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Moving applications for mobile devices

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All of us use smartphones. We use them every day. Every hour. Even every moment sometimes. An average person in the USA checks the phone more than 40 times a day! All of us move many times in our lives. In the USA, an average citizen moves as many as 12 times in a lifetime! Why did I put these two pieces of information together? Well, you might have concluded by now. Because you could ease up your relocation with the help of your smartphone! Everybody uses them, so why wouldn’t we have something truly useful like moving applications for mobile devices?

They give you a hand with many things. And this is what people from the moving world should consider implementing in their relocation business. Given that people are attached to their phones, they could easily get attached to your company, if you had one of the moving applications for mobile devices.

Relocation apps for mobile gadgets help both- moving companies and moving people!

Investing in mobile applications for mobile devices means constantly being in front of eyes of potential customers
Be constantly in front of the eyes of potential customers- invest in moving applications for mobile devices!

To achieve movers development one of the most important steps is to implement web development for movers. This means focusing your attention on an online world. Being that so many people do almost everything there. There are different things you should do. Having your website audited (we offer a free website audit) is among the most important things. You want to know how good/bad it is and what should you do to improve it. Because there’s always a space for improvement. And there is a constant need to do it, being that this is an ever-changing world.

Another fact is very important. Most of the online traffic is conducted over mobile devices. We already wrote that the moving world is going mobile. But the fact is you should have a deeper insight into movers news– what’s going on in the moving world. It’s good to improve your advertising sector. Switching from offline to online marketing strategies for movers. It’s practically essential nowadays.

Choosing the best option to get leads for your moving business directly from your website. So you want to attract people to come to your website. You could do that using social media marketing for movers. Because when on their smartphones, people are mostly checking their social media accounts. 

We have perhaps an even better suggestion. Why wouldn’t you make your own moving applications for mobile devices? At least one relocation app for the mobile phone, iPhone or iPad. This way you could make your own specialized social network attracting people moving at the moment and planning to move to follow your moving company. 

Some of the top moving applications for mobile devices

Find out what's new in the world of moving and start doing it better than others!
Follow the trends- get to know what to do and how to do it in order to beat your competition

Following the news from the moving industry, you can benefit in many ways. Knowing what’s your competition doing to improve their moving business you could get some ideas on what could you do to improve your own moving company. Or if you’re someone planning to move, moving apps we’ll present can serve as a help to prepare for the day of the relocation. This is exactly why we decided to provide you with information about the best moving apps for phones and tablets. See what they offer and think about what might be a good solution for you:

  • MoveMatch- It provides you with various sorts of information you might need before your relocation. Such as how to estimate the weight of your belongings, to make a checklist of all the items, etc. A practical solution when it comes to preparing for the moving day.
  • Suddath’s Moving Guru- A relocation application for your mobile gadgets that helps you find the movers. Besides that, it also offers to notify all the contacts you select of your relocation.
  • Moving Day- This is probably only of moving applications for mobile devices that allow you to create the barcodes as labels for your boxes. (entering the information about the content of the box for each label-barcode). You then tape the labels to your boxes. And before you unpack, you can scan the labels and know what is the content of each box without opening it.
  • My Move- Another relocation application for your smartphone letting you calculate the weight of your belongings to be packed. Besides this, it also gives you a hand to find a good moving company for your migration. Letting you check the reviews of each company.

What do you get if you implement the apps in your business?

There are so many benefits from relocation applications for mobile gadgets

The first and the most important benefit is that you would be following the technology trends. This way, you’ll become visible to millions of mobile devices users running into your moving application. Once they get involved with you, you can ‘charm’ them, in a business sense, making them stay connected to you. This is the second benefit of moving applications for mobile devices. Keeping in touch with people you get new and potential customers. Because, as we said, everybody moves sooner or later. The third important thing is that you can collect information about your current and potential clients. Having the information on the distance of their relocation, size of it, and special requirements they might have.

This is crucial because you can then implement those things you find many people want into your moving company business. Looking attractive to everybody moving or planning to move. And this is the perfect thing to make people remember you once they start looking for a moving company. There are many other benefits of mobile devices moving applications. These three are the most important and the most obvious. So start thinking about your moving company’s development. Let the experts from Movers Development check on your website. Have the idea about what kind of migration application for mobile gadgets would you like for your moving company. And get started today! There’s no time to lose, being proactive is a must nowadays!

Here’s one of the moving applications for mobile devices: