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SEO for StartUps: how to grow on a budget

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Startups are constantly seeking growth ideas that may be implemented with minimal or, preferably, no funding. Luckily, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) might be able to help with that. What’s particularly good about it is that it doesn’t require considerable expenditure. Yet, if implemented correctly, it brings traffic that grows pretty automatically. Furthermore, the greatest SEO tools may improve marketing strategies at every funnel stage. Now, suppose you happen to have recently opened a business. In that case, we invite you to join one of the most reputable digital marketing for movers companies while we explain the ins and outs of SEO for startups. And you know what the best thing is? The material you are about to read is adjusted to suit your limited resources!

Why does investing in SEO for startups make sense?

A person using Google search to search for commonly used keywords
Good SEO for startups ensures your business is visible when customers search.

Are you wondering if SEO is worthwhile for your company? Do you need some knowledge that could help your SEO strategy? If the answer to both is ”yes”, read on. Coming your way are some of the common reasons why business owners invest in search engine optimization in the first place.

  1. Because businesses and customers use keywords, not brand terms, to search – Google studied the online behavior of B2B buyers and decision-makers almost a decade ago. According to the survey results, most B2B researchers used non-branded, non-specific search terms when conducting their research. The same remains true to this day.
  2. People look up multiple keywords – People are likely to look for your service using various phrases, regardless of how specific its actual name may be. Let’s take a search for a ”long-distance moving company in San Francisco” as an example. Not many individuals will look for it using this exact keyword. What they might input, however, are keywords like ”long distance movers sf”, ”long distance moving”, ”long distance moving companies sf”, and similar.
  3. SEO promotes organic traffic – By maximizing exposure with minimal investment, SEO aids businesses in expanding their pool of potential customers. The startup’s customer base and trust are further bolstered when it appears toward the top of search results.

Approaching SEO for startups

As a new player in the industry, you are probably wondering how moving leads for moving companies are generated. The answer might lie in the right approach to search engine optimization. And if you are not an expert on all things SEO, here is how to start employing the tactics to ensure steady growth.

#1 Start with a strategy

You can’t expect results if you don’t have a strategy in place. Therefore, set one up right from the get-go before doing anything else. It’s typical for business owners to work out how to develop their services further or build a website before they have asked themselves the question of ”how to advertise my moving company”. This kind of approach is wrong. Working on all three simultaneously is much better, as the website relies on SEO. Furthermore, what good are the best services out there if, due to a lack of advertising efforts, nobody even notices that a company exists?

#2 Determine your goals

In addition to those mentioned above, a business owner needs to have clear goals for the coming period. This process entails assessing visitors’ average time spent on the site, bounce rates, conversion rates, and brand recognition to determine which keywords to optimize. Furthermore, consider setting up quarterly goals, but remember to be realistic and look at them from a long-term perspective. If, for example, a 30% quarterly increase seems too little, remember that it is equivalent to more than 50% annual growth. As you zero in on your desires, you pave the way to achieving them.

A question mark scribbled on a piece of paper
Think hard about your goals. You can take the right approach only if you know your aspirations.

A common mistake companies make is caring only about the number of visitors rather than the quality of visitors who may become paying customers. This, however, is usually a waste of time, effort, and money in the grand scheme of things. While you work to determine your goals, remember this mistake to avoid succumbing to it.

#3 Set up a budget to bring your SEO for startups goals to life

To get the most out of search engine optimization (SEO), it goes without saying that you should allocate financial resources as soon as a business becomes operational. While many factors contribute to successful lead generation, two of the most important are establishing a realistic SEO budget and preparing for future opportunities. To be ready on time, consider employing SEO for moving company experts capable of developing an adequate content strategy. Now, it might seem as if paying the pros to handle the optimization isn’t a great idea with your limited resources. However, chances are you won’t feel the same once they have helped grow your business two times its size in a relatively short time.

#4 Focus on SEO, not visual appearance

The majority of startups today rely on websites built on the premise of aesthetics. And while they may be pleasing to the eye, such websites often lack SEO components. This is inadmissible! At least if converting prospects is what you have in mind. Now, sometimes, it seems like optimization and aesthetics are at odds. After all, you can have the most beautiful site out there, but if no one can find it, know that the effort to build it will have been in vain. In such a circumstance, attending to your SEO requirements before anything else is advisable. Look at it this way. Compared to an outstandingly beautiful website, a mediocre-looking one optimized for search engines will attract many more visitors. And with more visitors, naturally, comes higher revenue.

#5 Take advantage of free tools

Not every SEO tool out there comes at a cost. And even if it does, that doesn’t automatically deem it a tool that could aid your optimization efforts, especially not at the beginning stages of operation. You could do much more with free tools like Google Analytics and Search Consoles. There’s no shame in using them, as even the big industry names do it! You can use them for all kinds of research, including but not limited to keyword research, industry research, and even competitor analysis. Furthermore, they can help you determine who your primary audience is and the ins and outs of where they are bouncing off most from. However, if you don’t feel confident, you can always turn to digital marketing experts who readily offer custom, tailor-made services for start-ups.

A person using Google Analytics, one of the free SEO for startups tools.
More than one free tool is available that can significantly simplify SEO implementation.

We hope this brief SEO for startups guide has taught you that you do not need to burn through cash trying out different marketing strategies. You might as well use free tools and resources instead. More often than not, they are more than good enough to propel your business forward efficiently.