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Ways in which top moving services lead to sales

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What makes a moving company stand out and attract a large customer base? Is it the moving company SEO standards it has, or perhaps the marketing strategies that it practices? Maybe it all comes down to who has the best software to help them out. Well, we say that it’s all of those things combined. However, there is another, more important factor that you can invest in to grow your reputation and brand. And this is just plain logic from the beginning of the moving industry – top moving services lead to sales beyond your comprehension! And here are the ones you should pay attention to.

7 practical ways in which moving services lead to sales growth

When you ask most moving companies, they will tell you how their services are among the best there are. However, this is a bold statement that rarely proves to be correct. Hence, you have to find a way for your claim to speak the truth to potential leads and clients. So, having consulted with some of our many clients, we composed an insight into the principles that you might want to implement.

This is a professional perspective from the Movers Development team on how to ensure that your moving services lead to sales and audience growth:

#1: Have an open & clear line of communication with your customers

A handshake makes moving services lead to sales.
Good communication is essential for the growth of your business.

This is probably one of the worst situations that a moving company can experience. When you handle the property of others and move their entire office or household, communication is essential. The last thing you want is customers going:

  • They don’t get what type of services I am looking for” or
  • This company is absolutely unprofessional” or even worse
  • “Worst experience with a company I’ve ever had”.

And even though it might be easy to replace or pay for a broken picture frame, mending a lack of communication is somewhat harder. So, if you truly want your moving services to lead to sales, you have to have open and friendly communication with customers from the very start. Only by doing so will you be able to secure a growing reputation and referrals your way.

#2: Make sure to understand everything the customer expects from you early on.

This is something that can minimize the potential for complications during a move, no matter the size or distance. In any line of work and type of project, finding that balance between expectations and capability is essential. Otherwise, you might be looking at a problem in the near future. So, make sure to listen to the demands of your customers and discuss every detail with them, to ensure that nothing is miscommunicated or promised without a proper foundation.

This is something that will determine whether or not you’ve managed to satisfy the moving requirements of the client. And it is also how you ensure that your moving services lead to sales in the projects to come.

#3: You have to look the part if you want your moving services to make an impression

You only get one shot to impress in the moving industry. And the best way to accomplish this is with a team of polite and professionally uniformed movers that will greet customers as soon as they open the door.

Moving business owners often underestimate the importance of this step. Not only does it help build your brand, but it also helps customers remember you, thus ensuring that your moving services lead to sales. And the best thing is that it really doesn’t cost you that much – you just need to think of a design that will match your logo, and create a uniform that will be practical for hauling furniture. After all, nobody expects movers in suits to handle their relocation.

#4: Showcase your years of knowledge and expertise

Handshake with skills, knowledge, learning etc.
You have to show clients why you are the best at what you do if you want to have your moving services lead to sales.

When people want a proper relocation, they look to hire a moving company that is both professional and experienced. This is why you should invest in training your moving crews and equipping them with the right tools for the job. For moving services to lead to new sales, customers need to be impressed and reassured through experience and performance. Otherwise, they might opt for a competitive moving company.

#5: Always top customer expectations to leave them wanting for more

The old sales principle applies here: under-promise and over-deliver. When we hire a company for a moving job, we all look for the best and highest quality services possible. This takes us back to the first point of this article – communication. As long as you learn what the expectations of customers are, you can plan how to exceed them.

Whether it’s about completing the move under budget or faster than expected, there are many ways to leave customers with a smile on their faces. It all comes down to knowing and understanding the expectations and wishes of your clients.

#6: Utilize technology

Moving industry software is growing and developing each day. And if you want to reach the top and stay there – you need to implement it. Whether it’s truck digitization to track your shipments or GPS locations, using new tech can save you money and time. And all the while, you are not only making the work easier on your team, but you are also building an environment in which your moving services lead to sales.

#7 Provide a moving concierge to represent you

Man in a suit, sitting in office - waiting for customers to call.
Customers can always get behind the presence of a moving concierge that will be there for them.

When you look to satisfy the needs of your clients, you need to act on their requests and needs quickly and efficiently. Hence, you need to provide them with a face and contact which they can rely on to solve all their questions and issues. Most moving companies solve this with the offer of a concierge that is always available to help out customers with any inquiries they might have.

Moving services lead to sales with dedication

Are you confident that your moving company offers the best possible moving experience? Perhaps it does, but you can always make it better. Go through the steps we provided here and elevate your offer to the next level. Perhaps it will be the implementation of an instant moving quote calculator that will get the attention of your customer base. Or it might be the fact that your company comes up on the first page when they look up moving-related terms on Google. You never know – but these 7 steps are a good way to start.