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How to improve customer responsiveness

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In the age of the internet and social media, we are more connected with each other than ever before. With just a few clicks you can reach out to someone on the other side of the world and get a response from them within seconds. This has consequences not only for individuals but for businesses too. It is much easier for you to spread your message and grow your moving business through digital marketing, for example. On the other hand, it is also easier for your customers to reach you. And they expect you to respond quickly nowadays. This is why you need to improve customer responsiveness or you risk both losing current clients and getting a bad reputation with potential future clients.

What is customer responsiveness and why does it matter?

Person responding to an email.
Responding to your customers in a timely and professional manner is vital for your business.

In short, customer responsiveness is the speed and quality with which you respond to customer inquiries. It is, in essence, a measure of your customer service. And customer service is an important aspect of any business. It is not enough to just provide good services and products – plenty of moving companies do the same and it’s the bare minimum customers expect.

Doing the bare minimum won’t get you far. No, if you’re wondering how to increase your customer base, then the answer must be to go the extra mile. This includes good customer service. Quality customer service will show your customers you care about them, inspire confidence in potential clients, gain loyalty and return business from existing customers, and help you build a good reputation. Thus, it can have a significant impact on your business.

Ways to improve customer responsiveness through modern technology

These days, customers expect you to respond quickly. You can’t do that if you’re running outdated systems. Instead, use advancements in technology to your advantage – improve your customer service through updated software and new techniques.

Update your current systems

One of the key factors in your speed and accuracy when responding to customers is the system you use. Good CRM software solutions for movers integrate all relevant information, are easy to use, and provide quick solutions. If you’re running a system that hasn’t been updated in years, you’re probably not getting all that. So update your software or replace it with a newer and better solution instead. Any growing pains associated with such major changes will be well worth in the long run if your new system ensures better and faster solutions to customer concerns.

Open new and modern paths of communication

Although the majority of customer contact still happens via phone, other modes of communication are quickly catching up. Younger generations in particular tend to prefer written communication like emails, chat, and social media. Providing support through various channels can, therefore, make you more accessible to your customers and thus improve their experience with your company.

Ways to improve customer responsiveness through internal company policies

A meeting about how to improve customer responsiveness.
Company-wide policies and training can greatly improve your customer care.

Customer service is not a nebulous theoretical term. It’s a very real practice conducted by real people in your company. And you can affect what those people do.

Develop and follow customer-focused procedures

Your customer service representatives should be ready to tackle a wide variety of queries and problems in ways that leave your customers happy and your business thriving. However, in order to do that well consistently, they’ll need some guidance. You can provide this through company-wide policies that standardize customer care. 

These are broadly defined steps representatives should take in particular situations. How should they respond to customers looking for discounts? When can they offer refunds? What are some vital pieces of information they need to share with potential customers? You can answer these questions and others through good policies. This helps your agents respond to customers better and ensures that all customers receive the same level of care.

Educate employees on customer service

Using the best call management systems won’t matter if the people operating them don’t know what they’re doing. So it’s vital to provide your customer service agents with the necessary training. Before they start taking calls, they should know how to operate the system, what your procedures are, and how to best talk to customers. Providing refresher courses once in a while is a good idea too. And every time you change anything in your procedures or operating systems, make sure your employees are educated on the new rules.

Ways to improve customer responsiveness by interacting with customers

The point of improving customer responsiveness is to make sure your customers are happy with the level of care they’re receiving. So you should always be focusing on the customer and their satisfaction when thinking about customer care.

Use social media

Phone screen showing social media apps.
Social media is the future of customer relations.

Nowadays, more and more people prefer the quick, informal, and written form of social media. In fact, the amount of time we’re all spending on websites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts for about half of all our time online.

So, you should definitely create social media accounts for your moving business if you haven’t already. They’re great for promoting your content and growing your reach. But they can also be a good way to communicate with customers. Customers can reach out to you easily and receive quick responses – a win-win situation. Just be extra careful to keep your customers happy on social media. This is a public forum and things can go viral quickly.

Ask your customers what they want

The best customer service is that which does what the customers want. But how will you know what your customers are expecting? The answer is easy – ask them! You can implement customer satisfaction surveys in phone calls, emails, and chats. Look at what people are saying about your business online, the reviews they’re writing, and whether they’re recommending your brand. Finally, simply invite them to share their opinion in an online poll. These can be valuable resources to gauge your customers’ opinions of your company.

Be open to feedback

There’s no point in asking for feedback if you’re not ready to listen. So when you want to improve customer responsiveness, you must first be willing to admit there’s room for improvement. Some people find this hard because they think it reflects poorly on their business, But it doesn’t – things can always be better and you should always be aiming to improve. So open your mind to criticism and praise both. Listen to your customers and what they like or don’t like about their interactions with your company. Then incorporate their feedback into your moving company development plans for the future.