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How to reduce CPC in Google Ads

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The Cost per Click (CPC) falls under one of the most important factors in paid advertising. And this is something that any individual or team will confirm when dealing with PPC management for moving companies. After all, how much you end up paying for each click on your paid ads directly influences the cost of your leads and the overall cost-effectiveness of your investments in Google Ads. In this article, Movers Development is looking to help your PPC efforts by sharing our own insights. Keep on reading to learn how to reduce CPC in Google Ads not only as a moving company but any business.

What is Cost Per Click (CPC)?

  • By simple definition, Cost per Click (CPC) is the price you pay to Google every time someone clicks on your ad.

It is a fundamental PPC metric that helps you determine how much a click on your ads costs. Determined by bidding competition, it helps you understand the basics of PPC campaigns and the financial performance of your efforts. The lower your CPC is, the better off you are.

4 ways to reduce CPC in Google Ads

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By reducing your CPC, you are able to free up more budget for expanding the reach of your PPC campaigns.

Given the overall use of PPC as a digital marketing approach, it’s a very competitive path to undertake. Movers Development has a clear understanding of just how challenging it can be to find ways to lower your CPC for keywords most relevant for your moving company. However, the fact is that there are well-established ways to reduce CPC for moving company ads, and we are going to go through the four most important ones.

#1: Lower your bids

Companies often make the mistake of bidding high for expensive keywords, wasting part of their PPC budget in the process. With Google Ads, you need to look at the whole picture. You have a pre-determined budget and a limited number of keywords that you can bid for with that budget. So, you need to make sure to maintain better control over your bidding and control your selection of target keywords.

When using Manual CPC, you have control over your bids and you can choose to bid less for keywords that are more expensive and not as relevant for your business. Therefore, you will not only lower down your overall cost per click but potentially improve your lead quality.

#2: Use long-tail keywords

Certainly, consumers today are all looking to get answers as quickly as possible. And so, a lot of people waste no extra words in their search queries. However, you need to take into consideration that a majority of those people also step into online searches without determination. On the other hand, people that search for long-tail keywords have a very specific idea in mind and are more likely to convert.

As a result, long-tail keywords are less competitive. Usually, the cost per click is lower for highly specific keywords because the competition is lower. Potential customers tend to search more frequently and at a higher volume for more general keywords, such as “movers” or “moving companies”, by using long-tail keywords such as: “full-service moving companies Atlanta”. If you want to reduce CPC in Google Ads, shift your focus to long-tail keywords.

#3: Improve the overall ad quality score

Much like with moving company SEO, the focus has shifted during the last decade. What was once a goal to cater to the expectations of search engine algorithms has now transformed into catering to the intent of the consumers. And the same can be said for Google Ads. Generic ads that target competitive keywords on search engines offer limited results. On the other hand, simply by working on the ad quality score of your campaigns, you can show that you are in fact creating ads for users and not algorithms.

Start by optimizing your ad copy, keywords, and landing pages. That way, you can cater to the needs of your target audiences while shining a light on your business. By providing a simple and on-point answer to your customers’ query and optimizing your landing page to match your focus keywords and your customers’ intent will allow you not only to get a lower CPC on Google Ads but raise the quality of your ads and improve your CTR.

#4: Avoid negative keywords

In addition to not wasting money on bidding for expensive keywords and short-tail keywords, you should also refrain from spending money on keywords that are irrelevant. By refusing to bid on irrelevant keywords or those that offer low-quality leads, you give a higher chance to the keywords that you actually want to bid for. Add negative keywords that are relevant to your business and stabilize not only your overall CPC but also utilize your ad budget by paying only for searches relevant for your business.

Start running more cost-effective PPC campaigns today

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Start working on perfecting your PPC efforts through reducing CPC in Google Ads

With everything that we’ve explained here, you can see just how many options you have in your PPC efforts. With Google Ads, every detail can make a difference and influence the performance of your advertising. Therefore, start by trying out the ways to reduce CPC in Google Ads that we noted here. And if you have any follow-up questions or would like to change your overall approach and optimize your efforts further, consult with our team.