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How to qualify your moving leads accurately

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You might think that generating leads is enough. However, if you simply do nothing but wait for your leads to convert on their own, you are actually missing out on a ton of potential conversions. In order to streamline and enhance the process, you need to know how to qualify your moving leads accurately!

What does it mean to qualify leads?

Lead generation is the process in which a company, in this case a moving company, screens their generated leads for the true top moving leads which are guaranteed to turn into a conversion. Naturally, this requires a careful and structured approach so you do not fail to qualify your moving leads accurately.

Discovery calls

One of the best ways to qualify your moving leads accurately is through ‘discovery calls’. Now, there is a very important caveat here. Discovery calls are only used when two businesses cooperate with each other. They are the necessary process for them to properly confirm their compatibility and capacity to work together. So, if you wanted to sign a contract to become the exclusive movers of a company, this would be necessary. Another example where a moving company might engage in this practice is if they are trying to open a cooperation with a real estate agent. The amazing thing about being able to qualify your moving leads accurately using this method is the fact that you can directly and immediately confirm your qualification. This is because a discovery call is a frank and open discussion where a decision on whether or not to cooperate is typically quickly reached.

Lead scoring

As amazing as discovery calls are, however, it is impossible to use them for each and every ‘normal’ client. In other words, even if you rely on phone marketing, you cannot possibly get as much information as you can in a business meeting. This leads to the necessity of making customer profiles and using ‘lead scoring’. The process relies on a series of categories where you ‘score’ the particular customer. And then decide on how likely they are to choose your moving company.


The first step to qualifying your moving leads accurately after managing to find sales leads is to determine the ‘authority’ of your lead. This is a rather simple question: is your generated lead actually ‘authorized’ to make the final decision on the move? A good example of this is that an entire family might chip in on finding good moving companies. Including, of course, the more tech-savvy younger family members. However, only the parents, or the member of the family looking to move, can make the decision to hire you. Of course, low authority leads can still lead to a sale by recommending your moving company to the ‘person in charge.


An important part of qualifying a lead is determining whether their budget actually allows them to hire you. A moving lead might check all of the other boxes, but if they can’t afford your services, then that’s pointless. This is why the budget is the second most important category in your lead scoring, but it can also be somewhat complicated to get this info. Including questionnaires or some other sort of budget check in your sales funnel therefore becomes a necessity.


You need to carefully gauge the interest a potential client has in your services. Even if a client needs a moving company to help them out, you need to make yourself appealing enough to capture their attention. You can collect this data based on how much time a customer spends on your website browsing your services and prices. Of course, if a customer shows the initiative to contact you, then this also shows interest and the lead should be given more attention.

A customer browsing your social media
Find ways to better collect data from your website and social media account!


Naturally, in order to actually complete conversion, a client is required to need your services. A lead may be generated simply because a person finds your marketing interesting. Again, you can gauge whether they need your services by the depth of their interaction with your website. A casual visitor would quickly leave. Whereas a person who needs a moving company’s services would at least bother to check what’s on offer. As well as how much it all costs.


Woman typing on her laptop.
Make sure customers can easily organically find you when they need moving company services.

This particular category refers to how soon they will require your services and in how much of a hurry they are to move. If a client wants to move quickly and therefore needs to secure a moving company’s services, they are more likely to take the active initiative to contact you. Digital marketing for movers really shines through here, since it allows you to more easily get in touch with such clients. Of course, you should not disqualify a lead just because they are planning to move in several months. Instead, this allows you more time to sway them into hiring you.


Reading about branding
Put enough effort into branding and it will pay off!

Finally, to qualify your moving leads accurately you also need to account for the branding power and recognition of your moving company. Is the lead familiar with your brand? Have you worked with them before, even if all they’ve done is buy moving supplies from you? If the answer is yes, then they are much more likely to hire you again. Therefore, such a lead needs more attention.

Why is this process necessary?

You might wonder why so much effort needs to be put into trying to qualify your moving leads accurately. After all, once a lead is generated, it might get converted organically without any effort on your part. However, this is wasteful. Leads, together with the benefits of moving company CRM software, can massively improve conversion rates. Still, not every lead bears fruit, no matter how hard you try. After all, typical lead generation generates a lot of ‘useless’ leads. No matter how advanced it may be. Pursuing each and everyone is a losing proposition that wastes resources. Qualifying leads is, therefore, required to optimize your investments.

Final comment

Now that you know how to qualify your moving leads accurately, you can improve your conversion process. This will allow you to boost your customer base growth and really allow your business to expand!