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What are the benefits of display ads for movers?

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If we’re talking about the most important goal of any marketing, it’s lead generation. It makes no difference what kind of business you run. Furthermore, when it comes to finding prospects, time is of the essence. People frequently start looking for movers months before their actual move date. However, there are times when someone may need a moving company right away.  If you put effort into your digital marketing strategy, you will ensure that the potential customer will call you when the time comes. There are many different ways to advertise a business, but today we’ll be talking about display ads. So, what are the benefits of display ads for movers?

What is display advertising?

Among the many forms of internet, advertising is display advertising. There are a variety of options, including Google Display, to use when implementing Google Ads. With display advertising, you can get your ads to show on the GDN, a collection of more than 2 million partner sites. Most people mix up display advertising and pay-per-click advertising. And, while they are similar in some ways, they are also quite different in others. Pay-per-click advertising appears when a user enters a search query into Google or Bing, whereas display ads appear on the destination website when a user clicks through from the search engine results page.

People pointing to display advertisements on a laptop screen.
One of the main benefits of display ads is that they are not intrusive.

That being said, using both PPC and display advertising is a great way to maximize your lead generation. PPC management for moving companies is very important, and if you get it right, you will see significant growth in your customer base. That being said, there are many benefits of display ads that you will find if you use them correctly.

Display ads have a strong visual appeal

One of the biggest benefits of display ads is that you can style them however you want, without much effort. Text-only PPC advertising has character limits, reducing its potential to swiftly and effectively attract the attention of its target audience and communicate the ad’s message. On the other hand, display ads allow you to stand out from the crowd by using moving images, sound, and even your own company’s logo. You can even make something as simple as an online moving calculator seem interesting with this type of advertising.

A person preparing to sketch a display ad.
You can design your display ad however you want.

This also means that you can embrace your creative side a bit more. Today’s display advertising often includes eye-catching pictures or backdrops, a catchy title, a prominent “buy now” button, the brand’s name, and a color scheme that complements the ad’s message and underlying product or service. Consequently, even though this format may seem limiting, once you start using it, you’ll see how much freedom it affords you.

It improves brand awareness for your company

Display ads are great because they not only make remarketing easier but also effectively introduce your brand to potential customers. Display advertising has been shown to enhance brand recognition by 21%, according to recent research. Additionally, if you own a long-distance moving company, you can benefit from a national campaign as well. When you create a display ad, The Google Display Network (GDN) will embed it on carefully chosen websites. When a buyer searches for a moving company online, a display ad for your company will appear.

You can retarget interested customers with display ads

A person viewing a display advertisement on their tablet device.
Display ads are an excellent way to retarget customers who may require your services in the future.

As we stated at the outset, many of your customers will be planning their move months in advance. As a result, retargeting is one of the most important aspects of moving company marketing. That being said, display ads shine here yet again. When your prospective customers search for your services, Google saves that information and, over time, it reminds them of the service they were looking for. Because display ads are less intrusive, they do not deter customers as much as unskippable video ads. When potential customers are ready to use your service, they simply click on your ad. Display retargeting is a great way to interact with customers who are already familiar with your brand and persuade them to make a purchase.

The different varieties of display ads

There is a myriad of display advertising tactics and formats you can choose from when creating a display advertising campaign. However, there are only really three main ways to advertise online. Depending on the stage of the consumer funnel you are aiming at, each of these display marketing methods has its place. The three types of display ads you can use are:

1. Internet banner ads

By using this kind of display advertising, you may choose the websites and apps on which your advertisements will show. You can also have a marketer do it on your behalf. Furthermore, you may choose websites, social media platforms, and mobile applications on which your demographic is most likely to be on, and show your banners there.

2. Contextual ads

Contextual advertising is exactly what it sounds like. You create advertisements that appear on websites that are closely related to what you do. You might be able to place display ads on real estate websites, for example. Google can also piece together a specific context for you. It accomplishes this through the use of keywords, page structure in other languages, demographic data, and other sources.

3. Remarketing ads

By targeting previous site visitors with remarketing display advertising, you can ensure that only those interested in your brand see them. Multiple targeting options are available for remarketing display advertising. Those who have visited your website but have not converted may see a customized set of display ads. You can create these ads however you want. You can create a new ad specifically for remarketing, or you can use the same one you did the first time around. It’s up to you.


So, what are the benefits of display ads for movers? As you can see there are a lot of benefits of using display ads. They are effective in getting your message out there to a wider audience, and they can be used to target specific demographics. Display ads are also less expensive than other forms of advertising. These benefits make display ads a valuable tool for any business looking to grow its customer base.