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How to organize a nationwide relocation?

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Most people that are in the market to find professional moving companies fail to realize just how difficult it is to become one. After all, you don’t build a reputation and gather experience overnight. And sure, there will be ups & falls on your journey to the top but as long as you remain persistent, nothing can stop you. Now, Movers Development can help guide you there but you have to make the journey on your own. And one of the first steps on that journey will be to develop your services. This means that there will come a time when you will have to organize a nationwide relocation.

What does one need to organize a nationwide relocation?

Well, first and foremost – a proper plan of action. Let’s say that you come across a client that wants the full-package: a complete relocation from one corner of the country to the other. You accept the job but are not quite sure how to approach it all. No worries, we’re here to offer you some guidelines.

The crew that you need

All experienced and professional long distance moving companies in the US (the best of which you can find at Verified Movers) require the perfect team for the job. So, the very first thing you have to do is make sure that all your employees are qualified and trained for the job at hand. If necessary, organize additional training for your team. Another thing you can do is to find and hire a moving veteran with years of experience. As long as there is one person to lead, the others will fall in place.

The equipment that you should invest in

You can buy or rent any of these moving trucks, it all depends on what you aim to accomplish.
Consider whether you need a new moving truck for cross country moving projects or can your current ones do the job.

Knowledge and experience can only get you so far – but there is still the matter of equipment. To organize a nationwide relocation, you will need to provide your crews with the right tools. If you already have the trucks for longer journeys, make sure to have them checked and serviced for longer journeys. Otherwise, you can always take that extra step and acquire a new and modern moving truck:

  1. One option would be to rent it out, just for this particular project, and see how it turns out.
  2. On the other hand, if you are certain that you want to add cross country moving to your services, you might as well invest in a completely new truck.

The partnerships you need to organize a nationwide relocation

When it comes to big projects and small growing businesses, partnerships are an essential part of success. You need to know the right people for certain parts of the job and how you can ensure maximum efficiency with minimal investment. When it comes to interstate moving tasks, there are services that you simply can’t go without:

  • Packing materials and packaging expertise. Customers might not always have the time to go around searching for packing supplies or to pack by themselves. Instead, they will rely on your crews to do so for them. And the longer the relocation, the more attention to packing is needed. So, if you don’t have a packing materials supplier, consider finding one. It can only benefit your business.
  • Logistics and freight forwarding companies. Moving to a neighboring state won’t be as difficult in terms of transportation. However, if you have to move across the nation, you might not want to go full road-trip via highways and local roads. Instead, you should explore aerial and sea transportation options. Reach out to some logistics companies and negotiate potential deals in terms of transportation.
  • Access to storage units and facilities. When you organize a nationwide move, you need to be ready for anything. Delays happen all the time, at which point you will need a safe place to keep your client’s belongings. This is why you should always have a storage solution in place. So, if you don’t already have your own storage facility, consider partnering with one in both the starting and end location. The best moving companies are those that think ahead and consider every scenario.

Consider using a moving broker

It’s completely understandable that you might not have the time and connections to make all this happen in a limited time frame. After all, you probably have plenty of local moves in the process and other investments and company business that require your immediate attention. So, why not opt for outside consultation and assistance – a professional moving broker.

What or who is a moving broker?

A moving broker acts as a mediator between clients and moving companies. And it can also be the connection between different businesses you might need to partner with when you organize a nationwide relocation. The job of the moving broker is to make sure that everything is arranged for, but he does not take any part in the actual moving process.

Place, time, quantity, costs, clients, partners - a moving broker is in the center of it all.
A moving broker has all the connections needed to organize a nationwide relocation with ease.

So, this is someone that takes on the sales role and books the move. Once they receive input from clients in terms of their moving needs, they forward it to you and get you in touch with other relocation-related businesses in their network. But once again – brokers give estimates and accept deposits on behalf of the movers. Even though they help schedule a move, they do not perform it themselves.

Benefits of using a moving broker

You might be feeling skeptical, but the fact of the matter is that this can be beneficial for your undertaking in several ways:

  • Time-efficiency. As we already mentioned – you might not have the time to get into all this. So, instead of shifting and delaying other responsibilities, a broker can arrange everything for you. They already have the connections and know the business inside & out, so they can arrange it all in no time.
  • Flexibility. Instead of having to invest in additional manpower, equipment, licenses, etc. – brokers can ensure that you have everything you need with minimal expenses. They can work with the tools you provide them with and fill in the blank spots where you need them to. This way, you have more to invest in software for your moving company and other important innovations.
  • Security and safety. You never know which vendors and businesses you can trust to do the job right. And again, instead of wasting time and energy on negotiations and research, you can simply trust the broker you hire. This way, when you organize a nationwide relocation, you make sure that there is minimal chance for mistakes.

To conclude our preaching here

Different means of transportation to help you organize a nationwide relocation.
As hard as it might seem to organize a nationwide relocation from a logistical aspect, you can do it with the right knowledge and connections.

As you already know, the moving industry is a competitive and complex marketplace. It is not always easy to navigate it and come out on top. And once you do make it there, there is still the matter of staying on top. And while you monitor new moving trends and invest in innovations for your moving company, you should be able to trust that everyday projects will go smoothly. Consider this when you set out to organize a nationwide relocation – for everything else, you have us to help.