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5 reasons why your moving business is failing

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Starting a moving business these days is not as easy as it was a decade ago. The market is already filled with plenty of relocation companies. Not only that, but they are also tightly packed in all major cities. If you analyze the situation from the angle of the potential customer, they have an abundance of options to choose from. If you think that you are struggling as a business owner of a moving company, you must address that issue as soon as possible. However, if you already knew what to do, you wouldn’t be in the problem in the first place. With that in mind, I wish to share with you 5 reasons why your moving business is failing.

5 reasons why your moving business is failing

Fixing mistakes in your moving business is doable once you know what to fix. For that reason, here is where you must pay special attention if you are to succeed:

  • most common marketing errors
  • optimized website
  • service quality
  • moving equipment
  • financial aspect

All of these factors are decisive for the success of your moving company. Let us look at each of them in more detail.

Most common marketing errors

Advertising your company in the proper way is of utmost importance. However, unless you are a marketing expert, you are bound to make some mistakes. Here is what makes an advertising campaign a successful one.

Business citations

Have you ever Googled your company? Or just the moving section in your area? On what page is your website located?

The answer to all of these questions will give you a straight-out answer to what your company’s rating is. Local business citations are important for any company, no matter the size. They are the best tool for customers to discover a business company of their interest.

If your company’s name is not mentioned enough, the customers won’t be able to reach out to you.

Advertise with a goal

Why do you think president candidates have a campaign before the elections? Plain and simple, they want to win. You must put marketing on your schedule and stick to it. Find the time to properly advertise your company.

A marketing plan presented in a notebook.
Doing targeted marketing campaigns is essential to your business.

Furthermore, do an analysis of what types of advertising give back the best results, and how often you have to advertise during a month. Modern marketing today depends on doing research and getting information to improve marketing strategies.

Website optimization

Optimization of your website is directly connected with the quality of the advertising. Furthermore, you can’t have quality business citations if your website is not built in the proper way. One of the first things you should study when it comes to improving your website is the importance of backlinks.

Quality of the service

You will notice that, throughout this article, I ask you a lot of questions. All of those questions are important, and you should always know the answers in your heart.

With that in mind, ask yourself, are you providing quality service? Even more, are you offering your customers a unique experience, something that they cannot get anywhere else?

I realize that you can’t really invent hot water when it comes to moving business. However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t do research. Check what kinds of packages other moving companies offer. Find out who is at the top of the market, and check what they offer and at what prices.

A drawing of a person giving a feedback.
Customers’ feedback is imperative if you wish to improve the quality of the service you provide.

Furthermore, you should do a survey with your customers after every job. No matter how many customers you have, it is always important to improve your service. A survey will give you valuable feedback and tell you what to tweak in order to overcome customers’ expectations.

Moving equipment

Here is a shortlist of basic moving equipment you must purchase:

  • moving vehicles
  • boxes and crates
  • moving dollies
  • rigging equipment
  • furniture sliders
  • uniforms and protective gloves for employees
  • tools
  • packing materials

While it is crucial to purchase quality equipment, you should also think about how much money you wish to allocate. We will discuss the financial aspect in the next section.

Financial aspect

One of the most important reasons why your moving business is failing is the bad management of your finances. That is why I am leaving it for last, so it stays in your mind. Not everyone is a financial wizard, but there are things that you can do. Financial aspects that you must analyze are:

  • the cost of your services compared to what you offer
  • the amount of money you spend on making the business work
  • the cost of advertising

How much do you charge for your services?

I can’t ask you a more direct question here. It is crucial to think about the cost of your services compared to what you offer. With so many companies in the business, you have a price range that you must fit into. You can stand out with offering lower prices than your competitor, but never do it at the expense of your business. We are all in it for the money, do not undervalue yourself.

With that in mind, you mustn’t overcharge as well, that will drive away your clients. Finding the middle ground is the secret.

Calculator next to a paper with financial calculations.
Calculating your expenses is crucial, you should always know where is your money going.

How much money are you spending on running your business?

Company expenses are probably one of the reasons why your moving business is failing. That includes:

  • maintaining vehicles and other equipment
  • the costs of storage
  • employee salaries

It is crucial that you compare your expenses each month. Moreover, you must find ways to reduce business expenses without lowering the quality of the service.

How much do you spend on advertising?

Even though advertising is a part of your business expenses, it deserves a separate chapter. While the amount of money you spend on advertising is important, there is more. You should spend your money only on advertising strategies that work! If a marketing campaign you did didn’t bring back results, you should never repeat it. ROI, or the return of investment, is what you must look at here. If you don’t get something back, it is not worth doing it.

Reasons why your moving business is failing made easy

These reasons why your moving business is failing are the most important ones. However, there is more to this story. The improvement process is long and tedious, but it is a requirement if you wish to succeed. Even if you start having good results, that doesn’t mean that you made it. Remember, the moment you stop thinking about making your company better, you will drop out of the race! Stay sharp!