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How to help website visitors get a moving quote

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If you want to enhance your conversion funnel, you need to get more people to engage with your moving cost calculator. However, this isn’t always easy since people frequently don’t feel motivated to use one unless they are pretty sure they want to hire a moving company. So, your task is to figure out how to help website visitors get a moving quote, or at least motivate them to do it.

Make it easy to find the info they need

The first way to help website visitors get a moving quote is to make getting all the info they need accessible. People tend to follow through and decide to get a quote only when they are reasonably sure they want one. A moving quote is more a confirmation than a check on whether they are interested. As such, you need to structure your site to make it easy for them to view all the relevant pages. Including your list of services whose prices they should be able to toggle on or off in the moving quote calculator itself.

A moving truck
Even include the cost of services like just renting a moving truck..

Streamline the process of using the online moving quote calculator

At the same time, to help website visitors get a moving quote, you must also make it easy to access your moving cost calculator and use it. If it’s a pain to track down the moving cost calculator itself or convoluted, people will not feel motivated to do it. It is a bit ironic, but most people, if it takes too much effort to do something, will give up on it or at least check out other options on the market before committing. And you do not want to lose potential customers for your moving company just because you didn’t make the moving cost calculator intuitive enough.

Make it clear that a moving quote is an option

This may sound silly to you, but you need to clearly signal that a moving quote is something you offer to begin with. Even if you make references to it on some of your site’s pages, having a clear CTA dispersed throughout a page’s layout that leads to a moving quote calculator is recommended. All this effort leads to free moving leads for moving companies, and will draw more attention to the website and the business itself.

Work on the quality of your online moving quote calculator

You can do several other things to improve the quality of your moving quote calculator. First, you should make sure it can be accessed on every platform. Compatibility is essential for any software you offer on your site. Promising an online calculator to customers only for them to run into errors when they try to open it will only upset them! This leads to bad reviews and generally adverse effects. The second thing you should try is to optimize the speed of your calculator. A clunky quote calculator that takes forever to offer results will similarly frustrate your customers. Coincidentally, you can apply this logic to your entire site to craft one of the best moving company websites around.

Properly break down the cost of services

Here’s a piece of advice from our Movers Development team: if you want to help website visitors get a moving quote and get them to follow through and hire you, it’s important to break down the quote correctly. Do not just have the quote calculator offer a final price. Have all the costs been noted, summarized, and submitted to the customer instead? This makes your business seem more transparent and reliable, generating customer trust and loyalty. Even if it’s your customer service agent giving a quote to someone, it is just as wise to offer a proper price breakdown!

God in a box
Note down the cost of additional services, such as moving with pets or other similar services that need an additional explanation.

Make customer support more accessible

Sometimes, site visitors want a guide for getting a moving quote. Even if they can do it on their own on your site, for this, we recommend adding a popup customer service window where they can choose to come in contact with a member of your customer support staff. Excellent customer service is a surefire way to generate customer loyalty and encourage people to hire you. At the same time, less tech-savvy site visitors will genuinely appreciate the option. Older people, for example, struggle with online possibilities even if they know they can get a quote online. This is useful for them and others in similar positions they can’t do without.

Letter blocks that spell support
Offer support to customers who need it.

Working to help website visitors get a moving quote

Using the tips from our guide on how to help website visitors get a moving quote; you can boost your customer’s engagement with your site and their willingness to hire you. If they follow through and get a moving quote, people are more willing to commit to your company. Of course, the standard practice is to get multiple moving quotes. But even if you got a moving quote, they are much more likely to hire you!