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6 most engaging types of content for movers

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Content marketing is one of the most effective types of marketing today. It’s a great way to both attract and retain customers which makes it an excellent investment for any moving business. But not all content performs equally well. Your customers will like some things better than others. And just like you did when you were planning your moving company website design, you need to take into account your users’ preferences when you’re coming up with a content strategy. So if you’re looking to maximize your gains from content marketing, you should focus on the most engaging types of content.

What are the most engaging types of content for movers?

Person looking up the most engaging types of content online.
You should always create the kind of content that your users like.

Content marketing is one of the most creative types of marketing. You can create content in such a wide variety of forms that your imagination truly is the only limit. The one thing you need to keep in mind, however, are the people you’re creating this content for. So what do they like best?

#1: Infographics and micronarratives

Informative and easily digestible, infographics are the perfect content for any business. They serve up a ton of information, all neatly wrapped up into simple but eye-catching visuals. This makes them perfect for readers who are just looking for some quick info and don’t want to read a whole article to get an answer to their question. In addition to being the perfect fit for the fast-paced, information-filled life we’re now used to, they’re also an excellent choice for a wide variety of media. A large and detailed infographic can replace an article. Or you can post it on social media and watch it go viral.

Put a few related infographics together and you create a micronarrative that quickly and clearly tells a story you want to share. Your social media in particular will benefit from this format. To make the most out of it, spread your narrative out over several separate posts. This will have people coming back for the next installment.

#2: Videos, motion graphics, and other visuals

Two people recording one of the most engaging types of content - videos.
Visual content is becoming increasingly popular online.

You’ve heard the saying that a picture is worth a thousand words. When it comes to content, this is definitely true. People simply love visual content. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that an ever-increasing percentage of high-performing content are videos, graphics, and images. They allow you to convey your message quickly and in an interesting way. However, keep in mind that responsive design and SEO go hand in hand. So make sure that your visual content is accessible from various devices and browsers. And remember to cater to your demographic: the length and style of the videos should appeal to your specific audience.

#3: Interactive content

It shouldn’t surprise you that some of the most engaging content is that which users can actually engage with. Instead of simply giving them something to look at or read, give them something to do. This is appealing for a multitude of reasons:

  • interacting with content (rather than passively receiving it) makes people focus more on what they’re engaging with
  • users get a unique and completely customized experience
  • by putting some effort into the content, people shape and create new things that they take ownership of, which in turn fosters attachment and loyalty to the brand

This is why a website design quote calculator is such an effective choice for movers. Your users get to interact with the website and receive information specifically tailored to them.

#4: How-to articles

Tips and tricks are a huge part of marketing for movers. There are so many topics you can cover, from how to pack to how to choose movers to how to settle in after relocation. Luckily, these types of articles also garner a lot of attention. They offer good advice which readers appreciate. And since there’ll always be people moving who don’t know what to do, there will also always be people searching for how-to articles. You simply can’t go wrong with them!

#5: Presentations and slideshows

In meetings, conferences, and lectures, presentations and slideshows are your best friends. There’s no reason why that wouldn’t be true in content marketing as well! They perfectly combine the visual and written format to provide the most relevant information in the fastest and most straightforward manner possible. Additionally, they break down the content into bite-sized pieces so it’s easier to take in. If you need proof that this type of content works, look no further than the success of Buzzfeed. Their entire model is based on a combination of visual and written content served up in bite-sized chunks. And it works.

#6: Authority content, research results, and opinion pieces

Person going over graphs and statistics.
One of the most engaging types of content is also one of the hardest to create – research.

Consumers like to know that the information they’re receiving is reliable, trustworthy, and backed by evidence. As a leader in your field, you have the opportunity to offer this. Conduct your own research and publish the results or write up an opinion piece on something you know a lot about. Not only will this attract customers but it can also help garner backlinks as other businesses cite you.

How to get the most out of the most engaging types of content

There is no magical formula for creating the perfect piece of content. Instead, all content should be shaped by the needs and desires of your demographic. Find out what they like with market research and in-depth analytics. Then, let the data guide you in content creation. Remember to make your content accessible – this will maximize your reach. Finally, adjust your content to the platform you’re posting on. Your website, your Facebook, and your Instagram will all require slightly different formats to get across the same message with equal effectiveness.

Why should you focus on the most engaging types of content?

The answer is simple: the most engaging types of content garner the greatest returns. They are what consumers are looking for so they will attract more people, convert more prospects, and retain more customers. This is, however, not to say that you should only ever create these types of content. After all, it’d be difficult to publish results of in-depth studies or film high-quality videos every few days. And it’s okay if you don’t – diverse content is always a positive. But whenever you have the chance, try to make something that will stand out. It pays off big time!