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Reputation Management SEO tactics to consider

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The growth and development of a company bring a whole lot of benefits and advantages with it. However, the expansion also adds responsibilities that you never knew before. And this is simply something every entrepreneur and business owner should prepare for. Despite how knowledgeable we think we are and how much experience we have, there are always new tricks to learn. One such skill is the aspect of reputation management for your business. Now that you’ve become a recognized brand, it’s important to learn a bit more about managing it. And this is where a good plan with some reputation management SEO tactics can really work out well.

9 reputation management SEO tactics you might want to exploit

Experience and case study teaches us the fragility of a reputation in the modern-day business. Although it might take you years to build a strong and reputable moving business, it can all disappear in a matter of months. This is how sensitive a role reputation management has for companies today. A bad piece of press or a negative review of your company that goes viral, that’s all it takes for a “forest fire” to start. And if you don’t act quick, it becomes all the harder to put it out. So, what’s the answer?

Good preparation can easily lead to prevention. Hence, a proper digital strategy can be the best shield against such attacks. However, you can’t just rely on a single tactic or channel to achieve this. The combined use of reputation management SEO tactics that you can apply provides a unique solution to battle these types of situations. These nine powerful tactics will help you do just that:

#1: Craft Unique Content In-House

The “gold rush” phase of SEO brought about many digital marketers that preached the importance of content in terms of volume. So, the common conception was that with enough generic content, you could build up your company brand online. And the best part is that this did work back done since it was the very beginning of digital marketing efforts. However, every idea has it’s limitations the more you use it. This particular one led to an online environment stuffed with “content for the sake of content“.

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Find that balance between “content for the sake of content” and concise top-quality content.

So, the name of the game today is – unique content that bears the personal mark of your business and all it offers. For a reputation to work, you need to craft content that reflects all the things that make you stand out from the competition. So, instead of going for a flood of generic content, you should invest in data-driven content that your customers can learn from.

#2: Brand Your Company

People love to do business with people, not with companies. So, you can’t really hope to practice reputation management SEO tactics if you have nothing to manage. In other words, you need to focus your efforts on building a brand people can relate to. Simple consider what the moving industry stands for and what customer expect when they look for moving companies to hire. Based on those two simple answers, you can easily build a brand to last. And this is one of the key features of SEO for movers.

#3: Reviews are the Showroom of Your Business

One of the main focuses of reputation management SEO tactics is that positive review smiley face and checkmark.
Learn how to deal with reviews about your business to ensure growth.

A recent study demonstrated that around 73% of clients have more trust in local business more. In fact, over 85 percent of people tend to trust online reviews as much as they would a close friend. And whether we wish to believe it or not, this plays a significant role in society today. The more people read or provide good reviews, the easier it will be for others to discover your company. So, what is the solution to making the most out of these reviews in terms of SEO?

  • Embrace good reviews. Whenever someone takes the time to compliment the services your company provided, you should take the time to thank them.
  • Resolve errors in bad reviews. You should learn how to handle negative reviews in a professional manner. This is the basic approach in reputation management SEO tactics.
  • Make sure to make up for bad reviews. No matter how unreasonable the customer gets, you should always remain on track. Apologize to them and, by doing so, demonstrate to others how professional you are.

Responding to user reviews properly seems easy – when you’re not doing it. At the moment, when someone personally insults your employees or makes an unfair comment about your business, responding well is a challenge.

#4: Customer Satisfaction As Your Primary Focus

Your brand establishment and site ranking are directly influenced by customer satisfaction. The main reason why overwhelming amounts of content failed is that Google started measuring user satisfaction. Basically, the more time a user spends on a website, the clearer it becomes that the content has weight and quality. Hence, that website’s ranking ends up on the rise.

#5: Online PR Efforts

This method provides you with an effective way to expand your brand with minimal investments. From stories to moving industry news and press releases – the more you cover, the stronger your brand becomes. And as an added bonus – you end up with more potentially high-quality backlinks. As we all know by now, great rankings are much harder to reach without a good backlink profile. Just make sure to optimize those press releases for SEO before you send them out.

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Press releases and other regular publications are a proven aid in terms of reputation management SEO tactics.

#6: Handling Copyright Issues

With this, we can’t help but go back to the statement regarding the creation of quality content. Professional SEO for movers and all other business is based on the aspect of unique and appealing content. And Google knows the difference. This is one of the reasons it takes down search results for certain websites whenever a DMCA notice is involved.

To maintain your company presence online, taking care of copyright issues is one of the reputation management SEO tactics that can really have an impact. So, if you happen to receive any DMCA notices, make sure to resolve them as soon as possible.

#7: Brand Advertising

Organic SEO is definitely the way to go if you are looking for long-term results. However, sometimes you might need more immediate solutions, and paid advertising for your business offers just that. With it, you can boost brand awareness overnight. As a result, the customer will be able to locate your business online easier, as they will be aware of what they are looking for. Think of it as filling for the organic traffic you focus your efforts on – something to boost your short-term exposure as a company.