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The benefits of personalized marketing today

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As we continue to explore and push the limitations of marketing further, we discover new and innovative ways to appeal to audiences. Modern consumers are constantly bombarded by diverse marketing strategies to get them to convert. And as we see more companies invest in digital marketing solutions, competitiveness is becoming a well-established notion. Everybody is looking for an edge that will give them the traffic and revenue they need. And the answer is most commonly found right in front of you – in the customers. By focusing efforts on establishing a personal connection with customers, you boost the impact of your brand. In this article, Movers Development explores the benefits of personalized marketing and how it can benefit moving companies.

Start with the basics – what is personalized marketing?

Simply defined, personalized marketing is a way of interacting with audiences in a manner that feels personal and human. You take into consideration the individual preferences and interests of target audiences to create marketing campaigns that target those personal interests. Personalized marketing strategies include tactics such as:

  • Customized email marketing campaigns;
  • Personalized ads;
  • Target product recommendations;
  • Content tailored to the needs of audiences;
  • Segmented social media advertising;
  • etc.

What is the importance of personalization today?

Person placing a dice with target drawn on top of two other dice.
Personal engagement with target audiences is the next step in digital marketing.

Personalization statistics show that more and more customers go into the buying journey with expectations of personal interaction with brands. Personalized marketing is no longer a competitive advantage to have over others. Instead, it has become a necessity for building strong relationships with customers. With over 70% of consumers claiming a higher chance of interaction with a brand that recognizes them as individuals and provides offers based on their search history, personalization has become a vital part of marketing today.

And marketers have noticed the same change. Over 88% of marketers confirm a boost in their overall advertising efforts with the implementation of personalized advertising strategies. In fact, customer experience has proven to be the most important factor in modern consumerism – much more relevant than price or product.

How can you use marketing personalization?

In the past, we discussed the many different channels for advertising a business today. With so many options to utilize, how does a company not lose track of what to focus on and how to personalize it for customers? That is where the importance of automation and data analysis comes into play.

Customer data is a very precious resource today. It is the base on which you can create content that will engage your audience on a personal level. It is your tool for segmenting audiences based on demographics, occupations, interests, age, gender, location, etc. All these facts are puzzle pieces that you can use to better formulate your marketing campaigns and make them more personal for potential customers.

What are the benefits of personalized marketing tactics?

Table covered with infographs.
Take the time to explore all the advantages of marketing personalization.

Exceptional customer experience

Every company understands just how important customer service is. However, having a friendly sales representative and moving crew is no longer enough to attract attention for your business. Instead, you need to go the extra mile to guide customers from the start of their journey to the end of your services.

Consumers are practically expecting a personalized and unique approach. Customers are willing to provide additional data for the sake of personalized marketing campaigns. And research shows that customers are likely to abandon brands due to a lack of personalization.

Increases conversion rate and revenue

Customers like brands that take an interest in them. It’s a matter of getting recognition as a consumer and someone that invests in the products/services a business provides. And by showing this initiative, a brand demonstrates the will to invest in its customers. And a little investment here can lead to a higher conversion rate, paying off tenfold in the long run.

It’s only logical to expect that personalizing your services and targeting customers based on their name and purchase history will lead to a higher chance of conversions. And by increasing your conversion rate, you also boost your revenue. With personalized marketing, the math is simple. Most marketers claim that this approach doubles the success of their campaigns.

Boost customer retention

In the pursuit of more moving leads, companies often neglect the importance of retaining existing ones. The truth is that by increasing customer retention, a business can increase its revenue by up to 100%. And the best part is that it doesn’t take that big of an effort to maintain customer retention, especially not when you implement personalized marketing tactics.

Simplest ways to personalize your marketing efforts

Two people looking at laptop.
There are several ways to explore the benefits of personalized marketing through your campaigns.

Segmented email marketing

Popular marketing studies show that personalized email marketing campaigns generate six times higher transaction rates. Email campaigns with personalized subject lines have a 26% higher open rate. Emails that use variables to target customers by name in the opening line have a higher click-through rate.

It’s a simple matter of utilizing customer data and using your moving company CRM to segment audiences based on different criteria. After that, you can proceed with creating separate customer-specific news-feed, topic pages, and other types of campaigns – all to target specific interests of audiences.

Targeted discounts and offers

With cookies and proper targeting, companies have the opportunity to tailor to the expectations of customers. And modern-day consumers do have expectations when it comes to discounts and offers. A lot of people are familiar with how cookies work and that each second they spend on a website is made known to the brand in question. In fact, studies show that over 60% of consumers expect tailored offers from companies.

Tailored content and product suggestions

When you understand what potential leads are looking for, you can create content to target that. Simply by showing customers products that are similar to what they purchased or looked up in the past, you show them that you understand what it is that they are looking for. Offering suggestions based on their interests, site visitors are more likely to engage with your marketing campaign.

Start working on your personalized marketing strategy today

As important and possible as it might be, personalizing your advertising tactics is not as easy as people think. Movers Development understands how to focus in on the specific needs of online users. With our moving company SEO approach combined with PPC and social media marketing, we know what it means to cater to moving leads through brand strength. Contact our team today to schedule a consultation!