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How to create helpful resources on your moving company website

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When a client decides to look for a moving company, they will first turn to the company’s website. They expect to find all the necessary information and answers to their questions on a moving company’s website. If they cannot read about everything they are interested in, or at least get in touch with the moving company quickly, they’ll give up and seek help elsewhere. For that reason, you need to create helpful resources on your moving company website so your potential clients can get all the essential information. They will also know they can trust you because you recognize their needs. You will be able to do so and have a website customers can rely on if you know how important digital marketing for movers is. Keep reading, and you will learn how to have a helpful website for your clients.

What a moving company’s website should have?

Before creating helpful resources on your moving company website, you need to know how your website should look to be able to advertise your moving company that way. First and foremost, you need to have a secure website. Improve the security if you already have one, or pay special attention to this if you are about to create a new moving company’s website. You want to ensure that all of your clients can leave their data necessary for you to organize their move, but at the same time, you want to be sure there will be no violation of their personal information.

Settings icon on a website
For a better customer experience create helpful resources on your moving company website

Once you have this matter settled, you can move on and develop helpful resources on your moving company website. To be able to create those resources, you will need to pay attention to the following:

  • the design of your website,
  • mobile accessibility,
  • loading speed.

Put some effort into creating the design of your website

When we say that you need to pay attention to how the design of your website should look, we don’t mean it just aesthetically. Of course, having a pleasing website is nice, but not everyone has the same taste, so that cannot be crucial. On the other hand, it is always recommendable that you use blue color as your background. It is soothing and makes people feel safe, so they will rely on your moving company.

However, movers website design is essential for other reasons too. It should have all of the specific information easily accessible. For example, people are usually most interested in moving estimates, contacting movers, and seeing what services a certain moving company offers. They shouldn’t scroll too much or click too many times to get the answers.

SEO written on blocks as a way of helping create helpful resources on your moving company website
Creating helpful resources on your moving company website improves SEO optimization

Additionally, all the information about the relevance of the moving company should be noticeable. Customers need to easily see your address and how to contact you and have enough information to check your USDOT Number. The right design for your website means that all the icons and menus are visible and easily accessible.

Mobile accessibility is one of the ways to create helpful resources on your moving company website

Nowadays, people are always on the move and usually in a rush. When they are about to start preparing for a relocation, that is the case even more. So, making your company’s website mobile-friendly is the key to at least grabbing the attention of your future clients. Google and other search engines promote mobile-friendly sites because people are increasingly looking on their phones rather than laptops.

A mobile-friendly website compresses your regular website to be tiny enough to show on a mobile device. It appears to be a scaled-down version of your website. The site displays and operates despite a lot of zooming, pinching, and scrolling. There are many different ways to make your site mobile-friendly. First of all, you can always make an app. Of course, this is more convenient for some business areas, but it is still doable. Also, you can have two websites with the same functions and information, but different accessibility, one for searching on mobile phones and the other one for desktop searching. Whichever of the options, or combinations of options you choose, you should consider that SEO for moving companies is essential. It cannot, however, reach its full potential in all of these ways.

The loading speed of your website and pages is important

Considering everything we have said earlier, the speed with which your website loads probably doesn’t seem important. Well, we can assure you that it is. There are a few reasons for this. First, we have already mentioned that people are in a great rush. That means they tend to lose patience quickly. So, if your website doesn’t load immediately, or they have to wait for a few minutes each time they click on an option, they will give up. If your website doesn’t work well, it shows them they cannot rely on your moving company’s services. The other reason the loading speed is important is the SEO we have already mentioned. Namely, if your page loads quickly, Google recognizes it as reliable and trustworthy. 

Google search engine on a laptop
Google will recognize your website as relevant if it loads fast

Take your time when creating helpful resources

For all the reasons you have read about, you understand how important it is to create helpful resources on your moving company website. Don’t rush into anything; take time to understand your client’s needs. That is the only way to lead a successful business and have a relevant website.