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TikTok advertising ideas for movers

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TikTok is not exactly something new anymore. Lots of different businesses have already found a way to turn this platform to their needs, and are reaping the benefits of doing so. However, it can seem difficult for a moving company to do the same. After all, at first glance, it can seem like there is no real way for movers to use the platform to their advantage. And yet, this is wrong, and there are definitely interesting TikTok advertising ideas for movers to make the best possible use of in their efforts to improve their image and attract more customers.

Make guides

Packing for holiday
You can even make guides for safe holiday packing in particular since it is similar.

One of the best TikTok advertising ideas for movers is to make short guides. Now, TikTok does not support long video formats. But that’s okay! You don’t really need to make a guide long or complex. In fact, it is even better to break it down into several parts and then post them separately. This will ensure that your audience comes back regularly for new content.

An example of how to do this would be by making a packing guide. You can make it so that part one of the guides in choosing the right box size. Two can then be choosing a cushioning material. Three can be about how many items can go into a box at once, and so on. Of course, this does mean you will need to approach the subject more strategically. It may be smart to write a how-to guide first before adapting it to TikTok.

Offer useful advice

Two people looking at their phones.
Such advice can be useful and entertaining.

Your TikToks do not need to be full guide videos, either. Oftentimes, short and to the point, advice can be even more valuable. For example, you can show off how to dismantle complex appliances or similar during packing. This is not exactly applicable to a guide, since it is too individual, but it can be very useful if someone needs to do it. You can sneakily include some SEO for movers in the titles of such videos, too, which will boost your online ranking and help your website get ranked higher if you offer links back to it. You can even make it so that you offer practical examples of something covered on your website’s blog.

Give explanations of useful tools, packing supplies, and equipment

Dog in a box
It is always popular to explain things that could help with moving with pets.

Lots of people discount the importance of the proper use of packing supplies, tools, and equipment. After all, for most, moving is just a matter of throwing everything you own into bags and then carting it off to your new place. You can break away from this misconception by showing off the interesting tools and equipment your teams are using. They can show off things they use to secure items and similar, which would also highlight the importance of leaving such work to professionals.

In addition, if you do offer packing supplies, it is helpful to show off why high-quality supplies are actually vital. This would be good for both your business and your customers! After all, it would increase the safety of their belongings and the smoothness of their move.

Film customer reviews

There are very, very few things better for a moving business’s reputation than positive reviews. However, while written reviews are definitely one of the best among the different ways to advertise a business, they can still be cast under doubt relatively easily. Filmed reviews, on the other hand, can be much more genuine and relatable.

Of course, this does come with the caveat that you should not try to do something like preparing a script for your customers to read off of in exchange for monetary gain or discounts. Genuine and heartfelt reviews are the only way to actually impress your customers and earn their good impression. If they can tell that the video they are watching is actually fully truthful, and the previous customers do not have just empty praise to share, then they are more likely to believe your TikTok reviews and choose your moving company.

Offer service breakdowns

Another useful idea for TikTok advertising ideas for movers is offering clips that explain your services and their costs. Ultimately, one of the largest concerns of any potential customer is going to be the price. This is something that not even digital marketing for movers can actually overcome. Even if you capture their attention and lead them to your site, customers will still question how much they need to pay and why.

Of course, you can make it less likely for them to feel reluctant to hire you through proper marketing. But, it would still likely settle a lot of their worries and doubts if someone patiently guides them through the different services and their pricing. This should also be done through another ‘series’ format. Every individual TikTok can cover a different service and some basics about why they cost as much as they do.

Feature work clips

The final of our TikTok advertising ideas for movers is to offer clips from your teams at work! It is easy to boast about what your teams can do. And even relatively easy to secure willing customers to make reviews with you. But some potential clients might still have doubts, and seeing your teams at work could help dissolve any lingering concerns they might have. It would also be a subtle way of showing the quality of your teams’ work, their equipment, and the general high-quality of your services.

Final advice

Now that you are more familiar with our TikTok advertising ideas for movers, you probably know what approach you wish to pursue. However, always remember the following: TikTok might seem limited in its format, but at the same time, it is only bound by the limits of your creativity. There must be even more interesting and innovative ways to use the platform out there. So, do not limit yourself to just what we have discussed here. Always try to come up with new and imaginative ways to capture your audience’s attention and turn more people into potential customers.