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How often should you blog?

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Trying to figure out an optimal posting schedule for your blog is hard. After all, you must juggle your time constraints with your audience’s wants. As such, you can easily make the mistake of either posting too often or too infrequently. So, how often should you blog? Read on and find out!

Marketing support

The first reason to post is relatively simple: support for your marketing. One of the best ways to back up digital marketing for movers is to write a blog post with interesting relevant content that lets you subtly promote your services. For example, if you are newly introducing packing services to your moving company, you can write a blog post about how useful such services are and how much time they help you save. This does, however, mean that you want to publish as much content related to the subject as you can in a reasonable period. And by ‘reasonable,’ we mean posting every third or fourth day so you can space out the posts but still get the best results.

Update on a phone
Keep your audience on social media updated on the newest and most exciting topics!

Regular content frequency

If you are trying to post regular content without any marketing drives or particular circumstances, then the answer to how often you should blog is at least twice a week. This is the minimum post frequency for just keeping the interest of your readers engaged without bombarding them with too much content. Especially if you don’t have any super relevant or interesting topics to write about, this pace should also help prevent you from burning out since churning our content every other day would be difficult. Even the most inspired blog writers eventually hit some writer’s block due to not having anything interesting to cover or having written too many similar articles.

reading a blog
How often should you blog also depends on the type and length of your posts and ultimately on your audience.

Audience interest

Now, things start to change even with your regular posts if you notice a sudden uptick in audience interest. Sometimes, you hit upon a sweet series of content posts, and people notice. To take full advantage of that, you want to bump up the frequency of your posts just a little. Rather than posting just twice a week, you can try to post once every three or even two days. This should be enough to maintain interest while avoiding the same issues we’ve already discussed. Do note as well that sudden interest can wane just as suddenly. So, it’s not necessarily that you’d done something wrong. It’s just that the readers have moved on to the next exciting thing. So, do not try to make sudden and significant changes to your content strategy to compensate.

Reposting content

Another wrinkle in our answer on how often you should blog is whether you repost your content elsewhere. You see, reposting content on social media is excellent for both marketing and SEO for moving companies. However, you now have to choose: do you repost your original blog content, make content just for posting it on other platforms, or post original content on the other platform and then repost it a few days later to your blog? Each option has merit, but it messes up your posting schedule. Still, having more centralized content access is beneficial due to the perks of having all content on your blog eventually.

The stage in your blog’s development

Another reason to adjust how often you should blog is what stage in your blog’s development you are on. New blogs want to have a faster posting schedule. After all, you are trying to quickly build up a decent library of posts for your website visitors. You may want to post as often as every three days or so. However, older blogs can afford to have a slower release schedule. They already have a relatively dedicated base of followers and don’t have to worry about falling out of relevance as much. Sure, a slightly faster release schedule can be beneficial. But posting twice a week is still perfectly acceptable. At one point, you should also take having to update old content into account. Although they are technically not new posts, refreshing new content can earn you some positive attention.

Making a schedule
Sit down and figure out a posting schedule that works for you.

Fighting for organic traffic

We mentioned earlier periods when you didn’t have anything exciting to post. In stark contrast to them are periods when a topic highly relevant to your business and blog becomes popular. If, for example, commercial drones ever start being used for moving, you can bet that every moving company with an online blog will push to write content about it. This is because you are fighting for organic traffic during these topic popularity periods. Of course, this isn’t all such valuable content since the importance of repurposing content is undeniable and the content can later be used as a promotion for your services. This still doesn’t change the fact that you want to post every two to three days when such an opportunity comes around.

Adjusting your posting schedule to how often should you blog

As you can probably tell, the answer to the question of how often you should blog is somewhat complex. Ultimately, all you can do is try to juggle all the different needs of your audience, blog, and business. Still, to give a concrete and final answer: you want to post at least twice a week when things are slow and even thrice a week if there are a lot of topics and things to cover. You can adjust the posting schedule from here to better suit your blog and business strategy. As long as your content is unique and exciting, you are guaranteed to attract readers, regardless of your posting schedule.