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Optimizing local SEO for moving startups

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Moving start-ups need to do everything possible to quickly build a customer base. Movers often have difficulties growing their customer base, so thinking about optimizing local SEO for moving startups is a necessary step toward growth.

Optimizing Google My Business listings for your moving startup

Your Google My Business page is essential for optimizing local SEO for moving startups. As such, it needs to be carefully set up. First, you must ensure that you use your basic information while creating your profile. Things like:

  • The name of your business
  • The address of your business
  • The phone number of your business

All need to be entered with extreme caution. This is because they are the main components of the profile, and changing them is not simple. You would need to contact support, and then you’d need to prove you own the account and that your business is valid before you can change these. In addition, you need to write an interesting description for your business, properly list business hours, and even include photos or videos you have that advertise your moving services and supplies.

Finding a moving company on Google maps thanks to Google My business optimizing local SEO for moving startups
People can find you much more easily with the right info.

Building up your moving startup referrals

There is a straightforward logic you can use when optimizing local SEO for moving startups: “Before I look for paid assistance to advertise my moving company, I’ll do everything I can myself!” And one of the best options you can look into is referral links! In simple terms, they are links, mentions, and references you get from other local businesses. You can get them for free because you can offer referral links on your site in return. By doing this, you deepen the level of cooperation between your businesses, and you can even funnel customers to each other. A trusty example is a cooperation between movers, cleaners, moving supply shops, and storage experts. These businesses can easily refer customers to each other and allow them to get everything they need for a move quickly and efficiently to everyone’s benefit.

The necessity and usefulness of location-specific landing pages

Even if you pay for an advertisement, it would be pointless if you don’t make the best possible use of it! And to do that, you need to properly design your landing pages. Your marketing drives, ads, and campaigns should have a unique landing page. And all of them should have location-specific SEO to make them even more helpful. In other words, do not just use generic terms and keyboards such as ‘local move’ or ‘long distance move’ in your landing pages. Instead, use more specific ones, such as ‘New York City local movers’ or ‘New York to Texas long distance move’. These help you optimize local SEO for moving startups, making it easier for your customers to land on the pages organically through their internet searches. If you create landing pages right, they can be your best tools.

Add local content to your moving startup’s blog

Similarly, it would be best if you were more location specific with the content you use on your moving company’s blog. Blog posts are some of the best sources of SEO for moving company, and they can be easily tuned to make them more location specific. For example, instead of just writing a blog post titled ‘how to prepare for a move,’ write a bar named ‘how to prepare for a move in New York City.’ This immediately ties you to the city, and you can use your knowledge of the local movers and moving supply shops to offer some advice unique to NYC. For example: When is the cheapest time to move? When are movers busiest, and hiring a moving company is hard? What packing tips does the NYC climate affect? You can make your blog more appealing and beneficial for your SEO this way!

Google searching
You want people to organically discover your blog.

Consider being more active on social media

Social media marketing, too, is one of the ‘free’ ways to advertise your moving company and optimize your SEO. Your social media posts count as online activity for your moving company, and their SEO gets linked to your site. As such, just like you did for your blog and landing pages, you need to establish yourself using location-specific keywords. This is made much easier by the fact that you can add location tags to your social media accounts. Remember, of course, that using social media as digital marketing for movers also means that you can’t compromise the quality of your posts in favor of just filling them with location keywords. That would likely have adverse effects since it sends the wrong message to your potential customers. Add keywords to your posts organically instead of rubbing them in the reader’s face in every sentence.

Take full advantage of ad optimization

The final way of optimizing local SEO for moving startups is to make the location of your ads targeted. Nowadays, ad settings have become much more advanced, letting you specify which region’s users you want them to pop up for. This enables you to target them better, making your ads more cost-effective and boosting your local SEO. Minor ads are still better for generating moving leads for moving companies, rather than affecting your SEO. Google does account for them, but in a minor way that enhances your other SEO efforts rather than as something you can pay for and call it a day. So, this should never be your primary way of affecting your local SEO!

Ad data
Keep an eye on your AD effectiveness and adjust accordingly.

The work required to optimize local SEO

With our advice, you should have a much easier time optimizing local SEO for moving startups. Of course, just like any other type of SEO results, know that it will take time to take effect. So, if you are counting on it as the primary way of quickly driving business to your startup, reconsider your approach. More active means of local marketing would yield higher results in the short term. Of course, the usefulness and effectiveness of SEO compounds the longer you work on it!