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WordPress blog components that are a must-have

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Our years of experience have taught us how essential the practice of WordPress can be for SEO. However, there is a bit more to it than simply installing it. You have to consider the web design, the layout of the content, the technical aspects etc. Hence, today we discuss the aspect of the various WordPress blog components that you should have. After all, the better your starter package to begin with, the more you have to gain from your moving company SEO efforts.

10 WordPress blog components that companies should adopt early on

We already spoke of the importance of having a company blog last week, so we won’t touch on that today. However, it’s not like you can just snap your fingers and “Poof!” – a blog appears. There are first a few necessary elements that you have to incorporate to further your goals. In other words, you have to adjust your blog to the reader – their experience is the one that counts.

So, without further ado, here are 10 essential puzzle pieces that each and every website should possess when chasing after SEO results. Bear in mind that having these WordPress blog components is a necessity that guarantees you nothing, but it is a good foundation to build on. So, here they are:

1. About Us page – the introduction of your company

People love a good story – something they can get behind. And what better way to accomplish this than with a well-composed About Us page. Think of it as your public resume for the customers to look over and connect to. So, what should a high-conversion About Us page contain?

  • Who you are and what you do
  • The services/products you offer and the knowledge that you wish to share
  • Relevant facts regarding your business – certificates, memberships, awards etc.
  • Finally – images of your business and the work you do with your team.

    What's Your Story written in chalk on blackboard
    Consider what your company story is before you start writing.

2. Contact Us page

Providing people with useful information will do you little if they don’t get the chance to reach out to you. And this is where the Contact Us page comes into play – your flashy online calling card. When it comes to moving companies, you have to present people with something they will remember. We found that a unique tool such as an instant moving quote calculator does the trick.

Of course, having a contact and subscription form on your homepage is also a step forward. The more places for leads to be able to contact you, the better off your conversion rate will be.

3. Social Media section

People need to know that your blog is featured across the net. Hence, you always need a proper promotional section for promoting your social and online presence. As a blogger, driving traffic to your website through social media is crucial. Add social sharing to your WordPress blog using tools such as:

  • Social Warfare
  • AddtoAny
  • AddThis
Social media follow icons on a website.
Sharing is caring – and social media is the best way to share.

On top of sharing your content, you also want readers to follow you on social media. This is best practiced in the footer of your website. As far as WordPress blog components are concerned, this one serves to attract the attention of other brands, industry entities and organization that might wish to partner up with you. Simply add the appropriate links to each of your social media accounts.

4. Favicon – the key to success is in the details

Never underestimate small WordPress blog components such as a proper logo and favicon for your company. People tend to associate companies with different visual aids, a logo being one of the more influential. It’s simply a matter of catching the attention of the reader and finding a place in their subconscious. Additionally, having a favicon can significantly strengthen your brand-building efforts.

5. Mobile Responsive Design

People today tend to rely on smartphone and tablet technology. In fact, over 60 percent of online traffic today is conducted through the use of mobile tools. So, it is only logical for you to establish a proper mobile responsive web design for your blog. People need to be able to go through your WordPress blog components no matter the device they use. Otherwise, you can count that more than half of visitors will advise against visiting your blog.

6. A comments section is an important part of WordPress blog components

You want you content to raise awareness and turn heads. Hence, you want to invite readers to provide feedback on your articles in the form of comments and reviews. This is where a blog commenting system comes into play. Luckily, WordPress has thought of this and has a built-in commenting system for you to implement. Note, however, that there are also other commenting systems that you can use:

  1. Facebook Comments
  2. Disqus
  3. Jetpack

Another important fact to remember is to make sure to filter out spam comments and responses. This can be done in several ways, the most popular of which is the CAPTCHA add-on.

7. Blog Categories

You can’t just have a blog for the sake of having a blog. It needs proper organization in terms of content. What this means is that you will want to add categories to your blog, thus ensuring a better user experience in addition to SEO benefits.

8. Related Posts and Latest Posts

You want your WordPress blog components to be as in sync as possible. Hence, you need to ensure that the reader is always provided with potentially relevant information to what they are looking for. This is where the presence of recommended and related content proves quite useful. If someone decides to read about portable storage units, you will want them to see other storage-related content you have. This is a way for you to ensure a fluent lead flow and interest in your content.

9. Email Subscriber Form

You want people to continue returning to your blog, as well as inviting others to read it. One of the ways to accomplish this is through proper email marketing campaigns. Promote your latest posts by emailing it to your subscribers, which you can secure with a simple opt-in form.

Subscription form - very important among WordPress blog components.
Make sure to invite as many people as possible to subscribe.

10. Secure Website Hosting

Hosting is essential for securing any of these WordPress blog components we mentioned here. After all, what good are all the components out there if your website keeps crashing due to a poor connection? So, make sure to choose a secure WordPress website hosting services with features like SiteLock before even starting work on your blog.