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Competitor analysis in digital marketing: tips for moving companies

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Competitor analysis in digital marketing is essential for a simple reason: it lets you identify areas where your competitors are succeeding and where you can gain a competitive advantage relatively quickly. By taking advantage of both, you can take your business further and improve it! To make this possible, Movers Development compiled a guide on competitor analysis in digital marketing and included tips for moving companies.

Website design and user experience analysis

The first thing you should employ in competitor analysis in digital marketing is analyzing your competitors’ web design and user experience. Regarding movers website design, some key elements have proven much more effective than alternatives. For example, a pop-up containing a tool for calculating quotes is highly effective and popular as an exit popup. It’s a better choice than listings of services and their prices. The quote calculator presents a valuable and exciting option that’s easy to use immediately. Whereas service listings are often confusing, seeing the upfront prices can be intimidating at first. However, some subtler user experiences and website design principles aren’t as easy to pin down. Your competitors may not even be aware of what, exactly, is working out for them. Only by comparing and contrasting data collected from your competitors and your site can you notice them.

Different web designs
Optimal website design is crucial for your moving business’ success!

Analyzing competitor SEO strategies

One of the most important competitor analysis in digital marketing for movers is SEO strategy analysis. This is because movers rely a lot on organic traffic and SEO-driven content to attract customers. Local SEO for movers mainly benefits from this kind of analysis, and it will let you stand out and thrive in both the early days of your business and once it’s more established. You should pay particular attention to high-value keywords and phrases your competitors use. This will let you discover where they rank highly in Search Results. And then allow you to target their keywords to diminish their effectiveness. At the same time, backlinking and content marketing tactics are often attached to SEO efforts. And you should learn everything you can to improve your site’s ranking in search results using them!

Social media presence competitor analysis in digital marketing

Social media presence competitor analysis is a font of helpful info. If you have similar or the same target audiences, and their social media marketing is generating results, you should not hesitate to hop onto the same platform. This is because certain audiences are much more active on specific platforms, whereas they are almost absent from others. For example, if you were to try and target younger professionals today, you’d be unlikely to find them on Facebook, but they frequently use Twitter, Instagram, and even TikTok. At the same time, you can learn plenty from your competitors regarding the type of content they are posting, their posting schedule, and even their engagement rates. After all, it’s your goal to boost your marketing, SEO for moving company, and audience engagement. Not to bore them or make it seem like you barely use your account!

Social media platforms
Picking the right social media platforms makes your mover marketing so much more effective!

Competitor analysis in digital marketing on paid advertising

There’s several things you should aim to learn from competitor analysis in digital marketing on paid advertising. First, you should know about the most effective types of ads and what platforms are best for them. Using an ad on Facebook and Google has very different results. This will also let you learn how they target their ads, especially when optimizing them for local advertisement. Second, you need to pay attention to the type of content the ads use to provoke audiences to take action and hire the movers in question. This is also called ‘ad copy’. Finally, you need to pay attention to the ‘ad creative’ they are using. This term refers to the images, video, and other media that make the ad more appealing. And which lets it resonate better with the audience it’s meant for.

Email marketing approach analysis

The crucial things you need to learn about your competitors’ email marketing campaigns are the following: their targeting strategies, their messaging, their frequency, and, of course, their effectiveness. Email marketing is very important to movers because it lets you stay in touch with your customer base. They don’t need your services often, so anything that can help you maintain their brand loyalty and recognition is invaluable. What makes things complicated is that most people don’t look too kindly at receiving promotional emails. So, any hint on success should be carefully analyzed and used. Even if your competitors are not succeeding with their email marketing campaigns, you’ll learn exactly what they’re doing wrong so you can avoid it yourself.

Email marketing
Email marketing is difficult, so use everything you can to make it easier!

In-house vs. hiring experts for competitor analysis in digital marketing

The final thing you need to consider when doing competitor analysis in digital marketing is whether you want to do it in-house or hire experts. Competitor analysis is crucial for your business, and you should try to do some of it independently. There are plenty of free or relatively cheap tools and resources you can find online to do it. However, while this is true, there are still plenty of reasons to hire professionals. Experience, professional training, specialized tools and resources, and strategic insight of experts are just some of them. Then, there’s also the fact that serious competitor analysis would be a severe drain on your resources and that you and your employees are likely not the most objective analysts. This, along with the fact that it’s hardly easy to become a digital marketing specialist, often makes it better to hire professionals.

Making the best of your competitor analysis

Using our guide on competitor analysis in digital marketing: tips for moving companies, you can pinpoint the most valuable data you can get from your competition. From there, we are sure you’ll be able to use that data to make your moving company more successful! Remember that you should not completely copy whatever works for your competition. To best use the data, you must adapt it to your target audience.