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How to grow your moving business with affiliate marketing

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While not exactly new, affiliate marketing is still a field that tends to be somewhat neglected. Most businesses are simply not familiar with the term enough to give it a shot or see it as unreliable. However, this is the wrong approach, since affiliate marketing is a very promising and amazing venue for expanding your customer base. So, let’s learn about how to grow your moving business with affiliate marketing!

What is affiliate marketing exactly?

To properly grow your moving business with affiliate marketing, you need to lean about it first. In simple terms, affiliate marketing is a cooperation between a business and an online ‘influencer’. The business provides the affiliate marketer with either a payment or a percentage of sales. In return, the influencer, or affiliate marketer, uses their online following to promote the business’s goods and services.

The most frequent way this is done is similar to PPC marketing. The affiliate marketer is provided by a link, and they get a percentage of the profits for anyone who clicks through to your product using it and makes a purchase. This encourages the affiliate to put in the effort to attract buyers more than paying them a flat fee. And the business, obviously, stands to profit a lot from tapping into the vast audience the affiliate marketer has access.

Choose your affiliates carefully

Connecting to social media
Your affiliate can much better attract target audiences through social media than you!

Now, obviously, you need to be careful with your selection of affiliate marketers. In a way, the reputation of your business depends on your partners. Being promoted by affiliates who have a bad reputation themselves or are known for working with fraudulent businesses will naturally paint you in a negative light as well.

At the same time, you need someone with a following large enough and with the ability to draw in enough people to justify the profits you are sharing with them. Even if all an unsuccessful affiliate is asking for is a flat fee, it would still be a loss if you see no profits through them. Another thing to avoid is affiliate marketers who have an audience completely different from your targeted audience. This minimized their effectiveness in promoting your products and makes for a missed opportunity. Not to mention a wasted investment.

Consider working with smaller affiliates

Of course, in spite of what we had said before about wanting to see big numbers for your affiliates’ follower counts, this isn’t everything. Smaller affiliates that are just starting out can have huge potential. All they need is time to catch up to their older competitors. Working with smaller and newer affiliates is particularly smart if you are aiming to offer your services primarily to your professionals, families, and college students.

For example, if your moving business is located in a college town, this is likely your primary target audience. And younger affiliates obviously have a much better approach to connecting to such crowds. They can help you grow your customer base much more efficiently and quickly.

Look for long-term affiliates

Checking sale and site data
Sales and site visitor data will quickly prove the usefulness of affiliate marketing.

When trying to get into affiliate marketing, it is much better to look for long-term partners rather than a one-time deal. After all, only someone who is invested in and familiar with your business can promote it best. Moving company marketing does rely a lot on finding new customers since moving is not something people do often. And if your affiliate is not motivated to help you achieve this goal enough, then the results would be subpar. If you have long-term affiliate partners, you can also better tune your strategy and even tailor content for affiliates to share which better meshes with their audience.

Have your affiliates promote your content too

A meeting with affiliate marketers
Just make sure to properly communicate your goals to your affiliates!

Do not just tell your affiliates which moving services or supplies to promote and leave them to it! The best possible results for affiliate marketing are always achieved when the two parties work together. Instead, as we had hinted before, have your affiliates promote your content too.

Since such content should always contain subtle leads for movers which drive people towards your services and moving supply shop, this is an amazing way to convert audiences into customers. This also makes your marketing efforts seem more genuine and less pushy than straight-up promotion. This might be important if your affiliate marketer is a YouTuber, Twitch streamer or similar who has his own business and is doing this on the side. It would definitely make them more willing to work with you, which would be reflected in their effectiveness and results.

Provide your affiliates with promotions to share

Another useful affiliate marketing trick is to provide your affiliates with promotions that can only be obtained through them. One such example is how phone games provide streamers with codes that their fans can enter in order to get bonuses if they install the app through the link provided by the streamer. A moving business can provide promo codes or vouchers, too, which make the person using them eligible for a discount. This is especially useful if you have an online store for moving supplies on your site too.

Have a strong basis for your affiliates to rely on

Naturally, in order for your affiliate marketing to succeed and to make your affiliates’ jobs easier, you should provide them with a solid branding basis to work with. Your moving business needs to have a proper logo, color scheme, unique font, and a quality moving company website and social media account. With these elements, you can properly catch people’s eyes and leave a good first impression. Not to mention make yourself more memorable.

It doesn’t matter how good your affiliate marketing is if your business is so forgettable people choose to overlook it! You should view affiliate marketing as something that enhances your other marketing efforts. It should not be the only marketing drive that your business hinges on!

Final word

Knowing how to grow your moving business with affiliate marketing, you will be able to experience explosive growth! The untapped potential of this marketing venue is immense. It would honestly be a shame to miss out just because of doubts or lack of understanding!