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The benefits of repurposing content for your business

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Content marketing is a very effective and affordable way to gather leads, spark interest, and even convert customers. But creating new content requires a lot of time. So what if you could use the content you already have in a different way instead? Adjusting and updating existing content is a lot less resource-intensive than creating entirely new and original content. But saving time is only one of the many benefits of repurposing content for your business. So today, let’s discuss all the reasons why Movers Development repurposes content and why this tactic works.

What does it mean to repurpose content?

A big part of successful SEO for moving companies is consistently publishing high-quality optimized content. You’ll only realize how important it is when one of your blog posts or instruction videos lands you high up on Google’s search results page and starts attracting hundreds of visitors every day. When that happens, you’ll want to repeat your success. The easiest way to do that is to take your already successful content, express the same message in a different way, and publish the new version. That’s what repurposing content is all about.

Person reading about the benefits of repurposing content.
Repurposing content is not plagiarism – it’s a way to create new content based on old one.

Imagine you have an excellent and very interesting study, but your target audience are young people who don’t have the education needed to understand scientific publications. Publish your results as a series of blog posts that simplify your message! And if you already have a very successful blog post, consider converting it into a video and posting the same tips on YouTube. You won’t have to do much additional work and you’ll be getting new content that you know works.

What are the benefits of repurposing content?

Repurposing content may not require the type of planning, research, and work that goes into generating the original piece of content does. But it is a new type of challenge that requires creativity and thinking outside of the box. Is this new skill worth the effort? The answer is yes because repurposing content comes with several benefits:

Saves time and money

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Don’t waste your time and use the content you already have to create new updates.

Think of repurposing content as restating something you’ve already said. You don’t need to plan the entire speech again – just find a new way to express your opinion. You’ll save time, money, energy, and other resources you would’ve otherwise spent on researching the topic. In fact, you can even delegate the task to someone else while you focus on creating the next viral piece of content; with the hardest step already done and all the information already gathered, you don’t need to be in charge anymore.

Reaches a wider audience

Different people are interested in different types of content. Not everyone will regularly visit a moving company website for updates and tips; some people prefer to see the important information on their social media feeds or watch an instructional video on YouTube. But all these people can become your customers if you can reach them. Publishing your content in different formats gives you an opportunity for this – you’ll be able to attract different demographics by serving your content in all the formats they may enjoy.

Helps you adapt to different platforms

Having an online presence extends beyond having a website. You also need to be on social media, review websites, search engines, and more. But this requires posting on a multitude of platforms. Not every platform will support every type of content. Posting a long blog post, for example, can be a great way to update your website.

But if you want to share the same information on Instagram, you’ll need a shorter and more straightforward script with a lot more visual content. And if you then want to post on YouTube as well, you’ll need to film a video. All of these are types of repurposing content for different platforms. Doing so will strengthen your online presence, make you more popular on all the different platforms you’re posting to and give you access to different demographics.

Gets the most out of quality content

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Repurposing successful content for other platforms gives you more chances of success in the future.

Content creation is a bit of a hit-and-miss game. Not everything you post will be received equally well. So when you create content that attracts attention and helps convert customers, you want to keep the momentum going. You already know this particular blog post, video, or infographic works – why not use it in other formats as well? Consider doing a website marketing analysis to find out what works for your business. Then focus on that and reformulate your best-performing content to publish elsewhere so you can get the most out of your success.

Improves outdated or underperforming content

Just as some of your content will perform well, some of it won’t. But if you repurpose underperforming content, you can make it better. Update or correct information you gave originally that is no longer valid – you don’t want to help spread misinformation. Add more information to make your content more relevant. Or use the strengths of the new format to make your content more interesting; try adding images, making your content interactive, or even shortening the text and being more concise. You can improve old content and republish or repurpose it so that it performs better.

The best ways to get all the benefits of repurposing content

If you want to reap the benefits of repurposing content, you need to learn how to do it right. First, you’ll need to choose the right content. Then you’ll need to decide on a method of repurposing. Both will depend on what you’re trying to achieve. If you’re planning on cross-posting to other platforms, you’ll want high-performing content and you’ll need to find a way to express it in a different format. If you’re thinking of republishing an old blog post, then you can use underperforming content as well and just spruce it up. Because repurposing can look different in different situations, you should make these decisions on a case-by-case basis.