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Makings of a top-quality marketing kit

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The basis of businesses today is the image they present to the world. You have to show others what it is that makes your company stand out from the rest and what makes your team qualified for the needs of the customers. The good news is that there are countless ways of achieving that task. However, since we do have to start somewhere, we might as well start from the core of it all. In order for your online presence to be noticed, you need to create a top-quality marketing kit, which is exactly what Movers Development is going to explore today.

What is a marketing kit?

A marketing kit is something every small business requires. The role of this tool is to separate your company from the competition in the eyes of the customer. It is your way of communicating that you are the perfect team for the job or that you have the ideal product that the client wants. And it is usually something that you should back up with testimonials and positive reviews from satisfied customers.

Person writing on white board
A top-quality marketing kit requires detailed planning and organization.

Don’t be misled into thinking that we are talking about a well-designed brochure here. This is a common mistake among companies – everyone has a trifold brochure (that they do not even use) because they think they require one. However, what we are talking about goes beyond your typical trifold brochure. To create a top-quality marketing kit means to demonstrate your uniqueness to your target audience.

To create a top-quality marketing kit, you have to know what it should entail

The best-designed types of marketing kits require a specific format – one that can easily be updated while offering cheap printing options. And this principle can be applied to as many as a dozen additional promotional documents. So, here are the core components:

  1. A pocket folder. This is the piece of the kit that lets the customers know that you mean business and are in it to win it. It is basically a multiuse workhorse that conveys your intent to say.
  2. A marketing kit template page. The showcase of the kit, this page presents your contact information and logo in the best light possible. This means that it should be professionally printed because it will be the foundation for the following pages that you will insert into the pocket folder.

What are the sub-pages of a top quality marketing kit?

A top-quality marketing kit is similar to this Marketing puzzle board - it takes time and focus to create it.
A good marketing strategy has many smaller pieces.

So, if you were looking to create a good ad for your moving company (for example), you should look at the following pages as pieces of a puzzle that you can use to convey different messages. The best way to design the pages would be in a word processing software, so as to be able to update the content per your needs. And by laser printing, them, you will be able to customize the layout of your kit as you see fit. So, here are the puzzle pieces you have to work with:

  • The difference page. This is the page that serves to separate you from your competitors. Consider your core values and processes that make you better in comparison to others. However, don’t get carried away – three to four qualities are more than enough to show customers the benefits of working with you instead of someone else.
  • Deeper differences. This connects to different pages in the way that further elaborates each of the qualities you noted. It offers a perspective of how each of your traits can by itself contribute to your target audience.
  • A list of services and products. You can’t really create a top quality marketing kit without explaining what it is that your company offers in terms of services and products.
  • Deeper product and service descriptions. Sometimes, customers might not be able to understand what makes your products and services different from the rest. So, this is your chance to explain it to them.

The interactive pages of your high-conversion marketing kit

  1. Case studies. People always find it easier and simpler to connect and understand offers when you provide them with an example. This is why case studies work great when you want to create a top-quality marketing kit. It puts an entire scenario in the mind of the customer and has them visualize themselves in a similar situation. Just remember to keep it simple – paint the situation and the problem, explain your solution and the end result. And in time, you will gather enough studies to match any problem.
  2. Testimonials. You should never underestimate the selling power of testimonials. People like to hear the perspective of others before they make a purchase or hire a company. This is why it is practical to have a page titled “How Others See Us”. With technology today, you can easily implement audio and video testimonials.
  3. Client and partner list. Showing others who you do business with can often leave a lasting impression even on your competitors, let alone potential clients.
  4. Process description. Sometimes, bringing your way of doing things closer to the customer can help guide them towards you. In truth, most people want the job done the right way and they have little care as to how it’s done. However, there are always those that want assurances that you know what you are selling and can guide them through the process as well. A simple diagram can often do the trick and takes the least amount of time and content to provide a clear image.

    Person looking at growth diagram in notebook.
    A diagram and some stats can often help you look at the bigger picture.
  5. Your story. All customers like a good background story – humble beginnings, a life-changing idea, overcoming challenges etc. So, look back on your own story and present them with an honest version of it in an entertaining and open way.