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10 free web design tools to try out

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In 2020, there is no business or entrepreneur that can thrive without a website. Having an online presence has become second nature in the world of business — kind of like having a telephone number or an address. That’s why you need to make sure your moving business has an adequate representation of the Internet. However, not everyone is adept at web programming and web design — nor can they spare the money for expensive experts. This situation has created a demand for free web design tools, providing users with a visual web design environment in place of complicated code. Considering this, we’ll present some of the best platforms for this purpose which you can find for free!

Wix – Premier Among Free Web Design Tools

Among non-coder laymen, having a simple tool that can produce beautiful websites is always useful. Even the most complex moving company website design can easily be achieved with platforms like Wix. In fact, this is its biggest selling point; the fact that it contains a drag-and-drop visual editor for web pages. Anyone can create a presentable and visually stunning website, even with the free version of this tool.

The best part about Wix is the fact that it contains premade website templates. With this in mind, you can browse their template gallery for restaurant, storefront, and other templates. Whatever your small business is, Wix will help you present it online!

Google Web Designer

Besides providing the world with the most complex search engine, Google has plenty of other products. In fact, some of them are designed to help people create web pages with ease. And that’s what the Google Web Designer is for! This is a perfectly handy software for small & medium-sized moving companies; allowing you to create stunning animations and working page prototypes.

Indeed, anyone who’s looking to make HTML coding easier through a visual editor will find Google’s Web Designer highly useful. 


While looking for the best free web design tools, it’s important to take all of the correct aspects into account. In other words, it’s not just critical to find great visual code editors to create beautiful pages. If you want to achieve both responsive design and SEO optimization, you will have to come up with unique visuals as well.

Unfortunately, software for graphic design can be awfully expensive. However, there are free alternatives – such as GIMP! This is an immensely powerful visual editor that doesn’t require you to pay a hefty price. In fact, it’s completely free. You can use it for all kinds of editing – authoring your images, retouching and adjusting photos, creating image compositions, etc. Indeed, there aren’t many free web design tools with the range of features that GIMP offers.

Lines of code, representing free web design tools.
Finding the best free web design tools is not just about coding!

Logo Lab

If you want your moving company’s website to enjoy high volumes of traffic; you need to approach web design from both a technical and artistic perspective. On the one hand, you need all of the niche functionalities – like a website design quote calculator element. But on the other hand, you also need to stand out among the myriad moving companies out there. The competition in this industry is tough, and you need to be recognizable.

That’s why designing a logo is crucial – and platforms like Logo Lab can help with that! In fact, this platform will provide you with all of the necessary analytics related to your logo. Do you want to know if your logo is on par when it comes to scalability and color balance? Or do you want to test other vital criteria? Logo Lab can help with all of that.


While designing your own visuals is important; sometimes you will simply have to reach for stock imagery. That’s where free web design tools and resources like Pexels come in handy! You can find plenty of free stock photos here. 

Type Genius

As any experienced web designers would tell you, images aren’t the only part of your moving website’s visual experience. In fact, details like typography are even more important. That’s why web designers constantly strive to find excellent fonts. And tools like Type Genius help you find the correct font that corresponds with the rest of your visual narrative!

A person typing on a laptop keyboard and using a stylus.
Choosing the right visual elements is crucial for optimal user experience!

Texture King

From time to time, you may want to imbue your website imagery with a specific texture. In that case, Texture King can provide you with plenty of free textures – everything from concrete to metal and wood.


As we’ve mentioned before, creating a website means dealing with many disparate tasks all at once. Considering that, your list of free web design tools should also contain something to help you manage your workload. Otherwise, you may simply become overwhelmed with everything. In that situation, a piece of software like Checkli can be quite useful.


When you’re creating a complex web presence in the form of a website, having your priorities straight can be tough. It’s important to have the big picture in mind at all times – creating a digital roadmap always helps in these situations. That’s why we recommend free web design tools like Draw.io for the creation of sitemaps, wireframes, and flowcharts. 


At the end of the day, choosing the right colors is important when you’re designing any kind of website; the overall color scheme will have an immense impact on your UX.

A blue orange sliced in half on a blue background.
Stark color schemes can help your moving company be more distinctive online!

With that in mind, tools like ColorZilla become crucial – its eyedropper tool allows you to obtain the HEX code of any pixel from any image. That means you can copy a color you’ve seen on another website perfectly!