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How to grow your moving business by using a quote calculator

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If you want to grow your business, then you need to use all available resources. Thankfully, you can get plenty of benefits out of even simple software. One such example is taking advantage of our instant moving quote calculator and helping your business reach its full potential. Now, a lot of moving businesses actually tend to disregard this nifty little piece of software. This is because they believe that it is more beneficial for them if their customer service answers questions about price. However, this is not the optimal, or even the recommended solution if you truly want to advance your business. And so, we have prepared a guide on how to grow your moving business by using a quote calculator.

Use free moving estimates in your email marketing campaigns

If you are trying to grow your business and optimize your marketing strategy, then it is impossible to skip email marketing. It is a pretty solid way to generate leads without having to use moving leads software. However, just because it is efficient does not mean it is easy. In fact, lots of people tend to avoid subscribing to a great extent. This makes it necessary to entice them with something in return for gaining their subscription. And one of the best choices to do this is by offering them the option to get a free moving estimate by use of quote calculator forms.

If they want to use the best and most detailed software, then they would need to subscribe. This increases your chances of generating leads, and therefore growing your business, immensely. Of course, keep in mind you should still offer some other incentives from time to time. Just to keep being subscribed appealing long-term.

Let a quote calculator reassure your customers

If there is one thing CRM for movers will reveal to you in stark detail, it is the fact that lots of people tend to give up on hiring movers at the very last step. That is, actually contacting a moving company directly. This is most often because people are doubtful of the price they will be quoted. Of course, offering a detailed explanation of your services and their costs is okay. But it can be still confusing to navigate and your customers may still feel uncertain.

Moving crew member holding a box and smiling.
No one likes moving alone, so a little more reassurance is often enough to sway people!

By letting your customers use a cost calculator, you put the power to make the decision firmly in their hands, which reassures them. One thing you should never do is leave all price information locked behind by contacting you directly. This can seem very evasive to customers and make them automatically assume that your prices are so high you are uncomfortable with publicly sharing them.

Build trust through using a quote calculator

Of course, using a quote calculator is not only good for reassuring your customers. It can also instill in them a sense of trust and make your moving business seem more forthright. As we mentioned before, refusing to mention the prices of your site can seem dodgy. So, not only featuring them prominently but also offering a detailed breakdown through a moving cost calculator is a way to achieve the opposite effect.

Man holding a tablet, with a truck filled with moving boxes behind him.
Knowing the cost of all extra services, like packing, encourages customers to pay for them!

Of course, you do not need to lock yourself into just the services you list on the site. Make it plainly known that it is possible to negotiate details. This will help with your customer satisfaction since some clients need personalized services. As an example, some might need help with not just packing but also taking apart a large piece of furniture. Naturally, you can try to list out every possible predicted scenario and its prices.

Integrate a quote calculator into your exit pop-up ads

If your customer management software for movers reveals that your conversion process often fails, then a good way to work towards fixing this is to integrate your moving cost calculator into your exit pop-up. In simple terms, an exit pop-up ad is an ad that appears when your potential customer moves their cursor away from your website’s window to close it. It’s the final chance for your business to recapture their attention and get the conversion process back on track. As such, it is vital that you put something both appealing and convincing into it.

Thankfully, it is possible to actually integrate a simplified moving quote calculator into such ads. It will not be as thorough as a dedicated page for the calculator would be, of course. This would, of course, mean your potential customer would have fewer selections and options to look through. But it just might catch their attention!

Make it into a marketing gimmick

The final way of using a quote calculator to help grow your moving business is by using it in your marketing. If you develop a marketing strategy, or at least part of it, around a moving calculator, it can be very effective. You can promote the quality and reliability of your moving cost calculator as another of your services. Even put emphasis on why it is so important by mentioning some of the points we have gone over in this text.

A couple looking for moving companies while smiling and surrounded by moving boxes.
Lots of people prioritize finding an upstanding moving company they can happily work with.

You can solidify your image as an open and honest business that does not require a lot of interaction with customer service staff. And also insist on the fact that your customers would never need to deal with sudden additions of charges and expenses. The appeal of not having to worry about having to pay more for seemingly no reason alone will capture a lot of interest.

The conclusion – a moving quote calculator helps your business grow

Our guide on how to grow your moving business by using a quote calculator should have answered your doubts on whether you should use an online cost calculator sufficiently well. However, if you still have doubts, you can just give it a try yourself! Any moving company software that tracks customer activity on your website should clearly showcase the worth of a moving cost calculator. The best part is, that making use of this software is very inexpensive and practically doesn’t require any investment at all to get the process started!

Learn all that you need to know about the efficiency of our instant moving quote calculator through a simple video guide.