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The importance of customer experience for movers

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In order to really advance your business, there is one metric of satisfaction you need to keep an eye on. Customer experience! The term itself is rather nebulous and poorly understood. So, we’ll endeavor to both clarify what we mean by it and properly explain the importance of customer experience for movers.

What is customer experience?

A happy customer
A happy customer will be very easy to work with!

Before we talk about the importance of customer experience for movers, we need to clarify exactly what the term means. Now, most people, when hearing the words ‘customer experience’ immediately zero in on the perceived connection to customer service. And that is definitely a part of it! Bad customer service can absolutely ruin the customer experience for someone. However, it’s a holistic term that actually covers your every interaction with a customer.

Starting from the moment when they look you up online and whether you have responsive web design and SEO figured out, to first contact with your customer service team, to coordinating the move with your moving team, to everything that they experience during the move. If the customer encounters frustrations and anger due to your company at any point in the chain, you’ve failed to offer them a satisfying customer experience!

Customer loyalty

A customer showing friends your website
Word of mouth can make your popularity explode!

The first reason why customer experience for movers is so important is that it boosts customer loyalty. Moving is always a rough patch in a person’s life, even if they are really looking forward to it. It’s hard to juggle all the responsibilities, plan everything, and put out fires when things inevitably go wrong. So, most people are extremely stressed over their move. And this stress even persists for several days afterward if the move was less than ideal.

So, for a customer, nothing is more important than a moving company that can anticipate customer needs and then meets them adequately in a way that minimizes stress and eliminates trouble. They would naturally want to stick to a company like that rather than looking for someone else. And, since repeat customers are rare enough as it is due to the nature of the moving business, this is invaluable for movers.

Customer base growth

Now, elaborate marketing drives and a good website do wonders to expand a moving company’s customer base. However, there is another extremely important source of new customers: word of mouth. In fact, new customers are a lot more likely to believe their friends and family and draw on their experiences when deciding on a moving company than they are to trust in adverts or reviews. That isn’t to say that the importance of the latter is not high. However, securing good PR through word of mouth can definitely be even more helpful than optimizing SEO for movers.

As we already explained, the main deciding factor behind whether or not a person will recommend a moving company or work with them again is their customer experience. The more you can improve it, and the more you understand the importance of customer experience for movers, the faster your business will grow.

Reviews and feedback

We did mention that word of mouth is better than reviews, but you should still not discount them entirely. While word of mouth has more impact, reviews definitely have more outreach. After all, the number of people a person knows well enough to recommend a moving company to them is limited. The number of people who check out online reviews is immense. In fact, if a person comes across your moving company organically or through digital marketing for moving companies, then their final decision on whether or not to hire you often hinges on the reviews they read. If a person finds many negative reviews, then they’ll likely pass on your company. On the other hand, if your reviews are good, then you’re much more likely to get hired. At the same time, happy customers are likely to leave reviews, and even feedback which can help you improve your business.


Marketing troubles

You would likely be surprised, upon taking a closer look, at how much marketing relies on a good reputation and stellar reviews. If you have plenty of both, you’ll have your pick of how to go about marketing your moving company. On the other hand, moving company marketing turns into a nightmare if you have to deal with a ton of bad reviews and disgruntled customers who are all too eager to share their bad customer experience. In other words, the importance of customer experience for movers once more asserts itself in the sphere of marketing.

If you can keep your customer experience on the level, then at least it won’t hinder your efforts even if it doesn’t particularly help them. So, for the sake of everyone involved, moving companies and customers alike, it is best that the customers walk away happy and ready to support you.

Challenges of cooperation

A high five with a business partner
If you have a loyal customer base, other businesses will be eager to work with you.

The final reflection of why customer experience for movers is so important is trying to cooperate with other businesses. Or even with affiliate marketers and similar. If you can boast of good customer experience, then you’ll have an easier time getting people to work with you. After all, everyone is eager to have such success rub off on them. Or at least to take advantage of it.

On the other hand, companies whose customers complain about the treatment they’ve suffered have a much harder time securing cooperation. No one wants their association to business partners to end in people believing they, too, provide a horrible customer experience. And affiliate marketers, who put their reputation on the line to recommend businesses, would definitely not be willing to work with a “bad company”, either.

Final comment

Now that you better understand the importance of customer experience for movers and just what it is, we hope you will give it due attention. If your customers are unsatisfied, you can expect your business plans to progress much slower and less effective than you might hope. Which would, unfortunately, take a lot of time and effort to fix.