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What is storytelling and why should you use it?

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Were you ever overwhelmed with emotions after reading a short story in the local newspaper or reading something inspiring online? Were you amazed by the quality and structure of the article and the feelings it awoke inside you? People often underestimate the strength of words, the power of storytelling. As a matter of fact, most refrain from using it in their content creation. However, time and time again, experience teaches us that quality content is everything. It is what can define your knowledge, what can shape your business in the eyes of online visitors, competitors, other industry giants, etc. Industry marketing gurus that we are, Movers Development explores many ways in which we can offer the most value to the online community. And we have found that the use of storytelling in content creation is among the more functional strategies.

Why does storytelling work so well?

When I started writing articles for Movers Development, I quickly embraced the fact that they need to be both informative and practical. However, what I failed to realize is that binding all the elements of quality content with a good storyline can be vital in creating top-quality content. You see, when you have a story to tell people, everything becomes easier to comprehend. Suddenly, there are no longer blurred lines between moving industry news or guidelines for marketers. No. Storytelling (if done right) can erase all the borderlines of categories and tags, all the while merely focusing on what matters most. It is precisely that potential that makes it so unique and influential in the minds and eyes of all that come in contact with it.

What's your story?
Storytelling offers you the chance to introduce yourself in the best light possible

And this potential is something that marketers today are slowly coming to terms with. Not only are we getting accustomed to the appeal of storytelling, but we are finding new ways of making it work for us. Consumers like a good story above all else – it is what drives them towards purchasing products or services. And it is also one of the best weapons in your moving company marketing arsenal.

Three reasons why marketers should embrace storytelling in their content strategy

As unlikely and unbelievable as it might appear, a good story is just what a moving business like yours needs. From helping you create the perfect homepage for your company website to winning over people with your origin story. A good tale is all you need to make a difference. However, since we go beyond the bear opinion in this blog, we will take a closer look at the reasoning behind it all. So, here are the top three arguments to why you should invest in the appeal of storytelling:

1. It provides you with the chance to develop a deeper connection with the audience

The foundation of any moving company is to manage to establish a deeper relationship with their clients. A bond that will become long-term and one that will birth more hires in addition to referrals. And the perfect way to achieve that is through the right story – one that can:

  • communicate,
  • educate,
  • gets shared,
  • helps others connect.

As an example, think about Subaru’s ads. Those that communicate “love” through a series of advertisements that establishes the car brand as a symbol of caring for those you love. Whether it’s a father caring for his child or an owner caring for their beloved pet. The series of ads are more about what the brand represents to the family than the horsepower that the car delivers. By communicating the brand through stories, Subaru can elevate the meaning of the brand and better crystalize how it fits into customers’ lives.

2. Storytelling is a powerful learning method

Person holding a notebook with question mark on it
Give others the chance to learn more about your business, while you learn more about them in the process.

As professional marketers, it is our job to take everything we are faced with and learn from it. Whether it’s the brand we represent or the companies that we assist, the one thing certain is to make every experience educational. And if you are looking for a way to advertise your company, you need to learn from the power of telling a story. The good news is that stories themselves are a powerful learning tool, given the educational nature that they can have.

Therefore, sharing stories with people can get them closer through you in terms of it helping them acquire new knowledge and learn. It’s a two-way street, storytelling. On the one hand, it helps marketers and companies understand more about their market and industry. On the other hand, it brings new information for everyone involved:

  • customers
  • consumers
  • society
  • brand
  • company

3. It enables you to engage the clients

Finding different ways to engage leads and potential clients is one of the crucial parts of any marketing strategy. However, given the saturation of media channels, it gets hard to differentiate between the useful and useless ones. That is where storytelling comes into play, and gives the people a unique and new experience. Far more than just a creative approach, telling a good story gives consumers the chance to experience your brand in a completely different light.

A person offering a handshake
Storytelling is your way to engage your target audience.

So, what’s the take from all this?

Every good story has a twist ending – one that gives people the chance to freely interpret what they heard, saw, read, or experienced. And the same goes for our entire discussion on storytelling and the many benefits it offers. Perhaps, you find the aspect of a good story not in accordance with your brand. Then again, a good background storyline might just be what you need to leave your mark on the market. All in all, it doesn’t hurt you to try. In fact, it can only prove beneficial, be it from a business or educational perspective.