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ERP software for movers – do you need it?

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The focus of every moving company should be to constantly look for new ways to improve their organization and services. This is something all professional movers should aim for, as it is only through constant development of your moving business that you enable growth. And you might wonder how to go about doing that? Which parts of the company do I focus on? Good movers software solutions are something that can definitely help, but then again – what would work well for a moving company. Well, something that is popular and tested is the implementation of ERP software for movers.

ERP software for movers provides a resolution to any internal company problems when it comes to organization and communication.
Having problems with internal communication and organization? ERP software for movers can offer solutions.

What is ERP software for movers and how can it contribute?

Professional movers used to provide reliable and high-quality services by simply using the GST software for relocation services such as:

  • household goods packing & relocation services
  • Industries & office relocations
  • cargo transportation & moving services
  • commercial goods moving services,
  • Industrial transportation and packing services,
  • heavy machinery transportation service etc.

ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning, but that won’t mean much to the common business owner. For clarification, you need to take a step back. Just think about all of the various processes that are essential to run a company: inventory and order management, accounting, HR, customer relationship management (CRM) etc.The task of ERP software is to combine all these processes through a single system. That system can then streamline information across the entire organization, which results in a company-wide connection between departments.

If you are looking to upgrade your company and general organization, you need ERP software for movers.
ERP can help you create a strong internal structure, which can lead to higher productivity and efficiency.

The most important element of all ERP systems is a shared database that supports multiple functions used by different parts of the business. Basically, what this means is that employees in different divisions can rely on the same information for their specific needs.

In addition, ERP software for movers also provides a synchronized reporting tool. Instead of forcing your employees to maintain separate databases and spreadsheets that have to be manually merged to generate reports, your staff is able to pull reports from one general system.

For instance, with leads automatically flowing into the financial system without any manual re-keying, the moving crews can conduct relocations more quickly and accurately, and accounting can close the books faster. Other common ERP features include a portal or dashboard to enable employees to quickly understand the business’ performance on key metrics.

The Business Value of ERP software

At its core, ERP helps employees do their jobs more efficiently by providing communication between business units. More specifically, an ERP solution can do is:

  • Give a global, real-time view of data that can enable movers to tackle any issues they might have, as well as initiate improvements.
  • Improve budget control with regulatory standards and reduce risks
  • Automate core business operations such as lead-to-cash, appointment-to-fulfillment, and procure-to-pay processes
  • Enhance customer support by providing one source for billing and relationship tracking.

When you add up these advantages, the value of ERP is more than clear. With ERP software, movers have access to accurate information that enables them to make better business decisions. Not only that, but ERP software helps to eliminate redundant processes, which dramatically lowers the cost of doing business in general.

Need for ERP software for movers

80% of modern-day business is conducted online. Everything comes down to people being able to find you online and deciding that you are the perfect mover for them. People used to rely on finding relocation services through recommendations from friends and co-workers or TV ads. But today, that has all changed. Nowadays, if you are looking to move to a different city or state, the first thing you’ll do is turn to Google Search.

Now, in order to get those leads, you will look to invest in Search Engine Optimization for movers. But what comes once you have all the customers you can handle (and more)? You need a way to manage customer accounts and this is where ERP software for movers comes in handy. Because it uses a cloud-based online service, ERP allows you to follow up with your customers at all times. This way you take out the need for 24-7 customer support and basically minimize your overall expenses.

Tracking the effect of ERP software for movers

If you are looking for the ideal way to improve the performance of your moving company, ERP is a good way to go.
Keep track of your business operations and overall performance with ease with the help of ERP.

Having a talented and expert team of movers is great, but won’t cover everything in terms of time and cost. Then again, having a pile of lists for every process is redundant. And Excel spreadsheets are not that better since you have to carry a laptop everywhere with you. So what you need is an optimal solution.

Using ERP software for movers can help you track customer details with ease. You can simply find out the date and destination where you have to move the belongings without any confusion. Movers can enter the status of delivery once the unpacking has been done. They do this through their smartphone app and the customer gets notified about the status via email or SMS.

Data Privacy and Protection

By using separate login IDs and passwords for employees, you are able to ensure information safe-keeping. You can, of course, share this internally, with the permission of your clients. In addition to this, leads are easily converted into users without you having to copy details from one database to another. ERP software manages and uploads all the data online, so you are insured in case of a system crash. This way, all data is backed up and under your control.

The accounting solution that is ERP

By implementing ERP software for movers, you can completely take out accounting troubles from the equation.
ERP solutions can easily replace the need for accountants when it comes to daily and monthly reports.

You can skip an accountant when you use ERP software for movers. There is no need for you to create a monthly report each month. Instead, all this will be done for you. All reports are clearly and automatically displayed on the movers’ dashboard. The software also enables you to identify your top customers as well as the best-rated moving crews. The software will automatically calculate the productivity and overall performance of your employees.

You may also make the transaction online through the secured PayPal website. Be sure that you are not using any unauthorized merchant site while making transactions through the ERP software.