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Best apps for moving available today

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Days go by and time keeps going no matter what we do. Progress and technological advancements wait for no man – it’s just a constant push forward. If you want to develop your moving business in the best way possible, you need to be informed. And by informed, what I am referring to is for you to be aware and knowledgeable about current trends in your industry. Another thing you need to be aware of is the technology that can help you improve your services. Therefore, if you would like to gain some insight into what the best apps for moving are available on today’s market, keep reading.

Why is knowing the best apps for moving important for you

Given that most of your clients nowadays use smartphones, it might prove useful to understand the applications they use when looking to find the best possible moving services. The most obvious reasoning behind this task is smart business. If you know the applications people are using, it will be easier for you to develop your moving company software accordingly.

A couple handling the packing process.
Moving apps can make moving far less stressful than it otherwise would be.

The other logical aim is that if you are interested in growing your business using marketing plans, you need to know on which areas and customer groups to focus on. And the best way to do this is by understanding which people are using these best apps for moving and for what. That way, you make it easier to target those specific areas or services and lead clients towards your company.

Which are the best apps for moving today?

Moving is a headache and this is no secret. It’s a long and complicated process that asks for a lot of your time and effort. Plan everything, make an inventory, purchase packing supplies, change the address, clean your old and new home…the list goes on and on. But that’s where modern technology comes into play to make everything much easier and simpler and also help you grow your moving business.

A laptop with a pile of cardboard moving boxes in the background.
Moving companies should be aware of useful moving apps because they can make their jobs easier as well.

Whether it’s choosing the best mover for you or learning about full-service packing and doing inventory, there is an app for everything. So here are some of the current best apps for moving that people are using to give you a better general idea of what to look out for:


This is an app that allows you to book, manage and pay for your moving services. It takes out the need for tiresome request forms and multiple calls to moving companies for estimates. This way you can simply enter your relocation details into the app and get moving prices for cities across the USA.

And if you were looking for your own solution to replace this app, you might want to look into the option of installing an instant moving quote calculator. It might not give results for multiple states, but it will give exact prices for your potential customers.


In recent years, Evernote has been exploding in popularity. The main reason behind this is the fact that its functionality and smartphone integration has become really good over time. Currently, it is one of the best note-taking and file organization tools you will find. Evernote may help you arrange photos of your new house or office, recall where windows and closets are, and plan out what will go where in your new area. You may also use online clippings to keep track of interior design ideas and furniture wish lists. Furthermore, you can make mood boards that can help your movers understand what kind of setup you want in your new home.


The Tasker is here to help you get your home or apartment ready for relocation. It offers you the option of scheduling home repairs, deep-cleaning, and furniture disassembly. And these services are offered in most major cities. On the other hand, you might be inclined to cover some of these services as a mover, by adding Handyman or Cleaner to your list of offers.

Google Keep

When it comes to relocating, keeping lists is going to save you from a lot of stress and worry. There are other list-keeping applications to pick from, but Google Keep is one of the best because it strikes the perfect blend of simplicity and feature-richness. In terms of features, some of the things you can expect to find are:

  1. Voice notes
  2. Time and location-based reminders
  3. Note sharing capabilities
  4. The ability to Sync across different devices

These capabilities may be useful during any stage of your relocation. This includes planning, packing, moving day, unpacking, changing your address, and so on. Best of all, downloading and using it with your Google account is entirely free.


The purpose of MagicPlan is an interior design of your living and workspace. How it works is that you take pictures of your new apartment/office before the move and create detailed floor plans. These floor plans then allow you a 3D perspective of the space. And so you can decide where to put your furniture and plan out the overall look of your new home.

Moving Boxes

If you want a specialized app to keep track of all your stuff once you’ve packed them, Moving Boxes is just the app for you. With an app like this, you’ll never have to worry about where those small items, that we often misplace during relocation, are. All you need to do is assign a number to all of your boxes. The app will do the rest. You’ll be able to search for that item on the app, and it’ll tell you which box it’s in, based on its number. You have the option of categorizing things into rooms, keeping track of numbered boxes, or both. When adding things into a box, you may divide them with commas and the program will automatically assign each item its own line. You may also take a quick photo of the box for future reference; your future self will thank you.


