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How to measure GMB performance

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It’s common knowledge that Google My Business (GMB) provides a slew of advantages for companies trying to improve their internet presence. Over time, it has evolved into an important component of web SEO. However, some businesses are still skeptical about the outcomes. There are also people who do it but do not know how to properly assess it. Whatever is the case, we’re here to help you. In this post on how to measure GMB performance, we will assist you in gaining a clear picture of how your brand works and finding areas to improve.

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What is Google My Business (GMB) and how to measure its performance?

Google My Business is basically a free Google business listing. It allows you to provide information and photographs about your company, such as its location, services, and products, and thus makes it easily accessible to your potential customers.

A person with a laptop in their lap about to do a Google search
Nowadays, most people will first Google your business and then decide whether they want to reach out to you or not.

Creating a free Google profile is a terrific method to boost your visibility across all of Google’s services and attract more visitors. Google Search, Google Maps, and Google Shopping may all pull and display information from your Google Business Profile. So if you’re running a moving company, using GMB can help you get more moving leads and convert them into customers.

Keep in mind that only businesses that interact with customers can use GMB. This means that only businesses that have a physical presence or provide services by meeting with clients in other locations can benefit from GMB.

What tools to use to measure GMB performance?

Increasing website traffic and store visits, enhancing your brand identity, and engaging customers are among the objectives any company hopes to achieve with the use of GMB. But how can a company know for sure whether or not their Google listing is operating optimally? To begin, Google provides a number of tools that you can use to monitor and analyze GMB listings:

  • Google Search Console is a tool that allows you to manage your search results It allows you to investigate the most commonly used search terms that lead users to your website. You may then use Google Search Console to filter your queries using local modifiers to see where your customers are coming from.
  • Google Analytics is a tool that allows you to track your online It gives users the option to acquire broad to detailed overviews of their digital marketing initiatives.
  • GMB Insights focuses on metrics relating to maps, photos, posts, and user interactions from those who have looked at your GMB listing.
Person using Google Analytics to measure GMB performance
Google Analytics can be used to easily keep track and measure GMB performance.

All of these tools were created to help businesses like yours keep track of their listings and evaluate their success. You can use the data to determine whether or not your GMB is operating well enough and, if needed, look for ways to improve it.

What 8 KPIs can help you measure GMB performance?

As mentioned, GMB became a crucial part of web SEO and thus, shares many of its KPIs with other advertising channels. So here are 8 most important metrics to examine when determining how to measure GMB performance:

  • The number of phone calls
  • Rates of click-to-call
  • SEO rankings
  • Customer feedback and online reviews
  • Requests for driving directions
  • Views of the photos
  • Direct vs. discovery searches

You may begin to get a sense of what it takes for your listings and adverts to be more effective by combining the data from all of these indicators with your conversion rate success. You can increase the number of visits to your physical location and website by adopting this difficult step. It’s all about how well you optimize your Google My Business listing for local searches.

How to improve your GMB ranking?

The goal behind using GMB (or any advertising channel for that matter) is a high level of customer interaction. Using photo submissions, phone calls, reviews, and social media sharing you can see how people are not just noticing but actually researching your brand on Google. Plus, Google will give you all the necessary information you need to maintain track of your GMB performance and ensure customers are talking about your business. So the more time and effort you put into the overall design of your listing, the higher your chances are of attracting and keeping your customers’ attention.

Boost your GMB rankings

A person holding a phone with GMB opened on it
Did you know that Maps-based results account for 26% of all views in the United States?

Even if you’re not happy with your GMB performance, don’t worry as there are ways to improve it. Here are tips for optimizing your GMB listing and improving its rankings:

  • Make sure your profile is up to date and that data displayed is accurate.
  • Verify that your Google My Business listing is visible on Google Maps.
  • Verifying your company will make it more credible in the eyes of its competitors and will help it rank higher in search results. Also, consider having your company Google Guaranteed as an extra step.
  • Business listings with photos are viewed twice as trustworthy and can generate 35% more clicks than those without. Thus make sure to include high-resolution photographs in your GMB listing.
  • A good idea is to add a Q&A section. However, always keep an eye out for new queries and respond as soon as possible.
  • Did you know that 90% of your customers are reading reviews on the Internet before connecting with a company? So make sure to work on generating reviews. Oh, don’t forget to respond to them.

The bottom line

As you can see, it’s not at all difficult to measure GMB performance. The difficult part could be optimizing your GMB listing and making sure it ranks highly. In case you find this too complicated or just want to turn to other segments of your business, simply leave this to professionals. The Movers Development team can take care of your digital marketing and provide you with useful tools such as instant moving quotes to help you secure high-converting leads.