voice search optimization tactics and maintain your competitiveness online.

Cooperate with other businesses

Which, of course, brings us to the next topic: cooperation! Interestingly enough, what we have already discussed is only one and perhaps least useful example of how businesses can cooperate. A much more useful way to do things is to integrate each other’s businesses into your respective websites. This is done mainly through the use of backlinks.

The importance of backlinks for movers, or even most businesses for that matter, cannot be underestimated. By offering backlinks to useful content on other websites you both boost your Google rankings and allow for immediate lead generation. Of course, the selection of right partners is crucial. If you are running a moving company, then you likely do not want to boost the lead generation of a rival in your own area. A more understandable arrangement is reaching out to moving companies in areas you don’t do business in, or businesses that make moving easier.

Make use of online reviews

Reading reviews
Lots of people rely on reviews to select a business to work with.

Online reviews are one of the least utilized ways to improve your lead generation system. Which, of course, means that it has massive potential. You can use them to boost your brand recognition and the popularity of your local business citations. They can allow you to scope out the newest and most popular keywords your customers are interested in. You can use them for direct customer engagement through comments on the reviews, or use the most positive comments as marketing or PR.

Of course, there is also the option to use the complaints of your customers as a means of improving the quality of your product and services. In other words, online reviews are a goldmine of ways to improve your lead generation system. And all without much investment or effort on your part! You should still, of course, encourage customers to leave reviews when and however you can.

Don’t stop exploring if you want your business to grow

Even with these five ways to improve your lead generation system under your belt, you should not stop trying to innovate and come up with new and interesting ways to engage with your customers. The world of business is constantly changing, no matter what your company’s goals are. If you want to ensure you continue to thrive, get even more customers, and eventually expand, you will need to improve your lead generation system in tandem with your products and services. If either of the two aspects of doing business is missing, then you are likely to get stuck at your current level.

If you would like to learn more about how to optimize your current website to generate more leads and close more deals, reach out to our team here at Movers Development. With years of experience in the marketing industry and a clear understanding of the moving industry, we can help you grow your online presence and brand awareness!