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How can SSL certificates improve your SEO?

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The world of SEO is vast and endless, especially today. As the era of digital marketing and development perseveres, so does the influence of search engine optimization grow. With this truth in mind, moving companies should always aspire to make the most of the resources that the internet provides you with. And today, we are here to help you do just that. Last week, we wrote of the advantages of switching to HTTPS and how it helps to boost website security. An essential part of this process is the introduction of SSL certificates. So, today we look into how SSL certificates improve your SEO performance and value.

What is the role of SSL certificates and why should it concern you?

This green keylock sign can make all the difference in the eyes of your customers.
By improving your website security, you are also upgrading your SEO ranking.

A red Hazard sign vs. a green Padlock icon – this is the difference between having and not having an SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certificate. It all comes down to creating a secure online environment on your website. The way SSL ensures maintaining the safety of your software is through:

  • Encryption – that serves as a shield against a 3rd party tracking, intercepting, and stealing your data.
  • Data integrity – acts as an anti-serum for data corruption during transfer
  • Authentication – an added measure of protection and limited access for your website.

The implementation of SSL has come to a point where online businesses that deal with personal data are penalized if they don’t have it. This is completely logical, given the fact that people will provide sensitive financial and personal information. And as a website and business owner, it is your task to make sure your online visitors are secure. So, in addition to the fact that SSL certificates improve your SEO, they are also a necessary asset for websites today.

How can SSL certificates improve your SEO standings?

When we mentioned that SSL, as an essential part of HTTPS installation, makes your website good according to Google standards, we weren’t kidding. Not only does it protect your current customers but it gets you more leads, given the fact that as much as 60% of people today refuse to use websites without a safety protocol. So, how does it directly influence your SEO efforts?

  • Google has adjusted its indexing system to crawl the web looking for more “HTTPS” pages, pushing them further towards the top of their search results pages.
  • If that weren’t enough, Google Chrome changed its policies towards HTTP sites in October 2017. As a result, all websites without SSL are now labeled as non-secure in front of the URL. This means that any such website will be broadly avoided and ignored. After all, nobody really feels confident when they see a red hazard sign next to a website address.
  • With the technological advancement today, internet users were never as cautious as today. So, if you want to secure your current website traffic and SEO rankings, then you need SSL certificates. And since it’s a Google search ranking factor that is increasingly gaining prominence, ignoring it is not something you want to do.

Why is it bad for you not to practice SSL certificates?

No matter how skeptical you might be to believe it, having an SSL certificate truly is that first line of defense against hackers and malware situations. And when you view a website from the perspective of regular visitors with basic knowledge, this is all the more influential. Popular research demonstrates that over 80% of website visitors would rather abandon their online purchase than risk accessing a website without a secure protocol. And you can only imagine the negative effect this can have on your overall sales strategy and lead generation.

SSL certificates improve your SEO from a shield & protect perspective.
Having an SSL certificate truly is that first line of defense against hackers and malware situations

With a drop in terms of lead generation, there comes a weakening of your company brand, which causes additional devaluation online and in real-time. So, if you are looking at how SSL certificates improve your SEO in the most basic of examples, this is it.

The process of implementing SSL certificates to help boost your SEO

Switching over to HTTPS is not as simple as it seems. You need a trusted provider and you need to account for the additional costs that SSL certificates cause. And if you are lacking the motivation to take care of this matter as soon as possible, consider this – it will end up costing you a lot later on.

Web developer working on a laptop.
SSL certificates improve your SEO only if you install them correctly, which expert developers can help you with.

You need to make sure Google will index your site properly after you decide on a legitimate SSL provider and get the certificate. Google recommends taking these 6 steps when considering which SSL certificate to obtain:

  1. Research and decide whether you need a single, multi-domain, or a “wildcard” certificate.
  2. Only obtain SSL certificates issued by trusted Certificate Authorities.
  3. Use the right 301 redirects to make sure you’re pointing users and search engines to the correct “https” pages.
  4. Only use a web server that supports HTTP Strict Transport Security (HSTS).
  5. Use protocol relative URLs to minimize the possibilities of serving 404 pages when a user lands on a URL loaded from a development environment.
  6. Test your pages using the right tools for SSL and HTTPS verification.

If you are not well-versed in terms of web development, you might want to hire experienced developers. After all, this is the ideal chance to get your entire website analyzed for other potential upgrades and improvements, from both a technical and SEO perspective.

SSL – a step in the right direction for your moving company

We hope this article proved how SSL certificates improve your SEO from various standpoints. To begin with, your website visitors will trust your moving company more. As an immediate result of this, they’ll be more likely to fill out moving quote forms if they are confident you have a secure connection. If you want to achieve the highest conversion rates possible, you need to earn the trust of your customers.

As SEO professionals for moving companies, we make it our objective to enhance your online presence and optimize your website to perfection. The reason we exist and do business is to create a chance for you to reach the very top of the moving industry and become a leader in terms of

  • Web design
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Pay Per Click
  • Software implementation

Let us guide you and provide you with the tools you need to make sure you achieve every target.