Dolly is the best option to take if you are performing some sort of DIY project or you only need to move a few items from one place to another. It makes it easy to hire local movers, delivery drivers, and haulers to fulfill your moving, delivery, and hauling needs. It is an excellent tool for apartment moving in large cities where people typically have fewer belongings and frequently or don’t aren’t able to drive.

If you don’t need a vehicle, Dolly can also get you in contact with labor-only organizations that can offer you assistance with loading, unloading, and moving furniture or other bulky items. Workers for Dolly’s may also assist with tasks such as the transfer of storage items, the disposal of garbage, and other chores. You can find a detailed description of everything Dolly has to provide on their website under the heading “Services.”


Wunderlist is among our best apps for moving lists because it is a fantastic planning tool. What it does is give you the option to:

  • create to-do-lists
  • set deadlines
  • schedule reminders
  • share lists with friends and family to help you during the relocation.

And you can then delegate certain tasks to certain people that are helping with the move. Basically, it is a great planner to simplify your relocation.


This is a digital organizer designed to help with packing. The app is used to take inventory of your belongings as packed in boxes, so as to not lose track of what you put where. Whether it’s your favorite shirt or your favorite book or a tool, you will know where it is. And with a premium account, you can even label your boxes with QR codes. You then access the account online and export lists via PDF or Dropbox.

Internet Speed Need Tool

You might be confused as to why we are including this app in the best apps for moving list. After all, this is an app that helps you determine the speed and strength of your ideal Internet connection. But that is exactly what makes it useful for moving to a new place. Different locations have an effect on the Internet connection, and you might need stronger or faster speeds for when:

  1. Your kids play video games
  2. You upgrade to a smart TV
  3. You work from home or start an online business from home


During your relocation, there’s a good possibility you’ll come across items you no can’t find a place for in your new home. What if we told you that you don’t need to throw those items away? OfferUp is the biggest mobile marketplace in the United States for buying and selling local things, and you need is your phone. Simply snap a photo of the things you want to sell, describe them, and select a price. Buyers may contact you through the app and make an offer, after which they can arrange to see you and get the item. Although the listing is free, you can pay a small premium to boost your listing on the app.


Postmates give you the option to order food and groceries from virtually any store or restaurant in town. So you receive a precise and efficient delivery right to your doorstep. This not only saves you time while unpacking, but it also saves you the trouble of getting lost while searching for a place to eat in your new neighborhood. And the best thing – it’s available in over 200 cities.


Magicplan is an application that manages space and furniture layout based on design and measurements. It can come in handy for both residential and commercial relocations. You can use it to map out a whole area, which is later going to help you figure out the layout for all of your furniture. Magicplan provides a drag-and-drop user interface which makes it really easy to use. It is compatible with Android and Apple smartphones and tablets. This program generates several 3D models to assess the actual appearance of the room you want to create. This program also allows you to add annotations to images and export them in a variety of file formats. It is available for free download. However, it also offers subscription-based ideas and services, if you want to go one step further when preparing your new residence or place of work.


This is yet another one of the best apps for moving to a completely new city. It gives you the chance to socialize with your future neighbors. The best part is that this private social networking app connects over 145,000 neighborhoods. So whether it’s finding a babysitter or a car-repair shop, or even checking out the overall rating of the neighborhood, you will find everything on Nextdoor.


Thumbtack enables you to find and hire all types of professionals throughout the US. House cleaners, painters, carpenters, home security, etc. – all these and more can be found on Thumbtack. And this is something you need to have when you relocate to a new area or city.


Of course, while deciding which moving company to utilize, you want to make sure you’re selecting a mover that will appropriately handle your valuables. Personal and business assets are valuable, and it is critical that they are relocated to their new site without harm, and on schedule. Unfortunately, not all movers are capable of doing this, and many people depend on the recommendations of their friends and family to be able to find the best movers. If that is not an option, seeking information on websites like Yelp is a smart next step.

Go smart moving and use an app

Woman holding a phone and smiling.
Moving apps can make your upcoming relocation a smooth transition.

Even though these apps do make moving much easier, they still can’t replace the services of professional moving. So expert movers have nothing to fear, but if they are smart and ambitious, they will use these apps to their advantage. Because whether you are moving around the corner or across the country, technology is here to help make that process a whole lot easier and simpler. Remember that and invest your money and time smartly.