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Ways for movers to contribute to the environment

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You always hear stories of how businesses should do more for the environment. Yes, there are philanthropists all around the world, but that number is limited. So, the best course of action is for more small to medium businesses to start making their own contribution as best they can. It doesn’t have to be in the millions like some large corporations. After all, there are plenty of ways to make a contribution – plenty of ways for movers to contribute to the environment and society. That being said, the time has come to awake you generosity and hear out some of the ideas Movers Development prepared for you today.

5 simple options for movers to contribute to the environment

This is not just a matter of making a small contribution for better publicity. It’s a matter of principle, building your brand as a moving company that cares. People nowadays are looking for more than successful professionals – they are looking for reputable and trusted companies to do business with. You need to win them over completely by demonstrating to them what makes your business unique.

Remember, every industry has those that lead by example and those that try to keep up – which one do you want to be? Here are five example of ways for your moving company to lead:

#1: Move for Hunger

This is something that the moving industry in North America is well acquainted with. Move for Hunger is a non-profit organization that collects non-perishable food items which they then deliver to food banks across the US. There are currently over 1000 moving companies, both big and small, that cooperate with this organization. And this would be a great chance for your company to join them as well. This is a great and simple way to make a contribution and become part of the solution.

Move For Hunger boxes with canned food inside them.
Become part of the solution – join Move For Hunger!

Don’t worry, however, there are plenty of other non-profit organizations that you can join up with as well. After all, the world is a big place with plenty of those in need, unfortunately. And while there are those organizations that work towards helping those less fortunate, there are also organizations that focus on the environment. All in all, plenty of opportunities for movers to contribute to the environment. All you need to do is follow moving industry news and stay informed.

#2: Consider the packing materials you use and how to make them eco-friendly

Over 90% of shipments in the US are packed in cardboard boxes. And a majority of moving companies use cardboard boxes for packing services. The fact is that the production of cardboard has a major effect on the environment, due to the enormous amounts of energy it requires. So, what can movers do about this?

They can make the effort to reduce the need for production of cardboard boxes on their part. There have been several efficient ways of accomplishing this:

  1. Recycle the boxes that you use. For movers to contribute to the environment, all it takes is a little effort and forward-thinking. By using recycled boxes, you reduce your overall expenses and lower the need for cardboard production. A small step, but you have to start somewhere, right?
  2. The use of plastic bins. There are entire moving companies that have built their brand through the use of eco-friendly services. Their tool of choice – plastic bins. Why? Because you can re-use them time and time again. And you don’t have to throw them away or recycle them after each job.

    Recyclable blue plastic bin - one of the way for movers to contribute to the environment.
    Plastic bins are a great way for movers to contribute to the environment.

#3: Connect customers to local donation sites

As a locally-owned and responsible moving business, you can guide others towards good contribution. Use your influence and connections within the local community to connect your customers with non-profit organizations that can always use donations. People always look to declutter before a move, which means that they have plenty of belongings they want to rid themselves of. Jump in and make a suggestion where they can donate some of those belongings.

#4: Use your website blog to educate others about eco-friendly moves

Remember that your website is more than just an important part of SEO for moving companies. It is a source of information, a treasure cove of useful tips and guides on how to enrich a moving experience.

Hence, it is your obligation to provide online readers with a blog that will prove useful and insightful to them. By doing so, not only will you demonstrate your experience and knowledge to the, but you will also have a successful moving blog that attracts more website traffic.

#5: Clean air emission with eco-fuel

The typical diesel fuel that most trucks use emits toxic byproducts in the air, which can be harmful for the environment. However, there is a way for you to influence this aspect and do your fair share for the community. Clear the air the way green moving companies can – with the practice of biodiesel fuel. It burns much cleaner due to its natural derivatives, so it reduces air pollution quite a bit.

Car exhaust - one of the ways to reduce air emission is through the use of biodiesel fuel.
Movers can contribute to the environment by reducing harmful air emissions.

New equipment for relocation is oriented towards preserving the environment, hence investing in it is worth the time. This is slowly expanding as one of the top ways for movers to contribute to the environment.

Something to ponder on after you read all this

We’ve grown too accustomed to using the resources of the earth we walk on, without ever making the effort to contribute back to it. And the consequences are starting to become more and more obvious because of this. However, more and more companies and individuals are finding ways to give back a little. This is why people also look towards socially-conscious moving companies for assistance rather than ones that are 100% focused on profit.

We’ve shared here some of the many ways for movers to contribute to the environment. However, it’s up to you to embrace these ways, or discover your own. By doing so, you will not only raise awareness and attract customers, but you will also build a company with strong core values. Once you do that, development becomes a natural occurrence.