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How to use direct marketing to boost sales

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The goal of every business is ultimately to make a profit. The ability of any business to do that will, in large part, depend on successful marketing campaigns because marketing is what introduces your business to new customers and makes old customers come back. And the more customers you have, the more money your business makes. Now, there are many different ways to advertise a business, from old-school tactics of product sampling in retail stores to modern digital marketing strategies. But whatever type of marketing you choose to focus on, one thing is certain: speaking directly to the customers is very effective. This means that you can use direct marketing to boost sales at a relatively low cost, developing a high ROI marketing strategy that quickly grows your business.

What is direct marketing and how can it boost sales?

Direct marketing or direct response marketing is a type of marketing strategy where businesses communicate directly with individual customers. This differentiates it from regular advertising which attempts to reach a broader audience. Direct marketing can take many forms so you don’t even have to choose between online vs. offline marketing. You may, for example, use cold calling and telemarking, send newsletters and mail, set up targeted social media ads, text customers with updates, and more.

Woman reading text messages from companies who use direct marketing to boost sales
Direct marketing can reach customers anytime and anywhere.

Direct marketing works because it is tailored for the individual customer. It speaks to something they already like and invites them to interact with the business. This makes the customer feel appreciated. And when customers feel like you care about them, they’re more likely to spend money on your business.

The best ways to use direct marketing to boost sales

Different types of businesses will benefit from different types of advertising. So which specific channel and strategy you choose to use for direct marketing will depend on what you do and who your customers are. But marketing experts like Movers Development have tested all sorts of techniques and found what works best for improving sales. And when that’s your goal, here’s what you should be thinking about:

Identify key customers and give them special attention

While all customers are valuable, some simply bring in more money than others. Maybe you have corporate clients who frequently place large orders. Or you might have famous customers who promote you and attract more business that way. Or we may just be talking about loyal customers who shop with you a lot. Either way, you’ll want to identify customers who bring in a lot of business and keep them happy. You should make an effort to reach out to these customers. An uplifting, personalized message or a special offer just for them will certainly keep them coming back to your business.

Stay in touch with all your customers through newsletters and social media

While it’s a good idea to give big spenders and other key customers extra attention, you mustn’t forget about the rest of your customers. After all, you need them too and you can easily convert them into loyal customers with the right marketing strategy! So establish contact with all your customers. In the age of technology, staying in touch with large numbers of people has never been easier – take advantage of that. Send a newsletter to all customers who subscribe to it, post on Twitter and Instagram, use Facebook ads… There are so many ways to reach out to customers these days. And the best part is that they can very easily respond. Encouraging this engagement from their end will also help establish a better relationship.

Mail app on an iPhone.
One way to use direct marketing to boost sales is to send your customers newsletter emails with offers that will encourage them to shop more.

Work on customer loyalty

Return customers will make your business more money than one-time shoppers. Not only do they make more purchases but they also tend to make larger purchases. This makes sense because they’re not just testing your products and services; they know they like what you have to offer so they’re willing to spend more money on it. Satisfied return customers are also more likely to leave a positive review or recommend your company. These are great opportunities to get some free exposure. All in all: you want customers to keep coming back.

But what inspires this kind of loyalty? Having reliably good products and services will take you a long way. But good branding is also important. Customers will support a business that has a good reputation and aligns with their views. Customer service will make a difference too. People will forgive you for occasional mistakes if you handle the fallout well. Finally, a loyalty program is always a good idea. It will encourage people to shop with you more and thus increase your sales.

Target a specific demographic or market

One of the biggest mistakes you can make in marketing is assuming that everyone is a potential customer. That’s just unrealistic. If you, for example, sell high-end cosmetics, the average plumber probably isn’t very represented in your customer base. So think about your target demographic. Who is your average customer? How old are they? Where do they live? What are they interested in? Then, tailor your marketing to your target demographic. You’re far more likely to gain customers that way than by casting a wide net.

Young person using their laptop.
Adjust your marketing to your target demographic – young people respond more to digital marketing, for example.

This isn’t to say that you shouldn’t try to expand your niche. You absolutely should – that’s how your business will grow. But you still want to focus on a particular demographic. If you’re looking to expand, choose your desired audience. Then, create a strategy that will appeal to them. If you’re trying to appeal to everyone, your marketing will be so bland that it won’t appeal to anyone.

Why should you use direct marketing to boost sales?

There are so many different marketing strategies to choose from. The end goal of most is precisely to increase revenue. But the reason why it’s smart to use direct marketing to boost sales is simple: because it works. It’s not a very costly endeavor. You can automate most options (like texts, notifications, and emails) so they don’t take too much time. The only major investments would be targeted ads. But even those don’t cost nearly as much as a less targeted and more wide-spread ad campaign. And yet, direct marketing can both attract new customers and make existing customers stay. This is bound to increase your sales.