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Best web design practices to use today

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We live in a visual world – where you will find that people often tend to buy with their eyes rather than all other senses. This said, you can have the best product or offer the best services in your industry, but you will lose out on conversions if you have a poor website design. Why? Well, like we’ve mentioned in past articles – your website is your online showcase. In many ways, it represents your business and brand. So, if you want to look presentable, your website also has to look presentable to online visitors. And to accomplish that, you might need some well-established web design practices. Today, we touch upon the ones popular today.

Why would people be swayed by a simple web design?

Think of it from your own perspective. Would you rather buy a truck from a junkyard or from a proper dealership? Both trucks are new and the price is the same. But somehow, the dealership seems like the better choice. Why is that? It’s simple – common sense leads you to a conclusion that since the surroundings of the one truck look better, it must mean that it is better in some way. And it’s the same with web design practices.

The best web design practices are not always simple.
Simplicity is not always the best way to go.

You cannot hope to build your brand as a moving company with a web design from before 15 years. We’re already near the end of 2018 – and we live in an age of continuous innovation and expansion. You can’t allow yourself to sabotage your own business. You have to take that leap of faith and upgrade your current website with a new look and perspective. Just because your business might be doing good now does not mean it can’t do better. If you embrace change and make the updates, you can attract new website traffic and increase your conversion rate.

5 most current web design practices to adopt

There is no need for you to allow your website to become outdated – not in modern times. All it takes is a bit of development and creativity, and your website remodeling can be that new things you have been waiting for. So, Movers Development is here to guide you to what your website needs to keep up with the trends of 2018.

The matter of fact here is that consumer needs and online traffic create certain trends that business websites have to follow. It’s the best way to stay in the game and come out on top. So, you need to implement the use of web design practices that will take your website to that next level. And we have just the right 5 crucial steps to get you there:

1. Focus on your loading time

With everyone in such a hurry, time has become much like a currency. You have to make it worthwhile. Remember – people are coming to your website to check for particular services or products that they need. So, the less time they spend searching for what they need, the more pleased they will be.

Loading icon with checkmark
Loading time plays a key role in the best web design practices to use in 2018

And this is where the loading time of your website comes into question. Nobody likes to wait for websites to load. That’s why most people will rather give up and move on to the next website than have to wait several seconds for one to load. SEO for movers teaches us that your website loading time should never exceed 3 seconds. So, the faster your loading time is, the more online traffic you will be able to process.

If you wish to check the speed of your website and where you need improvements, Pagespeed Insights by Google is the way to do that.

2. Don’t forget the all-influencing power of social media

Social media is like a global water supply system – the need for it just keeps growing daily. And for you to deny your business presence on social media platform is much like a handicap. It reduces your chances to expand onto other target groups and markets. It also limits your connections and pursuit of knowledge.

So, instead of running from it, why not embrace social media? And once you do, you can incorporate it into your web design practices, thus making your website more colorful and stronger. You give people the chance to discover you more easily through various SM platforms.

3. We can’t forget about the impact of emails, can we?

Web design goes beyond the borders of your website. It also finds a place in other aspects of marketing for movers. Consider the more popular than ever usage of emails and you will understand how it fits into the story about web design practices. You need your email forms on the website in sync with your email marketing system. Only by having that will you be able to lay the foundation for high-conversion newsletters and campaigns.

4. Don’t forget to include your phone in the equation

Today, well over 60% of people online use their mobile phones to browse. This is why it is more important than ever for your website to be responsive to mobile devices. When you have a design that is mobile-friendly, not only can you reach more customers, but you can also represent your company in better ways.

UX design sheets for smartphones
Mobile responsiveness is important in popular web design practices

5. To wrap it all up, add a bit of optimization into the mix

Modern web design practices are can’t go far without the proper optimization to support them. SEO acts like armor for your website design – it gives weight and protection. So, when you combine enticing design with engaging content, you get a match that brings you a step closer to your target audiences. With the help of SEO, your design will pop up on the first pages of Google searches.