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Hiring tips for movers – seasonal preparations

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Every great company needs the professional support of a well-trained staff. Otherwise, you are very likely to fail, no matter how much you invest in a company. Therefore, it is essential that you find the best people for the challenging tasks and responsibilities that lie ahead. Only by doing so will you be able to ensure the growth of your business in the eyes of your customers. So, in that spirit, Movers Development has decided to aid you in this endeavor with the help of some professional hiring tips for movers. I hope you find them useful!

Take advantage of our experienced tips for hiring movers and ensure the ideal working surroundings.
Recruitment tips for hiring movers that will help you create the perfect working environment.

Seasonal hiring tips for movers

When the busy season kicks in, your seasonal staff members need to be ready to start moving. Busy season is not the time to be dealing with Human Resources because we all know how time-consuming it can be to hire, train, and motivate seasonal staff.

News in the moving industry spreads quickly, so before you decide to hire, you should prepare and scout well ahead. Because you should always remember that there are easy ways to secure the services of experienced moving crews with minimal effort. And the following hiring tips for movers might just help you accomplish your goal all the quicker.

The sooner you start, the better

The best time to hire is before anyone else starts their “Help Wanted” advertising. Beginning a hiring campaign even a week or two ahead of schedule will give your company the edge over your competition. Careful planning and early-on organization are key traits in the arsenal of top-quality moving companies. So, if you wish to make the most out of the upcoming peak season, you should already begin planning for it.

Explore new channels and places when you hire

Look for channels that inherently include candidates suited to your seasonal work, such as college campuses. Other ideas include:

  • Craigslist,
  • local churches,
  • VFW offices, or
  • your local school district.

Compared to traditional staffing agencies, this can be less expensive and drive better results. Be smart about when and where you hire to save money in the long-term. The last thing you need is overpriced movers with bad ratings or negative experiences.

Hiring channels are like parts of a larger machine - you haveto explore all of them.
Never limit your hiring pool to one channel only – there are plenty more to secure potential employees.

Always ask for referrals

If you have a “Super Star” staff member, ask them for referrals. They may have a younger brother or best friend that shares the same work ethic. Asking current staff for referrals is one of the best ways to find new seasonal staff. A simple referral bonus is less expensive than many other forms of “Help Wanted” advertising and can generate better options for hiring.

Never deny the opportunity to hire more people

It pays off to always be open to new hires. By opening the door to new applications year-round, you may land a great new employee that recently became available due to changes in their work status or location. Add “Help Wanted” signs to your trucks and information to your website. And when someone asks, “Are you hiring?” always respond, “Yes!”

Do not neglect the importance of early and prolonged training

Your company takes responsibility for a homeowner’s most prized possessions. To do the job correctly, time and training are required. You may be busy, but investing extra time in training will reduce costly mistakes and save time in the long run. Here are some ideas:

  • Put together a training schedule and commit to it. Take at least one hour a week for training, year-round.
  • Ease new staff members into their full-time position slowly, taking extra time for in-depth training versus quickly adding them to full-time status.
  • Create a “Buddy Program” which pairs up your most experienced staff members with new additions to the team.

Create and nurture a positive team atmosphere

Everyone remembers how awkward and uncomfortable it can be to be the “new guy”. Promoting a team atmosphere quickly will make everything run more smoothly because success depends on staff teamwork.

All hands together - find a common goal for hiring the right people.
There is nothing better than a team of people united under a common goal – this is one of the most useful hiring tips for movers.

A “Kickoff” meeting that includes new and returning staff can really help foster the team atmosphere. Be welcoming and encourage returning staff members to do the same. Fun, simple contests, and ice-breaker games can promote a team atmosphere. The more quickly new team members feel comfortable – the sooner your team will produce effective results.

Make sure to clarify your expectations for your employees

It is best for everyone involved to set expectations. There are two ways to ensure everyone is on the same page. First, make sure your job descriptions are well written, updated, and correct. Don’t make assumptions new hires will just “get” what they are being hired to do.

Second, document your company’s behavior standards, customer service expectations, weekend work requirements, uniform needs, and length of tenure, so new hires fully understand what they are getting into. Go over this at the interview stage and when a job offer is made.

Prepare for the future with these tips

Depending on seasonality, performance, and personal work ethics, staff members may have different expectations of how long they will be working for your company. It is important to balance the needs of your new employee and those of your company. Be upfront about the reality of their job tenure, when they might be called back to work after the slow season, and what they can do to increase the length of time they are employed by your company.

Ready to hire after all you’ve read?

"You are hired" and a firm hand shake is all it takes.
All that’s left now is for you to make your choice and hire the right movers for your company.

We hope you find these hiring tips for movers helpful to find, train, and engage your seasonal staff. Bear in mind, however, that it is exactly the seasonal factor in the moving industry that makes this all the more challenging.