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Guide to the IAM 57th Annual Meeting

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The IAM 57th Annual Meeting is approaching fast. Once again, professionals in the moving industry have a chance to get informed on the latest trends and improvements in their niche. This year, the meeting is taking place in Chicago, Illinois, from October 3rd-6th. Being one of the US cities with the highest number of local moves, Chicago seems like a perfect choice for the event. If you are still facing a dilemma whether to attend this outstanding event or you are impatient to find out what to expect, here is the comprehensive guide to the IAM 57th Annual Meeting.

Why is attending the IAM 57th Annual Meeting the right choice?

Unlike in recent years, this year’s meeting offers a special benefit to all attendees. Namely, they will all have a chance to interact with IAM staff and discuss all the key aspects of the moving industry as well as the best moving practices. The meeting will feature discussions on the status of DoD outsourcing and also explain potential membership restructuring options in 2020. Furthermore, the attendees will be introduced to the key IAM initiatives. Some of the most important among them are Mobility Exchange, IAM learning, Receivable Protection Program (RPP), and IAM Here 2 Help.

The Agenda of the IAM 57th Annual Meeting

The opening reception of the IAM 57th Annual Meeting is scheduled for October 3rd at 7 pm. However, the conference starts as early as 9 am. Throughout the day, various meetings will be organized. Attendees will enjoy constructive discussions with IAM staff. Some of the meetings are aimed at team building and exchanging opinions with current members. On the other hand, a special reception is organized for new members, first-time attendees, and special guests.

A girl exploring her agenda.
The Agenda of the IAM Annual Meeting includes various events highly useful for professional movers.

This year, the hosts are organizing the first-ever Pick-a-Palooza. Moving professionals will be able to prove their reputation by competing with their fellow conference attendees for the title of the fastest loader. To win the game, they will have to load a lift van with nothing but empty cartons. Are you willing to accept the challenge?

More importantly, the hosts will donate the raised financial means at the Pick-a-Palooza event to two charities. These are IAM Here 2 Help and Move for Hunger.

October 4th, 2019

On the second day of the IAM 57th Annual Meeting, the attendees will be able to attend:

  • The addressing of Charles White, the President of the IAM.
  • IAM Learning Laboratory which will tackle the problem of getting more business from corporate accounts, government customers and RMCs. The presenters, Jesse van Sas, the Secretary-General of the FIDI Global Alliance, and Brian Limperopulous, Vice President of the IAM, are willing to share their experiences and knowledge to help moving companies in this field.
  • Another IAM Learning Lab this time focused on the latest developments in DoD Contracting Initiative. The presenters, Charles White, The President of the IAM, and Dan Bradley, The Director of Government & Military Relations at the IAM, will explain how the latest DoD initiative affects the relocation of moving customers and the moving industry in general.
  • IAM Logistics Network Meeting which can be an excellent choice for all those seeking to develop their O&I business and logistics. The presenter will be Brian Limperopulous.
A meeting.
Explore the list of events at the IAM 57th Annual Meeting.

October 5th, 2019

The third day of the IAM 57th Annual Meeting will provide the participants with yet a few useful discussions and lectures covering crucial aspects of the moving business. Here is what you can expect:

  • Risk Management and Claims Panel is very useful for all the organizations involved in whatever type of household goods business. Members of moving companies should pay close attention to the points regarding liability in the currently developing moving environment. The main presenter will be John Burrows, a Moderator and an IAM Executive Committee Member at Large.
  • Another IAM Learning Lab dealing with the IAM Mobility Exchange and how to increase your engagement with colleagues from the industry. The presenter will be Ray DaSilva, The President of Mobility Exchange LLC.
  • IAM Learning Lab focused on using IAM learning to meet your company’s training needs. The presenters will be Ray DaSilva and Brian Limperopulous. They will explain that finding the best ways to advertise a business and meeting your clients’ needs are important, but yet are not actually the top priority. The key lies in making your employees satisfied and motivated to work.
  • Military and Government Affairs Panel attracts immense attention of all attendees of the IAM 57th Annual Meeting. This is due to the major changes expected in any company dealing with the U.S. government household goods. The experts in the field will explain how these changes will affect the moving business of the parties involved.

 October 6th, 2019

The final day of the IAM Annual Meeting features Governing Membership Meeting, special session, and a closing dinner and entertainment. Hopefully, once the Meeting finishes, you will know how to boost user experience, how to improve your moving business, what changes to expect, how to adapt to them and still reach your maximal potential.

IAM Mobile 24/7 – the application you need for the best conference experience

IAM Mobile 24/7 is an extraordinary application that will not only help you to get the most of this conference, but it will also provide you with highly useful links you can use throughout the year. Besides having a moving estimate app at your prospective clients’ disposal, using the IAM Mobile 24/7 should be the next thing on the list of your priorities. Here is what this high-quality application includes:

An iphone.
IAM Mobile 24/7 is an immensely useful application for professional movers.
  • IAM’s Country Guides
  • Member Directory
  • All the critical information on IAM Annual Meetings
  • The latest news in the moving industry
  • The portal Magazine Online
  • Contact information for IAM and staff
  • In-app messaging between users

All the above-mentioned facts prove that IAM Mobile 24/7 is highly useful for all those seeking to reach the top in the moving business.

Future Meetings following the IAM 57th Annual Meeting

The end of the IAM 57th Annual Meeting is the perfect timing to start planning and organizing your attendance to the future meetings. We can help considerably by providing you with the dates of the next four IAM Annual Meetings. Then, you can plan your time wisely and well in advance. Here is the information you need:

  • The IAM 58thAnnual Meeting is taking place in San Diego, CA from October 21st – 24th, 2020.
  • A year later, The IAM 59th Annual Meeting is taking place in Orlando, FL from October 13th – 16th, 2021.
  • The IAM 60th Annual Meeting is organized from September 30th – October 3rd, 2022 in Seattle, WA.
  • Finally, from October 9th – 12th, Toronto will host The IAM 61st Annual Meeting.