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Benefits of using MailChimp

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No matter how much you care to deny it, emails still remain the most widespread means of communication. This is a staggering number that continues to rise annually, which is why it is all the more important to take it seriously. It can prove essential for your moving company marketing efforts. Hence, it is all the more important to find the right tool to ensure the best effect of your promotional efforts. And recent trends have shown that one of the top contenders in this race is MailChimp. But why is this? What are the benefits of using MailChimp?

Person typing on laptop
Using MailChimp offers plenty of benefits.

We’ve already established how much of a challenge it is to create and run a strong email marketing campaign. So, what you want is to make it as easy on your marketing team as possible. And one of the established ways to accomplish that is with the use of MailChimp. So, to further your digital marketing agenda, today we explore the benefits of using MailChimp and whether or not there are better options available to businesses.

4 essential advantages of using MailChimp

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Plenty of ways to benefit your email marketing with MailChimp.

#1: The interface is simple and customizable

It is important for new users to have an interface that is not only well-designed but also easy-to-use. User experience plays a key role today, and it can be the reason why a person will opt to use a certain website or piece of software. However, when using MailChimp, this isn’t a problem. Not only is it easy to use but it offers you a way to easily customize your email campaigns.

#2: It’s free

MailChimp works great for small businesses that are looking to grow and develop. In fact, if you have less than 2,000 email subscribers, the basic plan is free to use. No charge whatsoever. And for business owners and bloggers that are newcomers in their niche, this is very beneficial.

#3: The analytics are very detailed

With email marketing, it is very important to have insight into the activities of your subscribers. Monitoring email marketing metrics can play a key role in the success of your digital marketing efforts. And by using MailChimp, you can get a detailed insight into useful data, such as:

  • how many subscribers have opened your email,
  • which links were clicked the most frequently,
  • how many people unsubscribed after receiving your email,
  • even how your response compares to the industry average.

Here are 6 practical ways how you can implement MailChimp to work for you:

Create an Announcement email

People today are very fond of teasers and trailers – it implies that something important is going to happen. And it also means that you can use this to your advantage. So, you can create an Announcement email that you will then simply “send to entire list” as the option allows and voila! Your big announcement will reach as many people as possible.

Coming Soon sign
Announcement emails can bring in more customers.

Send emails to targeted audiences

With different types of leads, there are also different types of target audiences you have to consider. So, a time will come when you might wish to send a certain email to a specific group while excluding the other. Using MailChimp offers you that possibility. In fact, you can easily segment your mailing lists with the “send to a segment” option. So, if you were looking to offer a promotional coupon to a certain group of customers, you would be able to do so.

By using MailChimp, you can re-engage subscribers

Re-engaging subscribers through your email campaign can play a key role in the email marketing effort, especially for re-targeting. Hence, this useful piece of software offers you the option to identify inactive subscribers and engage them again. You could offer them an incentive in the form of a coupon to motivate them to explore your services further.

You have the option to create an information email series

When you are looking to promote a certain part of your business or share industry news with subscribers, you could do so through an informative 3-week education campaign. So, if you were looking to share moving industry news, you could do so easily, by using MailChimp. And the process couldn’t be easier. All you need to do is schedule specific campaigns and set additional email to be sent several days apart from one another.

Follow-up when people who open the emails you send them

If you forget to provide a clear Call to Action with a link in your initial email, you can correct the matter with a follow-up email. MailChimp offers you the option to send a follow-up email with more info when an email is opened or a specific link clicked on. This is a process you can automatically do in the Automation area of MailChimp with the use of workflows.

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Follow up with email opens.

How to start using MailChimp as a beginner

Account setup is very simple. Simply visit the MailChimp website and go through the steps of “Sign Up”. Once you set up an account, you’ll gain access to a dashboard with an overview of your account. It shows everything from the stats of your most recent campaign to how many people have subscribed to your mailing list each day. From that point on, it’s a simple matter of going through the process of creating a campaign through the following steps:

  • Manage a list (or several of them)
  • Build a campaign that will turn some heads
  • Review the report of your campaign by using MailChimp

In retrospect

As far as email marketing tools and software goes, there are probably far better ones that you can use. However, they also require more financial investments, as well as advanced knowledge in terms of digital marketing and tech. By using MailChimp as part of your movers’ software arsenal, you are on a good path to grow and expand your company. And for smaller and medium businesses, that will do the trick. Only time will show whether or not you will be in need of other tools for your email marketing efforts.